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This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Horde 15Horde Guilds Edit

Due to the erratic nature of updates, the classification between active and defunct guilds may be dated or innacurate.

Guild emphasis among Role-play, Plaver vs. Environment, and Player vs. Player interests are represented using a key:

none (*), light (+), medium (++), heavy (+++)

For guild progession, visit the Guild Progression Chart Page.

Active Horde Guilds Edit

  • All Shall Perish(PvE+++,PvP++) All Shall Perish started as a group of RL friends, but has grown to one of the larger guilds Horde side with over 100 members. Hated by many for their brash attitude and inflamatory remarks, they are infamous for being trouble makers in world PVP and on the ED Forums. Often allied with Keepers of the Path. Always "down to party", with an extensive collection of assorted foreigners and expats.
  • Arcane Legion (RP*, PvP+++, PvE++) A casual guild focused mainly on making their presence in the world known. Accepted are Horde at or above level 20, who are easy going and against drama. We kill Alliance so you don't have to.
  • Blackmoon Tribe (RP++, PvE++, PvP++) The Blackmoon Tribe is a troll-centric guild, which holds as its ultimate goal the return of the Jungle Trolls homeland. The guild is made up mostly of Trolls, Orcs, and Tauren. Blood Elf membership is very low. They balance the three elements of RP, PvE, and PvP excellently. One of their stated goals is to bring back more world PvP - this is done as an announced raid on a contested zone in which any and all Alliance encountered, will be killed.
  • Eternum (RP+, PVP+, PvE+++) Formed in late September from mostly former members of Kindred Spirits. Currently in a raiding alliance with Disorder.
  • Hammer of Lordaeron (RP+++, PVP+++) Formerly known as the Starsong Tribe, the Hammer of Lordaeron continues to make itself known to the Horde and the Alliance as both a powerful and controversial entity. Composed mainly of Undead, the Hammer of Lordaeron seeks to bolster its ranks with exceptionally talented RPPvPers. With deep roots in World PvP, the Hammer can be found fueling the war against the Alliance on a more personal playing field, hunting down Alliance targets of interest with lethal precision.
  • Heretic (RP++,PvE+,PvP+) Heretic is a rp-centric guild. with a home in eastern kingdoms we are the outcasts of our races for one reason or another. We enjoy and welcome friendly and active players and are always looking to bolster our numbers with new recruits both veterans of RP and newcomers alike (whom we will work with and train to become better RPers)
  • Hordes Pride (RP+, PvE++, PvP+++)
  • Insignia Collectors (RP+, PvE++, PvP++)
  • Iron Serpents (RP++, PvE++, PvP++) One of the older and more stable Horde guilds on the server, the Iron Serpents are a close knit group that prides itself on drama-free, honest gaming with a good mix of all game content. Currently lead by an Tauren Shaman named Wezen.
  • Nyx (RP++, PvE++, PvP++) Nyx was originally founded as a guild for Off-peak and Oceanic adventurers, but has grown to also accommodate adventurers at peak time. Its members follow their Lady of Shadows, Nyx, religiously, if almost to a fault. Lady Nyx and her disciples are known for their strong dislike of rival RP guild, the Kingship of the East. Although they are enemies, they both hold each other in high regard, honoring them both in the battlefield and off. Nyx retains a balance between RP, PvE and PvP, providing casual raiding opportunities and PvP-RP events for it's members.
  • Outriders of Azeroth (RP+, PvE++, PvP+++)
  • Rare Items Collector (RP+++, PvE+++ PvP++) isn't really a guild. Just a tag for the most awesome diabetic on Emerald Dream, Gooru! (Gooru is the PreBC obsessed raider that collects rare items and Trading Card Game items, 15/18 so far. It is known for Horde players that April 20th of every year is Gooru Appreciation Day, in which they celebrate Gooru's existence by a 24-hour straight party.)
  • The Velvet Lounge (PvE+++, PvP++) TVL reformed from what was Ruthless in late 2008. TVL (in it's various incarnations) has been a leader in raid progression, dating back it's days as Titan. While it has not been the leader in 25 man progression as of late, they have consistently scored server second/third for most major kills. This trend began mid-BC and still continues. During Wrath of the Lich King the guild's 10 man team was one of the few on the server to earn the now coveted plagued proto-drakes, as well as laying claim to several server first hard mode kills in Icecrown Citadel.
  • Sago (PvE+++, PvP +++) Being the largest guild on Emerald Dream ain't easy, and if anyone can testify to this its the guild leader Drail, a well known Australian Warlock (Known to gkick randomly, beware). Warning: Sago, the pith of a palm tree, may cause diarrhea. Two [Reigns of the Raven Lord] riders reside here, Win and Zpos. Remember kids, Win knows where you live. ~Made by Pure Win
  • Shattered Oath (RP+, PvE++++, PvP+) Shattered Oath, holding more server firsts than is polite to say, is the top ranked raiding guild on the server. Their 25 man team has scored several key server first kills dating all the way back to early Wrath of the Lich King. The guild's 10 man team also has the distinction of achieving realm first rusted proto-drakes, and beat out Velvet Lounge's ten man for server first Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquishers by mere hours.
  • Shattered Twilight (RP+, PvE++, PvP +) Formed from several council members from the vanilla guild Disruption. Disruption, like many guilds transitioning into BC, had growing pains and a divide formed around the concept of a "family guild" (where any and all members were allowed to raid) and those that wanted to progress faster. Shattered Twilight (ST) formed on March 15th 2007 after this rift grew too much for several core raiders. ST has had its ups and downs with a few disbands throughout the Warcraft years, but some how it always comes back.
  • The Crew (RP+, PvE+, PvP+++) As the premier PvP guild on Emerald Dream, The Crew was born for one reason, to annihilate alliance. Devouring the entrails of their enemies and crushing them ruthlessly in battle, The Crew has brought all alliance scum that dare oppose them under their iron claw.
  • The Free Souls (RP+, PvE++, PvP++) The Free Souls (TFS) is a guild dedicated to enjoying all aspects of the game. TFS has a casual raiding environment and they try to host monthly events that all guild members can enjoy. There is no age limit to join, but they expect you to be mature and respect others. TFS also offers web forums and a hosted Vent server.
  • The Legion of Destruction (RP+++, PvP+) <The Legion of Destruction> is finally up and running! from the few members we have, we have great RP. Hoping someone will join and help with our "gold" proublem, since we don't have a tabard yet...
  • The Shadowmoon Clan (RP++, PvE++, PvP++) A friendly RP guild with mature players with both end game content and organized PvP (including World) in mind. Many members have migrated from RP servers to start fresh in a RP-PvP environment and have experience in MC, BWL and other high level instances. They are currently expanding their ranks and starting end game content. (Ventrilo, Web, RP events, membership-open/recruiting)
  • Shadows of Lordaeron - L 25 Forsaken Pure RP-PVP guild with focus on roleplay in all aspects of Forsaken culture, with weekly events as well as server wide events.  There are 3 PVP ranks for the guild Wpvp, 1700+ and the RBG rank, as well as ranks for Roleplayers.  WPVP happens 3-4 times a week scheduled, and many times throughout the week unscheduled, with focus on bringing no more than 10, and leaving once a raid has to be formed to defeat them.
  • The Royal Assassins (RP+++, PvP+++)Led by Deeps, The Royal Assassins have dominated the level 19 Twink wars for many moons. With excellent teamwork and a stubborn unwillingness to die, they wage war against helpless noobs with the intensity of hardcore raiding guilds.
  • The Uncommon Few (RP+, PvE+++, PvP+) <TUF> is a 10-man PvE guild that prides itself on being tight-knit and mature (albeit rather goofy). Their focus is on enjoyment of the game, teamwork, and building lasting memories and friendships. Another thing to note is that they are a guild that does not tolerate racism, homophobia or sexism and the bigoted need not apply. Though not an RP guild, <TUF> is RP-friendly and requires that its members be respectful of role-playing, even if not dedicated role-players themselves, to keep within the awesome spirit of their home realm Emerald Dream. RP is heartily encouraged, though not a guild requirement!
  • Thori en Belore (RP++ PvP+++ PvE+ "Thori en Belore" Translates in to "Wrath of The Sun" In Thalassian. The Guild Thori en Belore, is a organized guild that specializes in World-PvP and RP. Within the Guild is composed of three squads, each with A purpose. The guild is lead Blood Knight, named Ravenhul.
  • The Sunshine Squad(RP*,PVP+++,PVE+++) The Sunshine Squad is the sexiest guild on the Emerald Dream. We are filled with delicious chocolate and our beauty is equivalent to angels singing. We do not want you in our guild, because you cannot solve Russel's Paradox.
  • The Warsong Clan (RP+++, PvE++, PvP++) RP guild with a close knit core of mature players looking to expand.

