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Progress on this page is based on the information that is posted on Eonar 10 man Raid progression.

Rankings are based on a point system:

  • SF = Server first = 4 points
  • S = Silver = 3 Points
  • B = Bronze = 2 points
  • X = Kill = 1 Point
  • X.05 = Kill after a Major content patch = 0.5 points

NOTE: score is negleted if a lower pointed guild has made more progression in the instance

Guild Anub'Arak H A Tribute to Skill A Tribute to Mad Skill A Tribute to Insanity A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity Totals
The Logical Cube S SF SF SF 15
Decimation* SF B X S 10
Concilium X X B X 5
Behemoth X X X B 5
Quality X X X X 4
Tabula Rasa X X X X 4
Legend of the Alliance X X X X 3
Ethereals B S S 8
Sinister X X X 3
the fellowship X X X 3
Aeon X X X 3
After Hours X X X 3

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