Souls of FXCis a World of Warcraft guild on the US Destromath server. Souls of FXC(or FXC) was created just two months after launch and has done content progression with every release.

Present Edit

FXC is currently lead by Nienista (Holy Priest) A few officers include Kaikashi (Rogue) and Nauticaa (Shadow Priest).

Several main raiders include Dornx (Feral Druid), Draguun (Death Knight), Bmizzle (Mage), Jeski (Protection Paladin) Eleanora (Holy Paladin), Vykk(Warlock), Hookednfonix (Holy Paladin), Rabbitbutter (Hunter), Icecandy (Death Knight).

A full roster can be found Here.

Progression Edit

FXC has currently [~ttp:// downed] all 25 man content in Wrath of the Litch King and is currently working on Satharion 3 drakes.

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