Alliance and Horde crafters from the Exodar Server

Jewelcrafting APB Skill Jewelcrafting Edit

Gems are assorted and represented by color. Please note that meta gems are represented as white.


Item Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde

[Coronet of Verdant Flame] Baldylox, Stosh, Phrantic, Stasya, Ardenirnhelm, Kaigwyn Izlandi, Kitsune, Tapoafom
[Circlet of Arcane Might] Baldylox Vanity
[The Frozen Eye] Baldylox, Stasya, Kaigwyn,Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Vanity, Phrantic,Lexiss
[The Natural Ward] Kaigwyn, Baldylox, ArdenIrnHelm Izlandi, Vanity, Phrantic,Lexiss
[Khorium Band of Leaves] Ardenirnhelm
[Khorium Band of Frost] Kaigwyn,Ardenirnhelm Vanity, Phrantic,Lexiss
[Khorium Band of Shadows] Ardenirnhelm
[Arcane Khorium Band] Baldylox, Kaigwyn, Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss
[Pendant of Withering] Izlandi, Phrantic
[Khorium Inferno Band] Baldylox,Stasya,Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss
[Pendant of Shadow's End] Baldylox, Kanan, Stasya, Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Kitsune, Lexiss, Tapoafom
[Pendant of Thawing] Baldylox, Kanan, Stasya, Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Kitsune, Phrantic,Lexiss
[Pendant of Null Rune] Baldylox, Kanan, Stasya, Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Kitsune, Phrantic,Lexiss
[Ring of Arcane Shielding] Baldylox, Kanan, Stasya, Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Kitsune, Vanity, Phrantic, Arram, Lexiss, Tapoafom
[Braided Eternium Chain] Baldylox, Kanan, Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Vanity
[Eye of the Night] Baldylox, Stasya, Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Vanity, Phrantic, Despoena, Tapoafom
[Blazing Eternium Band] Baldylox, Stasya, Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Vanity
[Embrace of the Dawn] Baldylox, Stasya, Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Lexiss
[Heavy Felsteel Ring] Baldylox, Stasya, Ardenirnhelm Izlandi
[Hard Khorium Band]
[Loop of Forged Power]
[Ring of Flowing Life]


Item Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde
Bold Crimson Spinel (+10 strength) Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Bright Crimson Spinel (+20AP) Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Delicate Crimson Spinel (+10 agi) Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Subtle Crimson Spinel (+10 dodge) Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Teardrop Crimson Spinel (+22 healing) Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Runed Crimson Spinel (+12 spell damage) Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Flashing Crimson Spinel(+10 parry) Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Teardrop Living Ruby (+18 healing) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Kanan,Marolynn,Stasya, Kaigwyn Izlandi, Kitsune,Vanity,Notlegolas,Despoena,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Runed Living Ruby (+9 spell damage) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Kanan,Marolynn,Kaigwyn, Stasya Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Kitsune,Vanity,Notlegolas,Lexiss
Bright Living Ruby (+16 AP) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Sonser,Holypickle Izlandi, Kitsune,Vanity,Notlegolas,Despoena,Lexiss
Subtle Living Ruby (+8 dodge rating) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Kanan,Marolynn Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Damelon,Notlegolas,Despoena
Flashing Living Ruby (+8 parry rating) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn, Kaigwyn Izlandi, Vanity,Damelon,Notlegolas,Tapoafom
Bold Living Ruby (+8 strength) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn, Kaigwyn Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Kitsune,Notlegolas
Delicate Living Ruby (+8 agility) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn, Kaigwyn Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Zero,Notlegolas,Despoena


Item Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde
Brilliant Lionseye (+10 int) Baldylox,Marolynn, Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Gleaming Lionseye (+10 spell crit) Baldylox,Marolynn,Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Smooth Lionseye (+10 crit rating) Baldylox,Marolynn,Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Thick Lionseye (+10 defense rating) Baldylox,Marolynn,ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Great Lionseye(+10 sp hit) Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Rigid Lionseye(+10 hit) Ardenirnhelm, Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Quick Lionseye(+10 sp haste) patch 2.4 Baldylox,Ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Despoena,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Brilliant Dawnstone (+8 Int) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Vanity,Zero,Notlegolas
Smooth Dawnstone (+8 crit rating) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Kanan,Marolynn,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Kitsune,Vanity,Notlegolas,Lexiss
Rigid Dawnstone (+8 hit rating) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Sonser Izlandi, Kitsune,Vanity,Zero,Damelon,Notlegolas,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Gleaming Dawnstone (+8 spell crit rating) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Vanity,Notlegolas,Lexiss
Thick Dawnstone (+8 defense rating) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Kitsune,Rudius,Zero,Notlegolas,Lexiss
Great Dawnstone (+8 spell hit rating) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Sonser Izlandi, Notlegolas,Lexiss
Mystic Dawnstone (+8 resilience) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi,Vanity,Damelon,Notlegolas,Phrantic,Despoena,Lexiss
Quick Dawnstone (+8 sp haste) patch 2.4 Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom


