Grievous, 12 second Christ, Herald of Paladincraft, Savior of Paladinkind, he who hearthed when this world was young, Performing the Famous BLUE STEEL!

Grievous, 12 second Christ, Herald of Paladincraft, Savior of Paladinkind, He Who Hearthed When This World Was Young (Human Paladin) - He who hearthed when this world was young, the Herald of Paladincraft, Grievous is probably the most popular and recognized figure not only on Dragonmaw, but in all of WoW. Famous for his ruthless and cunning nature, Grievous wrought havok throught Dragonmaw in what we like to call "The Dark Age of Grievous". His reign of terror started at lvl41 when he started camping Horde zeppelins and terrorizing lowbies in Horde zones. He soon discovered that he was the most powerful Paladin in all of WoW, and decided to display his 'skillz' in the 4-episode long World of Paladincraft series. Some of his famous scenes include a square-off with a Warrior in full Might (pre-TBC bling gear) while he, himself, wore nothing but a Mining Pick and a Death Ray. After transferring to Smolderthorn and back (to join his close friend Zorgat "the messiah" in a new guild), he started playing a rogue called Tremane and created the guild Vulgar which, of course, became #1 on the server, since it was powered by his supreme dynamo. After retiring Tremane, he came back a few months later under Notion, a Priest, and 2v2s with Reflex, Lord of Dragonmaw. He is also known for his famous "Blue Steel" which can be seen in the picture to the right.

By the end of TBC, he renamed his priest to Grievous and rejoined the newly formed Prominence, under the original Tremain's command.

In Wrath of the Lich King, Grievous raided as one of Prominence's powerhouse healers and is known as the Lord of Dragonmaw Priests... Nobody could challenge his might.

After quickly climbing the 2v2 ranks to #1 with Reflex, he retired from the bracket as his specialties lays in 3s, 2s was simply too boring for his Grievousness.

He now 3v3s with Reflex's undergeared druid and Nightmare/Annihilate.

After being betrayed by Prominence officers, Grievous retreated back to his roots in Vulgar. The Architect was once more reunited with his beloved children. Grievous has now Crowned an heir to his Grievousness throne, A full list of Grievous' titles:

  • Lord of Paladins
  • Savior of Paladinkind
  • Lord of Dragonmaw Priests
  • He who hearthed when this world was young
  • The Greater Healer
  • Grievous Christ
  • The Mastermind behind Vulgar
  • The Avatar of Hope
  • Retard

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