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{{Guild_list|Banana Republic||loc=US|Drak'thul|}}
{{Guild_list|Banana Republic||loc=US|Drak'thul|}}
{{Guild_list|DÀRK GLORY||loc=US|Drak'thul|}}

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This article is a realm page for the Drak'thul US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Drak'thul is a CST Medium population server for World of Warcraft. It was PvP server but has been converted to a PvE normal server.


Alliance 32 Alliance »

Banana Republic Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
DÀRK GLORY Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory

Horde 32 Horde »

Retribution Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Epsilon Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory

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