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Zalcin is a rogue on European Realm: Executus. He's a human rogue, focusing mostly on PvP (Player Versus Player) & arena. So far Zalcins greatest achivements in this started in the early Season 4, where he and Ladyoflake, a discipline priest from his guild, reached 1800 for a short amount of time.

A few weeks after the season 4 had begun, Zalcin managed to gain four (4) parts of the brutal set, Head, Gloves, Legs & Chest (1700, 0, 1550, 1600 PR). He's sublety specced, and was one of the first to play shadowstep actively (Before 2.3, where most high-rated rogues where AR/Preperation specced.)

His preffered arena partner-classes for 2v2 is: Druid (Balance/Dreamstate/Resto) , Priest (Shadow/Discipline) and from time to time he has also played double-melee, such as rogue/rogue, warrior/rogue, Retribution paladin / rogue.

The character of Zalcin has a huge amount of "/Played" time, but has also gained exalted with almost all Burning Crusade factions, except those raid related. Among the azerothian factions, the one he is the most proud of is Darnassus. Even though it's just by buying Runecloth, he adore his Stormsaber.

Zalcin collects tabards, and have a collection on over 15 rare & common tabards, Guild Tabard not included.

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