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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Timeras Alliance 15 Draka IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior 70 Righteous in Wrath Sergeant Major
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank


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Timeras was the first son of Lord Talos Fargarin, a minor noble – little more than a landed knight in truth, sworn to the Duke of the town of Drisburg on the northern coast of the island Kingdom of Kul Tiras. The Lonely Light; seat of House Fargarin was no mighty fortress, but rather a sort of fortified lighthouse: a single half-broken tower leaning out over the sea at the northernmost point of the island’s panhandle peninsula. A great pyre burned at its summit, guilding ships from Lordaeron to Drisburg and Boralus beyond.

Lady Fargarin’s health was always fragile, and the Lonely Light, while vital to commerce and known in story and song throughout Kul Tiras, was more often than not a bleak and miserable place. After the birth of her second child, another boy named Tancred, she left the tower and returned to the holdings of her own noble family farther inland to recover her strength. The only news Lord Fargarin ever received from his Lady wife spoke of her still deteriorating health, until finally her father arrived to tell Talos she had died of a chill.

The boys grew up under constant threat of attack from pirates and the Naga, becoming warriors by necessity. It was around this time that dark news from the mainland told of the fall of Stormwind, and soon bands of Orcs began landing on the island kingdom’s shores. Timeras showed an ability to lead and inspire early, whipping a group of local lads into a militia that came to be known as The Lordling’s Lot. With support from Lord Talos aboard his ship, Timeras was able to repel a fierce orc raid on Drisburg, as well as in several other bloody skirmishes.

The military of Kul Tiras was so impressed with the remote region’s ability to keep itself secure that Admiral Pinaeos (admittedly one of the more curious and eccentric members of the Council of Captains) set out to personally decorate the Fargarins, with his daughter Rafaela in tow. Ever since Timeras’ mothers death, The Lonely Light had housed only it’s lord, his sons, his soldiers and a handful of servants – the beautiful young Lady Rafaela was a welcome visitor and he attempted to win her affections immediately. They were married before the Admiral had completed his inspection. Though the raids continued, the young couple found time to consummate, and Rafaela bore twin daughters that the proud parents named Enna and Renya.

Unfortunately the raids proved to be only the fingertips of Orgrim Doomhammer’s war machine poking at potential prey. They increased in severity until Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore officially joined cause with the Alliance of Lordaeron. Despite his age and growing frailty, Lord Talos swore his ship and swords to the new war against the Horde, but died before he could set sail. Timeras Fargarin became Lord of the Lonely Light only days before he and Tancred went off to war.

The brothers distinguished themselves in battles at Zul'Dare and Crestfall, but Timeras was forced to return home after taking a wound in the storming of Tol Barad. Tancred continued on to the mainland – following Anduin Lothar and Turalyon to Blackrock Spire and eventually becoming a Paladin of the Silver Hand.

Timeras didn’t lose sleep over his discharge; though the Alliance won the war Kul Tiras and her fleets had been devastated and a great number of her people had fallen. The noble felt that he could do more to help his depleted land and his family as Lord than he ever had on the battlefield, and so set out to do just that.

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