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Character Information Edit


The character Saber from the series Fate/Stay Night. A reasonable facsimile of Aeryn Ein.

  • Name: Wing Commander Aeryn Ein
  • Aliases: The People's Shield
  • Former Positions Held: Former Officer, Stormwind Military. Inquisitor of the The Silver Crusade
  • Current Occupation: Headmistress of the Academia Magicka, School for the Magically Gifted. Acting Commander of the Guild Watch Initiative's Airborne Division
  • Age: 36
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 150 lbs.
  • Measurements: 29-22-32
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Paladin
  • Realm: Feathermoon

Physical Description


A currently incomplete fan artwork of Aeryn Ein

Aeryn's small and otherwise lithe frame generally betrays the raw amount of power and strength that she bolster through a lifetime of hardships and dedication to her training. Her hair is moderately long, reaching several inches past her shoulders; though she often keeps it tied up into a bun. Her clothing tendencies vary, often toned and themed around her mood - though in combat, she wears her own unique set of armor which was made to resemble the armor that her father's, Dalton Ein.



Artwork of Aeryn Ein and daughter Neda Ein done by EiffelArt

Though her personality varies greatly on the company she is with, Aeryn tends to often be a serious minded individual. Raised as a child of military life, she follows orders and expects others to do the same. She expects those under her command to be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish a mission, and expects the same of herself. Because of this, she often comes off as callous, stubborn, unyielding, and even unsociable. While her stubborness is undeniable, she can often be kind, caring, and rather loving, though more often to those that she is friends with. She cares greatly about all those around her, and will work as hard as she can to keep others alive.

This stubborn nature, and desire to protect all around her, earned her the nickname "The People's Shield" during her training in the Paladin Order.


Leading or following, it doesn't matter much to Aeryn - her main goal is to protect others, with priority to her friends and 'family'. She seeks to protection her friends, her home, and her country as a whole. Anything and everything she can do to protect these things, she will attempt - and often, her short sightedness to reach this end goal results in personal injury, much to the dismay of those close to her.


"The Orcs took away my family and my childhood. The Legion and the Undead my friends and my loved ones. In the name of the Alliance, I shall not let you pass as long as I can still draw breath."

Biographical Information Edit

Born to Dalton Ein and Neda Karney Ein in the sleepy town of Goldshire, Aeryn started roots of her life within the Stormwind Military. A 'military brat' as some would call, most of her life traveling around from location to location. For the first few years of her childhood, Aeryn saw the lands of the Eastern Kingdoms during a time where war and strife were still yet on the horizon. The same routine followed as far as she knew the world to be - her parents would be positioned together during the late seasons, and every spring they would take their yearly leave to return to their home of Goldshire.

It was these spring seasons in her hometown that would empowered Aeryn in her future - though the years she spent her would ultimately be scare, they were the best times of her life.

As time passed, the impending battle with the Horde drew closer with each day - and the Ein family knew that they could not protect their darling forever. Hard as they tried, the time eventually came when the Ein family, inevitably, would be split. The order came when Dalton was called forward to the front lines, and Neda requisitioned to hold the line at the city of Stormwind. Realizing that they would not be able to care for their daughter, they placed her in the care of the Monks of Northshire - they hoped that one day she would be grow strong, and follow the rich tradition that their family before them had in service to the Kingdom, and hoped that, as an adult, she could do more for others than they themselves good.

And so, as the Eins parted ways, Aeryn to her training, and her parents to combat, the war on Azeroth continued to push itself to the breaking point. Though the family had been seperated, their bonds had not - and through every moment they could, the family send correspondence to each other at every moment they could. Painful as it were, this manner of life continued for sometime, each hoping one day they they could be reunited once again.

Though their wish would ultimately granted, Fate, as cruel as it so often is, would not see that such a union would be a happy one. It was during Orgrim Doomhamme's siege of Stormwind that the family Ein saw each other once again - a matter of chance fate, giving a false glimmer of hope to the family. As Doomhammer charged forward and ravaged the lands of the Kingdom of Stormwind, Dalton Ein and his unit had been recalled by King Llane in hopes of forming a finaly defensive line - so high was moral under the rule of the King, that few believed that loss could be possible, even after the departure of Lothar's expedition to the Tower of Medivh. And so, the Ein family was given the briefest of reunions, when the still training Aeryn, was brought to Stormwind Keep to meet her parents once more. For one day the family enjoyed the illusion of peace once more, for one day, on the edge of destruction, the family knew peace.

As Orgrim Doomhammer's orcish legion pounded down into the depths of Stormwind Keep, the Ein family was faced with certain peril. As the soldiers who defended the city continued to be cut down by the brutal invaders, the family was ultimately forced to make a decision. The ones who had brought Aeryn to the keep were intent on protecting her - and their goal was nothing more than to overseer her safety to one day return training. But they could not do so faced with the enemy - and so, the Ein family made their choice. To allow the survival of their only daughter, Dalton and Neda made the final sacrifice to allow their daughter's escape. As the still young Aeryn was dragged away out of the Keep, her eyes locked on the vision of her parents pushing standing fast, rallying together the last of the defenders as the Orcish horde rushed forward..

