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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Constanz Clearwater Denselde Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Human Female Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior 61 Shardracona Silver Elder
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Constanz Clearwater Denselde Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Human Female Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue 18 Shardracona Silver Elder
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

War Mistress of Shardracona

Age: 24
Birthday: September 8
Birthplace: City of Lordaeron, in exile
Race: Half-elf (human/high elf)
Religious Affiliation: Worshipper of Elune

A player character who may be found on the Guild:Shardracona (Feathermoon US) Role Playing server.


Lady Constanz Clearwater Denselde, 21st Marchioness Clearwater, the half-elf daughter of Lord Erick Clearwater, Marquess Clearwater, a noble of Redridge descent and former warrior during the Second and Third Wars, and Fiannis Swiftblade, a high elven (later blood elven) ranger of some renown, is a warrior and adventurer. She is a member of Shardracona, the Clan of the Silver Dragon, whom she considers her family. Constanz rejoined her adoptive mother and her family recently due to the disappearance of the members of her previous guild; the members of that guild referred to her as Warrior Princess because of her noble birth. Her favorite weapons are swords and daggers.

Constanz has fiery hair and flashing eyes, unlike most of her kind who have blonde hair and blue or green eyes. Her eyes are dichromatic, one is hazel and the other green; the hazel eye is flecked with green as well and seems to be changing color of late. Her arms, especially her left, are extensively scarred from battles, her torso and legs, however, are relatively unmarred, though there is a healed scar on the top of her right breast, a memento of a knife blade long ago, taken before she became a warrior. Her right pinky sits at an odd angle, as if the metacarpal had once been broken and had not healed correctly. There is a spiderwebbed scar on the back of her right hand, indicative of a healed burn. Constanz is a lithe and taut beauty, with well-toned muscles and a slender physique sculpted by many, many hours of exercise. Her elven blood lends additional grace and elegance to her sturdy frame, and gives her body lush curves that none of pure blood of either race could naturally match. She is devoid of body hair below the neck, but the red hair that graces her head is thick and bright.

Constanz is a bit more serious than her happy go lucky, trickster sister, Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde, a result of her difficult childhood. Her sense of humor is also a bit more low-key, more of a punster with a penchant for elaborate verbal jokes than pranks. She has a very keen mind, which she has turned to the study of the sword with a zeal equaled by few others. As a young heir of nobility during the Azerothian exile in Lordaeron, Constanz was distantly acquainted with Prince Arthas Menethil. Like most others, she saw him then as a hero and one who had the possible makings of a great Paladin, and his eventual betrayal of the Light and of humanity and all Azeroth stung deeply.

Constanz was born three years before the beginning of the Second Great War. Her father was an officer and her mother a high elven ranger, both formerly in service to the late King Llane, they had previously led a naval flotilla of refugees across the sea to Southshore. They reached Lordaeron proper just days before Constanz' birth, a very difficult journey for a heavily pregnant elf and one during which both parents feared each day the birth of their child while they were still far from the city.

During the last days of the Third War, Lord Erick led an allied task force of Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves and Orcs in a desperate rearguard action to protect the main force led by Tyrande Whisperwind, Jaina Proudmoore and Thrall, to protect the flanks against demonic strikers. This front of the Battle of Mount Hyjal, though often overlooked in histories of the battle, was nevertheless crucial to the survival of the Great Alliance. The battle almost cost Lord Erick his life and did cost him his health and two fingers from his right hand. He spent several weeks after the battle recovering, before returning home temporarily to Stormwind. Because Stormwind was in disarray at the time that he was dispatched by King Varian Wrynn to Nighthaven to begin negotiations with the Night Elves, Lord Erick, now separated from his long-time lover, Fiannis, had no choice but to bring his young half-elven daughter with him to the capital of the Night Elves.

Young Constanz was first viewed with anger and suspicion by the Night Elves. There were some who wished to kill her out of hand, for her Highborne ancestry, but their hands were stayed in recognition of the great service rendered by her father. She grew to a strong appreciation of the Kal'dorei culture and they of her fiery spirit and fondness for nature. Her first year in Kalimdor was spent under armed guard at all times, though the young girl often slipped out from under the eyes of her watchful guard for various reasons, many of them personal and romantic in nature. It was through her relationship with the rebellious young night elf Xenelia Draelanis that she learned how to hide her high elven parentage, and move quietly in the elven world, lessons which served her well until she found the opportunity to prove herself, that she was not addicted to magical energies as her maternal ancestors were. During his months in Kalimdor, Lord Erick's health weakened steadily despite the best efforts of the Night Elf priestesses, and he died before Constanz' nineteenth birthday; his body was returned to Stormwind where it lay in state for three days before his funeral; after which it was interred safely in the catacombs beneath the Cathedral of Light. According to his wishes, his friend and former comrade from the third war, the Sentinel Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde, adopted the girl and guided and raised her through the last years of her adolescence.