Defunct and Inactive Horde Guilds Edit

  • Ruthless (PvE+++, PvP++) Ruthless reformed from what was Titan in September 2006. Reformed as The Velvet Lounge in 2008 after the guild leader was hacked.
  • Aura (PvE+++)No longer exist
  • Disorder (PvE+++ PvP+++)No longer exist
  • Kamatayan (RP*, PvE++, PvP+++) No longer on this server. Still active in WoW
  • Kindred Spirits (RP+, PvE+++, PvP+) Disbanded in late September 2006 due to disagreements about raiding frequency and loot distribution.
  • Misçhief (RP++, PvE+++, PvP++) After losing many of its core raiders this spring to the now defunct Keepers of the Path, Misçhief continues to struggle along in the hopes that they can return to power as a leading guild horde side in the future.
  • Noble Tribe of Kalimdor (RP++, PvE++, PvP++) NToK is a highly organized guild of mature players who are engaged in all aspects of the game and it's realm including PvE, PvP, and RP. NToK offers it's members and partners regular raiding opportunities and promotes friendly cooperation in a drama-free environment. Disbanded after their former guild leaders went haywire, most formed into the new guild Dezba led by Nargol.
  • Resilience Resilience, one of Emerald Dream's first Horde guilds, is no longer active.
  • Titan (PvE++, PvP+++)R.I.P.
  • Unrequited Requiem (RP+++, PvP+++, PvE*) full-time RP guild that also promotes PVP. Dissolved to give rise to Song of the Aurulent.
  • Pack Spirit (RP++, PvE++, PvP++) One of the most well respected RP guilds on Emerald Dream, Pack Spirit is lead by the quiet strength of Maralah. They accept only Shaman, Hunters, and Druids. Performed a full guild transfer during a free server transfer.
  • Prisoners of Fate (RP+++, PvE++, PvP++) A sister guild to Pack Spirit for characters who do not fit the Pack's class requirements. Performed a full guild transfer during a free server transfer.
  • Knights of the Dawn (RP+++, PvE++, PvP++) Knights of the Dawn was formed in spring of 2007 by the paladin Fiori. It's a heavy RP guild with a militaristic, yet family-like feel. After a long period of preparation, the Dawn has begun raiding, despite the difficulties in prepping a heavy RP guild for PvE. The Knights enjoy doing heroics together, PvPing together in both BGs and around the world, and roleplaying into the wee hours of the morning. While the focus is indeed RP, there are raid aspirations while keeping a very relaxed atmosphere, as well as some very talented PvPers within the ranks. Guild chat is kept IC, while an OOC channel is utilized for goofing off.

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