Gruffi began on Demon Soul as Wastebasket, the Night Elf warrior. He rerolled to Demon Soul from Dark Iron Horde (as a member of Dark Iron Elites). After reconsidering his character class, Gruffi decided to rename and reroll to a Night Elf Druid. The name Gruffi was an homage to the Disney Gummi Bears TV cartoon show.

Leveling to 60, Gruffi played with several guilds before raiding with <0mega> on Alliance. Interestingly enough, this happened to be a guild filled with rerolled players from the same Dark Iron horde guild that Gruffi belonged to. He belonged to that guild, <Desire>, and later, <Veritas>, killing up to Twin Emperors before the Burning Crusade launched.

Initially, Gruffi launched his fame (infamy?) on the Demon Soul realm forums. He continues to post there to this day.

In the Burning Crusade, Gruffi belonged to a handful of PVE guilds (<Veritas>, <Genesis, & <Paradigm>) and a couple of PVP guilds (<Fey Victus> & <GG>). <Veritas> was the most progressed of these guilds, clearing up to M'uru in BC.

When Wrath of the Lich King launched, Gruffi decided to take on the task of leading a guild, reforming <Genesis II>. This guild wound up merging with Wtshealz's guild, <Lets Plan a Robbery>. Wtshealz was a former raid acquaintance of Gruffi's from <Paradigm>, and Gruffi became an officer in his guild. They raided and cleared all PVE progression content prior to Ulduar including 3D Sartharion.

Shortly after the launch of Ulduar, <Lets Plan a Robbery> merged with <Clutch> to form <Satire>. The new guild downed a couple bosses in Ulduar before folding under pressures of lack of attendance. Gruffi then joined <BOSS>, helping with an Alliance first Yogg'Saron 10man kill, and later joining <Audentia> for an Alliance first Mimiron 25 and General 25 kill.

Currently, Gruffi splits his time between playing his 80 Alliance druid, his 80 Alliance Warlock alt Birdform, and his 80 Tauren Shaman Chammy.

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