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Dentarg (PvP, Europe, English) Edit

General Info Edit

[Official Dentarg Realm Forum]

Dentarg used to be a greatly populated server, but slowly lost population after cataclysm. Until cross-realm feature arrived and the server was merged together with Tarren Mill - EU. However the server population is still very low on Alliance side.

Dentarg used to be a greatly populated server, but at this point, you're lucky to log in and even find a player.

Dentarg - EU is most known for Bad Omen (Horde Guild) whom has been a high-end raiding guild on the server since Burning Crusade. Many other guilds & players migrated from Dentarg in the end of Cataclysm, for example Collision (Horde Guild) who migrated to Ragnaros among many other players.

Guild Prosperity where the first on the server to clear Molten core.

Guilds on Dentarg Edit

Alliance 32 Alliance »

Healers of Warcraft Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
No Added Sugar Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Post Mortem Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
The Filthy Few Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory

Horde 32 Horde »

Bad Omen Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory

Players on Dentarg Edit

Alliance 32 Alliance (in alphabetical order)Edit

Eldamil - 66 Human Mage

Eltar - 80 Human Paladin

Epâr - 90 Death Knight (Considered being a top PvP player on the server)

Quelius - 37 Draenei Shaman Ugarthium - 51 Dwarf Hunter (Retired to play on Arathor)

Horde 32 Horde (in alphabetical order)Edit

Aliscia - 86 Death Knight (Considered one of the last remaining players on this server)

Beardfist - 110 Warrior Battlelord of the Horde

IRC Edit

  1. Dentarg @ QuakeNet