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This article is a realm page for the Eonar US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Server Information Edit

Eonar is a mature, EST PvE server featuring several elite Horde and Alliance guilds. The server has a slightly unbalanced Horde:Alliance ratio, with the majority playing Alliance. Eonar also hosts a wide variety of vibrant personalities and friendly folk if you keep away from trade chat.

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Eonar Server Firsts Edit

O2/07/06 Brewxwxw-Evollove (A)

04/16/09 - Kologarn- Ascension (H)
04/16/09 - Iron Council- Computus Demum (H)
04/16/09 - XT-002 Deconstructor- Computus Demum (H)
04/15/09 - Razorscale- Ascension (H)
04/14/09 - Flame Levithan- Ascension (H)
04/02/08 - Kalecgos- The Dark Carnival (H)
10/15/07 - Illidan- The Dark Carnival (H)
10/08/07 - Illidari Council- The Dark Carnival (H)
09/25/07 - Mother Shahraz- The Dark Carnival (H)
09/16/07 - Essence Of Souls- The Dark Carnival (H)
08/23/07 - Archimonde- The Dark Carnival (H)
08/13/07 - Azgalor- The Dark Carnival (H)
08/13/07 - Kaz'Rogal- The Dark Carnival (H)
08/12/07 - Anetheron- The Dark Carnival (H)
08/12/07 - Gurtogg Bloodboil- The Dark Carnival (H)
08/06/07 - Teron Gorefiend- The Dark Carnival (H)
07/26/07 - Shade of Akama- The Dark Carnival (H)
07/26/07 - Supremus- The Dark Carnival (H)
07/25/07 - Naj'entus- The Dark Carnival (H)
07/23/07 - Rage Winterchill- The Dark Carnival (H)
07/19/07 - Kael'Thas- The Dark Carnival (H)
06/15/07 - High Astromancer Solarian- The Dark Carnival (H)
06/11/07 - Al'ar- The Dark Carnival (H)
06/07/07 - Lady Vashj- The Dark Carnival (H)
06/03/07 - Lurker Below- The Dark Carnival (H)
05/31/07 - Leotheras The Blind- The Dark Carnival (H)
05/??/07 - Void Reaver - The Dark Carnival (H)
??/??/07 - Fathomlord Karathress - The Dark Carnival (H)
??/??/07 - Morogrim Tidewalker - The Dark Carnival (H)
??/??/07 - Hydross - The Dark Carnival (H)
11/02/06 - Gothik the Harvester - Reign (A)
10/16/06 - Loatheb - Reign (A)
10/08/06 - Heigan the Unclean - Reign (A)
10/01/06 - Thaddius - Reign (A)
09/22/06 - Gluth - Reign (A)
09/11/06 - Viscidus - The Dark Carnival (H)
09/03/06 - Grobbulus - The Dark Carnival (H)
09/03/06 - Patchwerk - The Dark Carnival (H)
08/15/06 - Ouro - The Evil Empire (A)
08/06/06 - Maexxna - The Evil Empire (A)
07/26/06 - Grand Widow Faerlina - The Evil Empire (A)
07/11/06 - Noth the Plaguebringer - The Evil Empire (A)
06/27/06 - Anub'Rekan - The Evil Empire (A)
06/25/06 - Instructor Razuvious - Guardians of Dawn (A)

Eonar's Hall of LegendsEdit

These people are great Eonarians, know for their accomplishments or failures by how they Raid, PvP or display themselves to others via other means.  Please note that Trade Chat trolls will be removed from the Hall of Fame.  These pests do not deserve to be remembered and have done nothing but ruin the server's community.