Item Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde

Solid Star of Elune (+12 stamina) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Kerev,Kanan,Marolynn Izlandi, Abysmalnight, Barbaric, Link, Kitsune, Rudius, Vanity, Notlegolas,Lexiss
Lustrous Star of Elune (+3 mp/5) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Kerev,Marolynn,Stasya Izlandi, Abysmalnight, Vanity, Notlegolas,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Stormy Star of Elune (+10 spell penetration) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Hexia Izlandi, Kitsune, Notlegolas,Tapoafom
Sparkling Star of Elune (+8 spirit) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Sonser,Stosh,Kaigwyn,Hexia Izlandi, Abysmalnight, Kitsune, Notlegolas
Lustrous Empyrean Sapphire (+4 mp/5) Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Solid Empyrean Sapphire (+15 stamina) Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Sparkling Empyrean Sapphire (+10 spirit) Baldylox, Marolynn Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Stormy Empyrean Sapphire (+13 sp pen) Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom


Item Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde
Glinting Pyrestone (+5 hit, +5 agi) Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Luminous Pyrestone (+11 healing, +5 int) Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Potent Pyrestone (+5 spell crit, +6 spell dmg) Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Inscribed Noble Topaz (+4 str, +4 crit rating) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Sonser Izlandi, Abysmalnight, Vanity, Zero, Notlegolas
Potent Noble Topaz (+5 spell dmg, +4 spell crit rating) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Kanan,Marolynn,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Abysmalnight, Damelon, Vanity,Kitsune, Notlegolas,Tapoafom
Luminous Noble Topaz (+9 healing, +4 int) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Sonser Izlandi, Barbaric, Notlegolas,Despoena,Lexiss
Glinting Noble Topaz (+4 agility, +4 hit rating) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Sonser,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Damelon, Phrantic Vanity, Notlegolas,Despoena,Lexiss
Veiled Noble Topaz (+5 spell dmg, +4 spell hit rating) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Kanan Izlandi, Abysmalnight, Kitsune, Vanity, Notlegolas
Wicked Noble Topaz (+8 AP, +4 crit rating) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Trazok, Notlegolas,Despoena,Lexiss
Reckless Noble Topaz (+4 sp haste, +5 sp dmg) patch 2.4 Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Reckless Pyrestone (+5 sp haste, +6 sp dmg) patch 2.4 Baldylox Izlandi, Phrantic,Despoena,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Inscribe Pyrestone(+5 crit,+5 str) Baldylox Izlandi, Phrantic,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Veiled Pyrestone(+5 sp hit, +6 sp dmg) Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Wicked Pyrestone(+5 crit, +10 ap) Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom


Item Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde
Sovereign Nightseye (+4 strength, +6 stam) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Damelon,Phrantic,Kitsune, Notlegolas,Lexiss
Shifting Nightseye (+4 agility, +6 stam) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn, Kanan,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Phrantic, Kitsune, Notlegolas
Glowing Nightseye (+5 spelldmg, +6 stam) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Phrantic, Kitsune, Notlegolas, Despoena,Lexiss
Royal Nightseye (+9 healing, +2 mp/5) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Kanan,Marolynn,Sonser,Stosh,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Phrantic,Barbaric,Damelon,Kitsune, Notlegolas
Infused Nightseye (+8 AP, +2 mp/5) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Stosh, Stasya Izlandi, Vanity,Kitsune, Notlegolas,Lexiss
Purified Shadow Pearl (+9 healing, +4 spirit) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Kitsune,Phrantic,Vanity,Damelon, Notlegolas, Arram, Despoena,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Regal Nightseye (+4 dodge, +6 sta) patch 2.4 Baldylox Izlandi, Arram,Despoena,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Balanced Shadowsong Amethyst(+10ap,+7 sta) Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Glowing Shadowsong Amethyst(+6 sp dmg, +7 sta) Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Infused Shadowsong Amethyst(+10 ap, 2 mp5) Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Royal Shadowsong Amethyst(+11 healing,+4 sp dmg, 2 mp5) Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Shifting Shadowsong Amethyst(+5agi, +7 sta) Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Sovereign Shadowsong Amethyst(+5 str, +7 sta) Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Purified Shadowsong Amethyst(+11 healing, +4 sp dmg, +5 spirit) Izlandi, Tapoafom


