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Daspian Autumnfury Edit

Basic Character Information Edit

  • Affiliation: Silvermoon City, The Magisterium
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Sin'dorei
  • Age: Appears 36
  • Birthday: August 19
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 210lbs
  • Language(s) Known: Thalassian, Orcish
  • Character Class: Rogue

Personal Achievements

Dueled Edwin Van Cleef. Survived. Thanks to a troll with lightning (Omits this part from the story).


  • Main Sources of Character Inspiration: Grey Mouser, Zorro, personal favourite D&D character, player's own obsession with swashbuckling merriment.
  • Name Inspiration: Shamelessly stolen from the WoW card game after all "swashbuckly" names were taken. Did not assume this would work. Decided the sound of it fits.
  • Theme Song: The Black Mages - Vamo Alla Flamenco (The author feels ashamed to admit to enjoying something Final Fantasy based, and begs reader forgiveness.)
  • PvP Status: He has a personal hatred for the Alliance. He manages to keep his calm in the field, but often takes the fight to the Alliance on the Horde front lines.
  • Mounts: He can run fast. That's about it.
  • Distinguishing Marks: Tattoos; a double headed eagle along his chest, ivy vines going from wrist to shoulder.

Biography Edit

(OOC Note: Intentionally short, if you want to know more, ask him in game. All of the below would be information easily found by asking around Silvermoon. Metagaming does not mean good gaming.)

Though he is not a noble of any sort, Daspian has been drawn to swordplay since his youth. He comes from a little known, moderately ranking family who lost their estate during Arthas' destruction of Windrunner Village.

Though his formal schooling began with the education of a mage, he quickly lost interest in intricate hand gestures and long hours spent reading. When sword lessons began, the young Daspian's thoughts turned from blowing his fellow students up with fire to stabbing them in the kidneys and taking their lunch money. The swordsman was born.

After the attack from Arthas, Daspian's occupation of dueling for money turned to the defeat of the Alliance. The jovial fights turned into obvious training, and obvious training turned to spreading beyond lazy days in plush inns with a smoke, an opponent, and a book. He currently ventures in Tranquillian, his face set grim and determined.

Physical Appearance Edit

(OOC Note #2: Taken directly from FlagRSP2 and MyRolePlay profile)

Tall, made even taller with his long ears, Daspian is rather unlike most of his kin. The sly smile on his lips bears no malice or ill intent, his bright chartreuse eyes gleam with mirth and warmth. Long red hair, the colour of fresh autumn leaves, drops like a waterfall over one shoulder. It shines, an obvious sign of someone who cares about his appearance.

His clothing is bright and flashy, hugging to the slight muscles that form his body. The bright reds and golds bring out the hues of his hair, the slight tan of his skin. His white shirt is worn open at the chest, laces draped across his slender chest. It gives the hint of a tattoo, the twin heads of an eagle facing opposite directions, before the rest is obscured by the open frills of the silky shirt. His walk is like that of a wolf, loping confidently - borderline arrogantly. His left hand, usually gloved at all times, always rests near the hilt of his sword, the palm on the pommel, fingers curling and uncurling around the hilt in anticipation.

Daspian's Loot Table Edit

  • Pack of Bloodthistle Cigarettes: Trinket Useful for absolutely nothing. Use: Creates a small, moderately distracting cloud of sweet smelling smoke.
  • Draconic Crystal of Communication: Neck Piece The very necklace used for communication between The Magisterium
  • Faintly Glowing Rapier: A rapier won from a Defias Swordsman. Bears arcane runes down the length of the blade.
  • Duelist's Garb: A set of flashy clothes. Includes an open-chested swashbuckler's shirt, red and gold leather leggings, boots, and gloves. Only to be worn by those with confidence in their body, as it is a bit tight.
  • Signet Ring of the Magisterium: Ring. Also usable as quest item.

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