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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Residence
Fintalas Stormshield Alliance 15 Das Syndikat EU IconSmall Human Male Human Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior 80 Azeroth

General Edit

Fintalas appears as a young yet experienced soldier, usually wearing the regular armor of a knight and almost at all time the tabard of Stormwind. His hair is of darkblond color, his green eyes look usually kind but determined and the body is trained well through regular exercise. Fintalas has a charismatic appearance but is only seldom described as very handsome. His gear consists of two blades, a lance and a shield with the kingdom's lion painted on it. He is member of an order of royal knights serving Varian Wrynn that call themselves Brotherhood of the Horse in honor of the famous Knights of the first war.

Background Edit

Child of War Edit

Fintalas was born in the end of the year 4aDP at Northfold Manor, as son to the seventeen year old squire Jarodal and Varios of Northfold's daughter Enára. Varios took care over the young refugee from Azeroth, as he saw him enlisting in the Alliance military. Varios' own son being felt as a disgrace to the proud warrior - as the boy dreamed of taking up the path of a mage - planned on taking the orphaned Jarodal as his own and tought him everything he knew in the martial craft. Varios was one of the brave warriors called into the Order of the Silver Hand. Varios died in the attempts of taking Khaz Modan, covering a retreat for which he was honored with the titel "the Stormshielder", as he and his companions managed to hold off the orcish troops long enough for the rest to retreat to safety. In honor of his grandfather Fintalas uses the Title "Stormshield" as his usual surname.

A Path to Service Edit

Most of Fintalas childhood went by without interesting incidents. Jarodal and Enára settled down in the area of Stormwind and helped guarding the city while its rebuilding. Over the years they got often visited by Enára's brother Thalon, who studied at Dalaran at that time. Thalon told the young boy many stories about the power of magic and romanticized the beautiful and powerful High elves. This stories still ground Fintalas' overall mindset towards high and blood elves and his deep respect for Arcanists. Jarodal's service in the military promoted him over time to the rank of a Captain. He commanded one shift at the main gate of Stormwind. It was there, where Fintalas made his final decision on what to become in life. Fintalas met a person that changed his life. He had as usually spent some time at the guard, when a famous visitor payed the soldiers a visit. It was an impressive dwarven warrior known as Muradin Bronzebeard. He chatted a few words with the boy he encountered with the soldiers and Fintalas started to boast about his father's position. Muradin just laughed genuinly and messed up Fintalas' hair, only being slightly taller than the boy. It was then, that Fintalas decided to become a warrior like Muradin and his father.

Fintalas was toroughly trained in fighting with sword and shield and became part of the militias that guarded Stormwind at the age of seventeen. But he hungered for more. Fintalas dreamed of fighting the enemies of his kingdom. It was then, that the third war broke out. Rumors of a deadly plague and of the horde being on the move again came up in Stormwind. Fintalas' father Jarodal not knowing what awaited him had chosen that year to travel north to his mother's grave at Southshore. Jarodal became trapped when Southshore held it's ships back, fearing that they might have to evacuate. Unknown to his wife and son and without any hope to return on time, Jarodal joined the ranks of Jaina Proudmoore and her Kalimdor Expedition, hoping to return once the settlements were established or being followed if Stormwind should fall to the Undead. With almost no information and unsure of developments, King Varian held his troops back, preparing them to strike if called to arms by Lordaeron. And while Jarodal risked his life in numerous battles on Kalimdor fighting Horde and Burning Legion only to fall and disappear in the last crucial Battle of Mount Hyjal, Fintalas was sitting in Stormwind eager for fighting.

A Cometlike Rise Edit

When news of the victory at Hyal arrived in Stormwind, talking about an alliance with the Horde everybody was joyful and baffled at the same time. A few weeks later Enára and Fintalas got message of Jarodal having died heroicly in the crucial battle only leaving his journal behind. While Enára turned to the services of the Holy Light - as she had done before being a novice in her childhood - to calm her broken heart, did Fintalas lose most of his faith into the power that had done nothing to prevent his father from dieing at the defense against evil. He spent most of his time, reading his father's journal over and over again in the end knowing it by heart.

The services in the militia took away more of Fintalas time and he became a skilled fighter but still lacking real battle experiences. It was at the time, when King Varian had disappeared and Katrana Prestor did not even let the soldiers fight bandits out in the provinces that Fintalas got sick of his services. He joined the newly established Knighthood of a local nobleman Angorion, the self proclaimed Duke of Northshire. Angorion gathered promising fighters from all over the Alliance in his private Army and send them to fight local unrests in Azeroth training them for bigger missions as he planned on retaking Lordaeron. Fintalas became a squire but swiftly advanced into the full rang of a knight at the age of twenty. Despite his youth he made himself valuable to Duke Angorion and within time became his right hand man. Under the command of Angorion the Knights of Northshire assisted the attack of Scarlet Crusade and Argent Dawn unto Naxxramas. When Angorion disappeard while scouting with his brothers and some soldiers at Tirisfal, Fintalas became chief-in-command of the knights supported by the Night elven Huntress Elunera and a Draenei Mage.

Battles in Outland Edit

When the Battles at the Dark Portal broke out and Horde and Alliance moved to Outland Fintalas questioned himself if he should join the ranks of the Alliance military again. But with the Plaguelands still not being retaken he chose to try and support the Argent Dawn in their attempts to conquer footholds. It was a little bit later that time that the Knights of Northshire rejoined the ranks of Stormwind again, loosing many of their most motivated soldiers to mercenary groups. Fintalas assisted some of Stormwind's troops in the Plaguelands serving for the first time under command of Marshal Ragnor Faniar.

Shortly after that Fintalas heard about the Scryers he went to Shattrath to investigate on his own about the reasons of the conflict between Blood Elves and Alliance. He served with other mercenaries as a second wave to cleaning left-overs of enemy footholds and worked to get the Scryers to trust him. After learning of Garithos behavior before the flight of the Blood Elves to Outland, Fintalas joined the ranks of the Shattered Sun Offensive to make up for the betrayal and to defend the legendary Sunwell of his uncle's tales against the Burning Legion.

Present Day Edit

Recently, Fintalas has been assigned to serve under Marshal Ragnor Faniar and tries to recruit a chavallry segment for the regiment. He also took his rightful place at the Human Noble Council where he is often seen presenting the will of Stromgarde to the Noblemen of Stormwind and Lordaeron, that are gathered within this Council.

Together with troops from the Scarlet Order and mercenaries hired be the Dalaran Archmage Curunir Faniar's Regiment landed at Valliance Hold and fought its way to the support of Bolvar Fordragon. Being placed as reinforcement the soldiers watched in horror the betrayal of the Forsaken. They also assisted Wrynn's attack on Undercity and are now back at Stormwind waiting for new orders to be called into battle.

Fintalas was, after those events, sent to Theramore for half a year to assist the Ambassador of Stormwind there. Now, after returning to Stormwind he tries again to recruit more of the unwillig noble offsprings to join the army of Stormwind.

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