Realm FirstsEdit

Progress on this page is based on the information that is posted on Eonar's forum 25 man Raid progression.

Guild Heroic: The Siege of Ulduar Heroic: The Antechamber of Ulduar Heroic: The Keepers of Ulduar Heroic: The Descent into Madness Heroic: Observed
WRATH X (SF: FL,XT) X X(SF: Hodir) X(SF)
The Logical Cube X(SF:Ignis) X (SF) X (SF: All - H) X
Eclipse (Disbanded) X X X X
Cthulhu (Disbanded) X X X X
Behemoth X X X X
Ethereals X X X X
Storm (Disbanded) X X X X
Aeon X X X X
Cause and Effect X (SF: Razor) X X X
Dead End (Merged with WRATH) X X X X
Concilium X X X X
Numen X X X X
The DMZ X X X Vezax
Legends of The Alliance X X X Vezax
Sinister X X X Vezax
Angels of apocalypse X X X Vezax
After Hours X X X Vezax
Hammerheart X X X Vezax
Mortality X X Hodir
Shadowstorm X X Hodir
Iron Wardens FL, XT All - IC
Nocturnum (Disbanded) All - Ignis
Bards FL

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