Item Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde
Enduring Talasite (+4 defense, +6 stam) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Kanan,Marolynn,Sonser,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Kitsune, Notlegolas,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Radiant Talasite (+5 spell penetration, +4 spell crit) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Stosh,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Kitsune, Notlegolas
Dazzling Talasite (+4 int, +2 mp/5) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Stasya,Sonser Izlandi, Vanity,Kitsune, Notlegolas,Lexiss
Jagged Talasite (+4 crit, +6 stam) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Kerev,Marolynn,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Zero,Kitsune, Notlegolas,Lexiss
Steady Talasite (+4 res, +6 stam) patch 2.2 Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Kitsune, Notlegolas, Arram, Despoena,Lexiss
Forceful Talasite (+4 sp haste, +6 sta) patch 2.4 Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Forceful Seaspray Emerald(+5 sp haste, +7 sta) patch 2.4 Baldylox Izlandi, Phrantic, Despoena,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Steady Seaspray Emerald(+5 res, +7 sta) patch 2.4 Baldylox Izlandi, Phrantic, Despoena,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Dazzling Seaspray Emerald(+5 int, +2 mp5) patch 2.4 Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Forceful Seaspray Emerald(+5 sp haste, +7 sta) patch 2.4 Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Jagged Seaspray Emerald(+5 crit, +7 sta) patch 2.4 Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Radiant Seaspray Emerald(+5 sp crit, +7 sp pen) patch 2.4 Baldylox Izlandi, Lexiss,Tapoafom
Enduring Seaspray Emerald(+5 def, +7 stam) Izlandi, Tapoafom


Item Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde
Powerful Earthstorm Diamond (18 stam, 5% stun resist) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Phrantic, anity,Kitsune, Notlegolas,Lexiss
Bracing Earthstorm Diamond (26 healing, -2% threat) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Stasya,Kaigwyn,Marolynn Izlandi, Abysmalniight,Phrantic,Vanity,Kitsune, Notlegolas
Tenacious Earthstorm Diamond (12 defense rating, healing proc) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Vanity,Zero, Notlegolas,Lexiss
Brutal Earthstorm Diamond (3 melee dmg, stun proc) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Kanan,Marolynn,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Vanity, Notlegolas,Lexiss
Insightful Earthstorm Diamond (12 int, mana restore proc) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Kanan,Marolynn,Stasya,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Vanity,Kitsune, Notlegolas,Despoena,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Eternal Earthstorm Diamond Baldylox Izlandi, Phrantic,Despoena,Lexiss,Tapoafom
Relentless Earthstorm Diamond (12 agility, +3% crit dmg) Marolynn, Baldylox, ardenirnhelm Izlandi, Vanity
Destructive Skyfire Diamond (14 spell crit, 1% spell reflect) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn Izlandi, Zero,Lexiss
Mystical Skyfire Diamond (half spell cast proc) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Marolynn,Stasya, Izlandi, Rudius, Notlegolas,Despoena,Lexiss
Swift Skyfire Diamond (24 AP, runspeed) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Kanan,Marolynn,Stasya,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Phrantic,Vanity,Kitsune, Notlegolas,Despoena,Lexiss
Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond (12 crit rating, 5% snare resist) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox,Kanan,Marolynn,Stasya,Kaigwyn Izlandi, Abysmalnight,Phrantic,Rudius,Vanity,Kitsune, Notlegolas,Despoena,Lexiss
Thundering Skyfire Diamond (haste rating proc) Ardenirnhelm,Baldylox Izlandi, Rudius, Vanity
Chaotic Skyfire Diamond ArdenIrnHelm, Baldylox, Marolynn Izlandi, Notlegolas,Despoena
Ember Skyfire Diamond Baldylox Izlandi,Phrantic,Despoena,Lexiss,Tapoafom

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