Aeryn, like so many of the other survivors, ultimately managed to band together with Lothar and his survivors, eventually pushing forward northward, and settling as refugees in the Kingdom of Lordaeron. It was here that Aeryn would spend several years of her life, training hard in seclusion to continue her training to become a full fledged Paladin of the Order. But, again, fate would not allow her to live her life in peace.

Sometime during her training to be a Paladin, Aeryn became pregnant and gave birth to a single daughter, Neda Ein, who was named after her mother. The conditions of the pregnancy and the name of the father were unknown - and any attempts to delve into details are often adamantly rejected by Aeryn. With the exception of raising a child as a single parent, Aeryn's time of training was relatively uneventful. She studied with no less vigor and dedication than before, but was never involved in any significant battles during the Second Orc War, and unable to avenger the death of her pants.

When the plague of undeath was unleashed onto the unsuspecting lands of Lordaeron, Aeryn was forced, once more, to flee. As friends, loved ones, and teachers around fell to corruption and undeath, a handful of the others Aeryn trained with where forced to flee in peril, seeking refuge with the Wildhammer Clan. Knowing that she would be unable to protect her daughter, an ill Neda Ein was handed off to a friend and fellow Paladin, Alexander Paddock, in attempts to bring her to safety. Paddock, and daughter Neda Ein, were not heard from again.

During the battles for Hyjal and the Frozen Throne, Aeryn continued her training. Visciously dedicated, she shut out the world around her, and continued with her training uninterrupted deep in the wilderness of the Hinterlands, among the few Paladins who stayed within the safety of the Wildhammer Clan's stronghold city. She had lost her opportunity to defeat the orcs, she had been forced to flee the relentless onslaught of the Undead, but she refused to give up. She worked herself to her very limits, preparing herself for the next encounter, whenever it would present itself.

When the Kingdom of Stormwind was once again brought to it's feet by the might of the Stonemasons, Aeryn was inevitably drawn to the Church in hopes of making her years of exhaustive training finally officially recognized - but by then, she had already grown weary of the Order, angered by its' inactions and weakness in the two Horde wars. Discovering of Arthas' betrayal, his dismissal of the Order, and the loss of many surviving Paladins to the cause through their own disillusionment, both as Death Knights and as Scarlet Crusaders, she could take no more. Though the castle and its city had been rebuilt, her pride and beliefs were decimated - with nothing left, she turned for the Military, seeking to put her exhausting years of training to some use.

As she continued her training with the military, she spent her off time scouring the world for more ways to help others - it was during this time that she took up proper medical training to facilitate and compliment her healing abilities she learned while training as a Paladin and as a young Knight in training. Eventually becoming an officially sanctioned and noteworthy Doctor, she became, in a way, a sort of 'Combat Medic' for the Stormwind Military.

Over time, Aeryn found that as an active soldier in the military, her presence became too wide-spread, and at times found herself bouncing around in so many different locations that it became impossible to do any long lasting good. When she was eventually promoted to an officer's position, she found a bit more leeway in her decisions, but not enough for her tastes. It was then that she focused her hardest on her career, doing everything she could to draw attention from her superiors, in hopes of garnering some sort of special treatment to allow her the freedom to defend the lands as she chose, rather than dancing around from conflict to conflict.

Eventually Aeryn was promoted to the rank of Field Marshal, and given the chance to choose a location of her own to command over. Finding that the position over the Goldshire reserve forces was opened, she instantly jumped on a chance to be able to be in her hometown once again - though the military was somewhat hesitant in moving such a high ranked officer to such a 'sleepy backwater town', they begrudingly permitted her transfer.

For a time, Aeryn was stationed in the town of Goldshire without much incident. However, an unreported dark turn of events led the once proud officer down a dark path toward decline when she was attacked by a former friend in Stranglethorn Vale. Several days later she was found confused and bewildered, abusing a drug known as Red Comet. Subdued and taken into custody by Mylene Starforge, Aeryn was later returned to Stormwind City where she was tried in court martial and subsequently given a dishonorable discharge for abuse of a deadly and illegal substance. Subsequent appeal, however, overturned the initial decision and changed the discharge to an honorable one, following appeal over extenuating circumstances, and prior military service records.

Following her embarrassing ordeal, Aeryn worked as an assistant to Mylene Starforge before going off on a soul searching venture. Seeking out meaning to the Light that she had dedicated herself to, she ventured deep into the depths of the fallen city of Stratholme, where she encountered Alexander Paddock, who had since become a Death Knight. The two fought, briefly, before Aeryn was forced to slay her former friend - though she found no information on her missing daughter, who was now presumed dead. Further disheartened, she spent some time attempting to infiltrate the Scholomance, and studied up on dark magic. This dark path eventually lead to an obsession with other schools of magic, leading her to become lost for several days in the Caverns of Time, tracking the Time Wardens and doing her best to understand their ability to control the flow of time. For what had seemed like months in these Caverns, Aeryn worked to unravel their mysteries, and seek to correct the time line to her own vision of ideal.

Snapped out of this obsession by her close friend Chelody Smallwing, Aeryn eventually turned her studies toward more productive efforts, eventually forming up the Academia Magicka, a school for those with talents for magic. Hoping to fill the void that was left by the seclusion of the city of Dalaran, the Academia Magicka seeks to refine the abilities of it's students, and prevent them from falling down dangerous and dark paths.

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