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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Duerma Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Gnome Female Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Warlock 70 Order of the White Tower
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank


Duerma Whistlescrew is a female gnome warlock, approximately 70 years of age. She has one daughter, named Wynne, but is not currently married. She currently serves as Emissary of the Order of the White Tower and loot officer for Totally Raids, Inc.


Duerma grew up in Gnomeregan, and married Rinkle Tinkerwrench at age 50. She had a son, named Gibble. She worked as a midwife, sometimes even helping dwarves and humans. However, the idyllic life was not to last. The troggs invaded Gnomeregan and the decision was made to irradiate the place. . Rinkle became a crazed leper gnome, and Gibble died from a toxic overdose. Duerma was lucky to escape with her life, but I didn't escape unscathed. The radiation damaged neurons in her brain, and now she is a chronic narcoleptic.

After a serious of failed attempts at employment, Duerma finally met Alamar Grimm. She saw how his imp served him, and was inspired - if she had an imp, he could protect me if she fell asleep! Thus, Duerma began training in the ways of the warlock.


Around her 30th season, Duerma began dating a gnome named Zandramas. She wasn't particularly excited about the relationship, but didn't know how to deal with his manipulative efforts to keep her around. He proposed to her, and she began making plans to break things off. Shortly thereafter, though, Duerma was raped and became pregnant. Rather than reject her for perceived infidelity, however, Zandramas instead insisted that they move the wedding up so the baby could be assumed to be his. They married in February of 2006 and Wynne was born not long after.

Around the time of the Scourge Invasion, Zandramas began acting erratically - dropping professions, disappearing for months at a time and then returning with bizarre talk of a mission from the Green Dragonflight. Finally, he disappeared altogether, and Duerma assumed he was dead. Zandramas resurfaced some time after the Dark Portal opened, but Duerma refused to see him, saying that she had moved on and had no time for a man that would abandon his family. Zandramas committed suicide not long after.


Duerma has always had a penchant for leadership. In the now-defunct Wards of the Circle, she served as the Warden of Scholar until her departure for the White Tower. In the Order of the White Tower, she served as an event organizer from her initial entrance until her promotion to Emissary in early May 2007.

Beginning in March 2007, Duerma led a raid into Karazhan, successfully clearing the dark tower of its dangers. She now serves as an officer in a raid that has defeated Maulgar and Gruul and is now venturing into Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep.


Talent spec of the player character and planned changes.


Screenshot of the player character




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