Realm FirstsEdit

Progress on this page is based on the information that is posted on Eonar's forum 25 man Raid progression. NOTE: Only the 20 first clears per Instance are shown.

Guild Heroic: The Fall of Naxxramas Heroic: Besting the Black Dragonflight Heroic: The Spellweaver's Downfall
The Logical Cube X (SF)* X X
Eclipse X X X
Cthulhu X X X
Behemoth X X X
Ethereals X X X
Storm X X X
Cause and Effect X X X
Mortality X X X
Dead End X X X
Omen X X X
Aeon X X X
Shadowstorm X X X
Numen X X X
Concilium X X X
Angels X X X
Exxodus X X X
Sinister X X X
Tabula Rasa X X X
Angels of apocalypse X X X
  • The Logical Cube and WRATH attained their first kill of Kel'thuzad on the same day, the only difference is the time.

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