Over the years she has proven herself a strong and worthy warrior of the Alliance. Not even the most reactionary Night Elf can deny the young half-breed's courage and honor in serving the Alliance and especially Darnassus. Her actions, and her loyalty to her new family have earned her the enmity of the High Elves and especially the Blood Elves, who see her as a presumptuous, upstart half-breed (like all half-elves) and a lackwit who seeks to curry favor with the Night Elves.

In more recent days, Constanz's natural aggression and impulsiveness have been tempered with experience and wisdom (and a few too many severe beatings by well-equipped enemies). Though she is still prone to rashness, an increased sense of her responsibilities to her family, and especially a sense of the responsibilities of motherhood have imbued into her a greater respect for the capabilities of her enemies, and she is less prone to rushing into dangerous situations and depending on the sharpness of her blades and the strength of her armor to keep her alive.

Recent HistoryEdit

Friends and Family As Constanz' adventures and closeness with Shardracona grew, she has grown closer especially to her old friend Cleodora Silvestri and her love, Gilithis Greenscales, finding that the couple was growing more and more dear to her in ways that went beyond simple friendship. Though their living arrangement is unconventional to say the least, the trio are now happy to call themselves a family, and Constanz loves their daughter, Lathania, as if she were her own.

Spirit of her Father During the Harvest Festival, Constanz saw the spirit of her father, with the other honored heroes of the Alliance. He bade her to free their lands and people, and raise a powerful heir, continuing the legacy begun by her distant ancestor.

Wrath of her Mother Unknown to Constanz, her birth mother, Fiannis Swiftblade, is plotting against her adoptive mother, Drinlana, in revenge for what she perceives as stealing her daughter away from her.

Birth and Life After the birth of her son, Constanz has been taking it easy for a while, and she has spent much more time around the Shardracona manor writing and caring for her baby. She hasn't been very active compared to days past, but her ever-present smile shows that she is very, very happy.

New Allies Of late, Constance has befriended Farseer Umbrua, one of the Draenei who have come to Azeroth, and she can sometimes be seen sitting by Umbrua's side on her little peninsula in the Valley of Heroes, sharing her experiences and absorbing the wisdom of the Draenei, bringing her meals and other comforts. She and Cleodora befriended one of the Farseer's pupils, Astadaa Kirsantii, and brought her into Shardracona as a Silver Hatchling.

Family and Children In addition to her adventures, Constance is finding that more and more of her time is enjoyably spent caring for Lathania and Dranacus, the young children of her and her loves, Cleodora and Gilithis. Her strong muscles have begun to soften slightly in recent days, but that does not mean that her resolve or her will are any the weaker.

The Burning Crusade details to come!

As Seen By Others Edit

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Azhandris SummerwindEdit

Though Constanz has proven her loyalty and devotion to Darnassus, she is frequently faced with contempt by other Night Elves because of her High Elf decent and mixture of elven blood. Among those ethnocentric elves is Azhandris Summerwind, a retired Sentinel and survivor of many cataclysmic events in Azeroth's history. She finds Contanz' short ears to be distasteful and mutated, but has excised herself in hiding her revulsion. In reguards to cooperating with one other, Azhandris has cordially offered to help the half-elf, but has otherwise been unwilling to lay down her life for her yet. True to her nature, Azhandris has remained distant from Contanz and maintains a civil, if not rocky, relationship with the Heir of Clearwater.

Cleodora SilvestriEdit

Most of her life, Cleodora was surrounded by peaceful monks who knew little excitement - enters in her life a vivacious little spitfire, Constanz Clearwater Denselde. She was immediately taken with this fiery redhair girl with a passion for combat, martial arts, fencing and all swords great and sharp. She was also impressed by how Constanz had to fray through a world that did not understand her, eventually becoming a deeply respected and honored member of the alliance, her name spoken with pride by the sentinels of Darnassus. She has a very strong love for the seductive half-elf and will gladly follow her through hell and high waters - and has done so multiple times already.

Drinlana Isil'Litla DenseldeEdit

Drinlana views her adopted daughter as strong, courageous, skilled and eager to see the world. She is charming and possesses abundant confidence and beauty. Constanz has a passion and thirst for the thrill of victory and success and will fight tooth and nail until it is attained. This makes her an amazing ally and makes Drinlana smile with pride for every step towards greater skill that Constanz takes. However this same drive for knowledge and perfection in the art of combat sometimes takes control of her beloved daughter and cause her to seem somewhat impatient or over eager. If there is one lesson that Drinlana would love to impart upon her adopted daughter it would be that good things will come in time and that she is well on her way to becoming a renowned warrior.

Xenelia DraelanisEdit

After almost two hundred years among the elves and never knowing there were other species outside her race aside from trolls and taurens, Xenelia was immediately fascinated by this peach skinned short woman. Her hair the color of fire, the dark irises in her eyes, the short ears... combined with her burning passion, this was the kind of woman her mother had warned her about, so naturally, she HAD to meet her! When nobody would trust a half-elf, Xennie saw beyond her parentage to find a skilled swordswoman with a mind as sharp as her blade. She knew this girl as young as a day is short would one day rise to fame and earn respect through great deeds - and was proud of her when she did.