      Nominated by Anonymous

This guy is probably the wealthiest guy on our server. Not only does he corner the market each expansion on horde side but he has like every rare/mount you can think of.. He's given out free vial of the sands, golems, and other crazy items to numerous people. He has been a great friend and a major role model to many people on our server. Pirate's never been much of a raider.. we tease him all the time about it..  but he's a very dedicated achievement junkie. I just wanted to submit this because I know a lot of guys/girls would agree. Thanks for all the awesome times, for the vial of the sands, the rare camel mount/title, and for all the other achievments/mounts you helped me grind out!! I will always remember you as Salty Pirate, the little ghost gnome pirate that jumped off Dalaran while driving his hog into the shallow tiny stream down below and LIVED.. With me in the sidecar...     :)   -C

Or the pirate that would fly his drake around in the sewers @ Dal lol! -Steve

Or the pirate that lured Huolon around the timeless isle for like 20 mins making us run all over the place looking for it! jerk lol jk <3 Reb

  • Edit ahhh the legendary ghost pirate full of legendaries! Bought loads of stuff from him.. Thanks for the free golem!  and all the stacks of herbs/cloth in my mailbox.. Took me forever to get those out!  >< KT
Nominated by Anonymous

Crazy ass mage tries face tanking bosses, Kinda a newb to the server, but he is an orange stick wielding bastard.

Nominated by Anonymous

One of the greatest raid leaders of the server, he has successfully pugged all raids like it was nothing and swiftly progresses through the Heroic Hard Modes of raids. A Dedicated player to his server, and trusted and respected member of the community.

Nominated by Anonymous

Varun is famous for his drunk ICC raids that he does every Sunday, he is known for being the guild leader of Ascension and one of the more eccentric members of the community.

Nominated by Anonymous

Otep, who is on the alliance, is one of the greatest mages I have ever seen. He's (the character is female) been a mage since thick and thin, and does a great job at it. Keep up the good work, man.

Nominated by Anonymous

Before you ran off, you were a mighty fine healer. Wherever you roam now, you'll always be from Eonar.

Nominated by Anonymous

Never have I seen anyone give it to the alliance like you, dude. After you quit wow, PvP just wasn't the same. GL to you wherever you be.

Nominated by Anonymous

You always knew how to make an obvious wipe, wipe in style. Thanks for all the years put into making raids a more fun filled experience.

Nominated by Legacy [Azok/Veldren]

You can always count on Kristheman to be the worst player Eonar has seen in years. If you have ever seen a really bad player pug a group and fail, it can never compare to the innumerable times Kristhebadkid has wiped pugs. The Darkmoon Bunny has also made countless mockery of his fail as he can't lead for shit.

Guild Listing Edit

Alliance 32 Alliance

Horde 32 Horde

Guild Website
Official alliance mini-icon Blood of the Titans Website
Official alliance mini-icon Champions of the Dawn Website
Official alliance mini-icon Champions of the Realm Website
Official alliance mini-icon Distortion Website
Official alliance mini-icon Easy Company Website
Official alliance mini-icon The Eternal Order Website
Official alliance mini-icon The Exalted Website
Official alliance mini-icon Fates Requiem Website
Official alliance mini-icon Gloria Et Lumina Website
Official alliance mini-icon Hegira Website
Official alliance mini-icon Last Attempt Website
Official alliance mini-icon Legendary Website
Official alliance mini-icon Manus Website
Official alliance mini-icon Reign Website
Official alliance mini-icon Infallible Website
Guild Website
Official horde mini-icon Ascension Website
Official horde mini-icon Aussie Light Horsemen Website
Official horde mini-icon Chains of Destiny Website
Official horde mini-icon The Circle of Power Website
Official horde mini-icon Computus Denum Website
Official horde mini-icon The Dark Carnival Website
Official horde mini-icon The Dark Descent Website
Official horde mini-icon The Dark Renegades Website
Official horde mini-icon Dominion Website
Official horde mini-icon Insomniacs Website
Official horde mini-icon Ravenous Website
Official horde mini-icon Raving Lunatics Website
Official horde mini-icon Reality Ripple Website
Official horde mini-icon Sanctuary Website
Official horde mini-icon Sutekh Orbitas Website
Official horde mini-icon trademarked Website
Official horde mini-icon Unrelenting Website

Battlegroup Edit

Battlegroup info
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