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Horde 32 Bregdark is a Horde player character who may be found on the Feathermoon Role Playing server.

Bregdark Urclaw as illustrated by Xyne

Basic Information Edit

Name: Bregdark Urclaw, a.k.a. Father Doctor Sergeant Bregdark

Race: Forsaken

Gender: Male

Class: Priest ((Holy/Shadow))

Level: 80

Guild: Umbral Advent, a founding member, wherein which he formerly held the post of Unholy Cardinal and now holds the role of Guild Master

Age: Surpassingly old

Home: Undercity Laboratory #3, although lately seen to reside in Dalaran.

Job/Profession Edit

Bregdark is a Priest of Light and Shadow, and an alchemist of note; he considers himself a battle surgeon, an epidemiologist, and an amateur linguist; he has also demonstrated on several occasions that he is an accomplished chef.

Quirks Edit

Bregdark is compulsive with regards to completing collections, whether they be for magical spells, cooking recipes, formulas, or herbs. He is a pack-rat of the worst kind.

Secrets Edit

Bregdark doesn't smell or look entirely like a Forsaken should, and he claims to be far older than Forsaken history would allow. Raels has at times slipped and called him by a far older name.

Physical Description Edit

Bregdark has cold, glowing, yellow eyes; wild, pointy, green hair; and green, mottled, scarred, flakey skin. He is a bit taller than average, with needle-like claws and no lower jaw but a long, black, forked tongue that is quite dexterous and able to form the acoustic shapes needed to speak normally.

Personality Description Edit

There are the obvious vocal tics. He's as insane as most Forsaken, subject to mood and personality swings. Generally eager to please, loyal to his friends (and most especially to Raels), but driven by an unquenchable academic spirit to discover and learn, and sparing no concern for the implications of his research or the costs of the experiments upon his subjects. Callous beyond indifference for the fates of those he does not care about. He has more of a sense of humor than most Forsaken, and can be playful -- even an attention seeker. Polite and formal at all times. No sex drive at all. Hatred for almost all Alliance, especially Elves (including "Bloody Elves") who he views as an abomination. The only thing he hates more than Elves is dragons, especially Onyxia. Proud to be a Sergeant in the Horde army, and takes orders from his superiors seriously. Fond of Trolls, Tauren, and Orcs -- and fancies he can speak their languages better than he actually can. Generally sets himself apart from other Forsaken, buried in his never-ending research into languages, flora/fauna, alchemy, surgery, ancient objects, folk medicine, and most of all plagues and diseases (but not poisons). Give him a strange egg or spore to study and he can withdraw for weeks.

Old Goings-On Edit

Noting the potential threat from the Scourge, he worked strenuously to prove himself to the Argent Dawn and help them succeed in their campaign to control the Scourge. Also, he spent numerous hours studying a certain ancient weapon delivered -- at great cost -- in a crate to the Undercity.

Current Goings-On Edit

Karazhan having yielded its secrets, Icecrown calls.

((Resources)) Edit

Bregdark's fan fiction can be read in his RP thread on the Umbral Advent forum.

The Plague Journals

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