Not much is known about this man, aside from the fact that he posted some of his intelligently designed schematics on the WoW-General forum, at 12:45AM PDT on 7/4/2010. Also, he/she is most likely of German decent.

Below is a link to the thread when he revealed his inventions, which revolutionized hands-free ventrilo.

We also know that he has posted in other topics and threads, such as "Things you can do in WoW but not IRL", and "Hardest Class to play".

Below are the only few posts we have found in which he refers to his engineering.

use a pretty cheap setup. All of the supplies can be found in your back yard or tool shed. 

"You will need:

about 10 ft of yarn/twine/string a small rock a stick of medium width

Basically, I put a hook in my wall, which has a string running through it. At one end of the string, a small rock. On the other and, a stick. During raids, I put the stick under my foot, and the rock is dangled about 2 inches above my Push-to-talk hotkey. When I raise my foot, it transmits. Works pretty well, just as well as one of those fancy electronic thingies."

Then, "Here ya go! Sorry it took so long to draw (And my scanner isn't working) so I made my own scanner using a camera on a stand looking down at a little glass plate that fits my paper perfectly :). Also, sorry it's backwards, but it shouldn't be too hard to read. Also, I'm not amazingly artistic, but I think this illustration turned out pretty well! Good luck building it!"

In the words of Undermine's,

File:Photo on 2010-07-04 at 00.40 -3.jpg
Gentlemen, and 'ladies' of the General forums, we have found the first true Grand Master Engineer of IRL.

Tesla? Pfft. Lightning is boring. Edison? Seriously? Lightbulbs are just glass and wires. But this guy deserves his own Wiki page and a heroic statue in every continent, dedicated to his genius."

If you have any more information on this player, please feel free to update this page!

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