Persis Anarane Annare DenseldeEdit

Persis first met Constanz, soon after meeting Xenelia, for both Xenelia and Constanz would journey together in Azeroth. Even then, Persis noted that Constanz was a very capable warrior, often venturing with her into the Silithid hives in Tanaris. Constanz is very brave, helpful and friendly and Persis treats her like a fellow sister.

Fighting Style Edit

An avid student of the sword, Constanz is constantly seeking and finding new books of fence to add to her collection. She is literate in multiple languages (including Thalassian, Common, Dwarven, Darnassian and Orcish). Because of these studies, her fighting style is constantly changing as she adds Night Elf, Dwarven and Orcish techniques to her basic study of the Stormwind style of armed combat, of which she is an expert. She does prefer, however, swifter, one-handed weapons to powerful two-handers. She is currently trying to learn written Trollish. She is currently searching for a copy of Foror's Compendium of Dragon Slaying, an expert-level volume of the Sentinel school.

She recently completed her own treatise on swordsmanship, entitled, Stormwind Fence in the Age of the Alliance, and is now compiling notes for a second volume, Sentinel Sword in the Age of the Alliance, with the assistance of her mother and sister. Further tomes, Bronzebeard Hammer and Gnomish Combat, are planned but she has not begun research on them yet.

Special Talents Edit

Constanz is a polyglot, a person who knows many languages and can pick up new languages easily. She is presently learning Draenei.

Family Edit

Lord Erick Clearwater, the late Marquess Clearwater Constanz' father, now deceased. His body is interred in the crypt beneath the Cathedral of Light, and is quite safe from the depredations of the undead.

Drinlana Isil'Litla Denselde Constanz' much-loved adoptive mother.

Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde Constanz' adoptive sister, and the voice of their mother when she is at rest.

Gilithis Greenscales and Cleodora Silvestri, her lovers, a night elf druid and a human mage; their daughter, Lathania Greenscales, an infant half-Kaldorei with the potential to become a powerful druid, and Dranacus Greenscales Clearwater, Connie's newborn son, fathered by Gilithis.

Persis Anarane Annare Whisperwind, her dear friend and the true love of her sister.

Fiannis Swiftblade Constanz' birth mother, from whom she has not heard in over a decade. A Hunter.

Lorasina Swiftblade Constanz' half-sister, a full elf, whom Constanz has never met. A Priestess.

Eilsaadi Swiftblade, not exactly Constanz's family but a different version of her, from a world where the stream of time was subtly diverted. A Blood Knight.

House Clearwater Edit

Founded by a great general of the Kingdom of Arathor (whose name the present Lady Clearwater bears), at one time, the House of Clearwater was the Ducal house of the Redridge Mountains. However, as time and favor with the Stormwind throne passed, the Clearwater family found its prestige and power slowly eroded. During the initial invasion of the Orcish Horde, the Clearwaters found themselves pushed from Redridge entirely, and their seat of power was transferred to the keep of Stormwind proper (as their seat fell in partibus infidelium). While the family's prestige has made a certain comeback in recent years, especially due to Lord Erick's valiant defense at Mount Hyjal and his subsequent negotiation of the Treaty of Alliance, the Clearwaters are still far, far from their one-time zenith, and at present, the Clearwater title is Marquessial, subordinate to the present Dukes of Redridge. The family lands lie within the occupation of the Blackrock Clan. The half-elven Constanz, now the Marchioness Clearwater with the death of her father four years ago, has vowed to free her lands from the enemy. Her regent constantly pressures Lord Bolvar Fordragon to deploy Stormwind's forces to push back the Blackrock, to little success.

General Constanz of ArathorEdit

The honored ancestor who was the founder of the Clearwater House and first Duchess Clearwater. The namesake of the present Constanz. During the wars with the Troll Empire, General Constanz fought at the forefront of many battles with her sword, Sunflame, at her side. During a mighty battle in Stranglethorn Vale, Sunflame was shattered, but Constanz pressed on, taking a blade from a fallen troll to complete her victory, but at cost. Wounded, the great general could not fight in the climactic battle of Alterac. However, in gratitude for her service, she was awarded a duchy in the south, near the fertile Elwynn Forest. The region, the Redridge Mountains, was a rocky, warm area much like her beloved Alterac Mountains, and her family and line flourished there for centuries.

Notes Edit

  • A mysterious female warrior at the Battle of Mount Hyjal has been said to be Lady Constanz herself, sent back in time through the agency of the Caverns of Time... the truth is yet to be revealed...
  • "Constanz" is her name because "Constance" was already taken.
  • Constanz's middle name, almost totally unused, is "Eilsaadi," a Thalassian name which means "Blade of Truth." Her full given name, then, means "Steadfast Blade of Truth."

Guild WebsiteEdit


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