This article is a realm page for the Dragonblight US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Specific information about Dragonblight Progression can be found at Level 70 Raid Progression.

Alliance GuildsEdit

Alliance 15Alliance
Guild Content Focus Website Link Armory Link GM Raid Start Notes
Deus ex Crux PvE Website Armory Manduned 12:30am ST Oceanic Timezone-Mostly AU/NZ members
Exodus PvE Website Armory Fataleyes
Exigence PvE Website Armory Buiden 6.30pm ST PST Raiding Guild, raids Sunday-Thursday
Reckoning PvE Website Armory Domilab 7:00pm ST
Tabula Rasa PvE Website Armory Evadne 6:00pm ST
Rififi PvE Website Armory Boston 11:00pm ST Progression-oriented late-night raiding guild
The Epìc Crusade PvE Website Armory Bastilashan 6:00pm ST
PREMADE PvP Website Armory Saybb
Average Joes II PvE Website Armory Farky 5:30pm ST Casual Raiding Guild
Villains Requiem PvE Website Armory Benjaimn 5:00pm ST
Revelations PvE Website Armory Daddypest 5:00pm ST
Underworld PvE Website Armory Chubrock 7:00pm ST
E U L O G Y PvE Website Armory Pito 5:00pm ST Casual Raiding Guild
Demonic Whispers PvE Website Armory Taeken open Casual Guild

Horde GuildsEdit

Horde 15Horde
Guild Content Focus Website Link Armory Link GM Raid Start Notes
Ascendance PvE Website Armory Dnedia
The OCK PvE Website Armory Chopasuey 6:00pm ST
Unified PvE Website Armory Boundbyglory
Insidious Players PvE Website Armory Marikka 6:00pm ST
Monkey Business PvE Website Armory Kurros 7:00pm ST Recruiting - Casual Raiding
The Invazn PvE Website Armory Tangedyn 6:30am ST Singaporean Timezone Guild - Recruiting
with Pancakes PvE Website Armory Toast/Jotaro 5:30 ST EST Raiding / Recruiting Certain Classes
Tribal PvE/PvP Website Armory Coradwen 6:30pm ST

Note: Category "Notes" is to denote small details, i.e. "Recruiting" or "Casual" or "Hardcore" etc.

Note: ST stands for Server Time

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