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"See to it that it is done, I do not want to keep my guild members waiting." - Beatrixstar

Beatrixstar has been one of the most famous and well-known characters in the server Darkmoon Faire in the game World of Warcraft. Although she(assuming it is a female, as the character features would suggest) is not hailed for her ability to engage in combat in the game, she is hailed for her guild running and organisational skills. Also rumours and whispers appear about her in the server, giving her an almost mystical status in Darkmoon Faire.

Overview Edit

Beatrixstar is a Night Elf hunter in the server Darkmoon Faire. She is undoubtedly most clearly noted for being the founder of the guild 'The Dominion Of Elites', but also she has been the leader of a powerful guild alliance and the center of numerous myths and controversies.

Connection to The Dominion Of Elites Edit

The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) is a popular social guild in the server Darkmoon Faire. Beatrixstar founded TDOE at the unusually low level of 10. She acquired the Guild Charter and signed with 9 other players on the 22nd December 2006 to officially create The Dominion Of Elites. TDOE was originally created with the intention of making it a closed group to personal friends of Beatrixstar only. However, after a few days it has become apparent that too many 'outside' members were already inside the guild, and the original intention was disregarded. Beatrixstar must be given most of the credit for raising TDOE to quite a comparatively successful guild, and can be given much recognition as the 'teacher' of at least 8 future Guild Masters.

RP Myths Edit

The character Beatrixstar has been subject to many myths. The following is only a small part of one of many posts concerning Beatrixstar myths found on the old website of The Dominion Of Elites. The materials included is dramatised but seems to be based on events that occurred in the game.

"Beatrixstar looked down in despair, all she had strived for, gone.

"Ah they only a bunch of drunkards, they ain't got no sense whatsoever" said Xaviter

Beatrixstar looked up, hopeful, but utterly depressed at the same time. It took her so long to forge that group. But they left, and the dream was over, it was no more.

Paulusman looked up "Looks like it's going to rain, maybe we should find some shelter?"

The remaining friends hauled Beatrixstar up and dragged her into a nearby house. All sat down, with the exception of the sad girl, and once again the focus was all on her.

"Ah cheer up gal! There more than one warrior in Azeroth! We'll find more, wait and you'll see!" said Hans with a little smile.

"It's not the same" said Beatrixstar finally "I thought they were friends, and they just scattered away when I needed them the most. I can't think of who to trust now."

Her nine companions looked away from her and gave each other nervous glances. Did they not count as friends to her?

Xaviter finally broke the silence "Well, if they ain't good enough to help ya. We will! And we gonna..."

"We will?" interrupted Cadid and Levine

"Yeah! Sure we will! And we'll do a finer job than those idiots." added Hans.

"Why don't we form a guild?" pondered Fluxotor aloud.

Everyone turned to Fluxotor with astonishment.

"That... is the best idea your brain has ever come up with!" said Levine

"Guild! Guild! Cadid loves guilds!"

Xaviter turned towards Beatrixstar "Well? Does that sound like a good idea or what? We'll even let you be the lady in charge. How's that sound to ya?"

Beatrixstar stood there open mouthed, she had never considered forming a guild. She had only read in books and scrolls about the prestige and fame that paladin guilds enjoy. But she has never even considered forming one of her own. There are so many things to do, so many questions to consider before the guild can be formed. But despite her worries, she really liked the idea.

"Count me in!" replied the fair lady. Re-energised and without a shadow of her former self.

"Hurra!" cheered everyone in the small house, with Cadid especially enthusiastic.

"Onwards! To Darnassus!" shouted Xaviter through the cacophony of celebrations.

The ten companions immediately set out for Darnassus in the drenching rain. All with high hopes and elaborate fantasies for the future, where every guild member will be happy and prosperous. Little did they know, this guild was to become the battleground for one of the biggest power struggles the people of Azeroth will ever see. And the unity that will piece together this guild will shatter at the expense of some of their lives."

- Copied from 'Tales of the Elites - Part 6' from the old website of The Dominion Of Elites

Controversy (The Alt Guilds Conundrum) Edit

One of the biggest controversies surrounding Beatrixstar is her management of a situation so called 'The Alt Guilds Conundrum'. This topic has been subject to much discussion amongst all Guild Masters who knew her and this event and opinion is split on whether it was reasonable or not to assume the result of this mistake was foreseeable.


At its peak time, The Dominion Of Elites(TDOE) was the chosen guild for 500 characters. this posed a crucial problem for Beatrixstar, as in World of Warcraft the maximum amount of characters allowed into a guild is 500. But demand for places in The Dominion Of Elites did not abate, and Beatrixstar eventually decided to create what she described as 'Alt Guild's.

Beatrixstar created 2 alt guilds to supplement The Dominion Of Elites. They were called 'The Brotherhood Of Elites'(TBOE) and 'The Order Of Elites'(TOOE), and they, along with The Dominion Of Elites, formed a 'Greater Dominion Guild'(GDG). TBOE was created for guild members who wanted raids. This amounted to approximately 250 members of the final 1000 members that was to join the GDG. TOOE was created as a beginner's guild, it only recruited members of level 20 or below and the original intention was that as soon as a TOOE member reached level 20, he/she could move to The Dominion Of Elites. This eventually amounted to approximately another 250 of the GDG's 1000 members.


There were problems instantly arising from the creation of the 'Alt Guild's. The most notable of these was the unwillingness of TBOE or TOOE members to return to TDOE once they either leave or has met the conditions that would allow them access back to TDOE. The TBOE and TOOE members grew too attached to their respective guilds to leave, and TBOE and TOOE slowly drifted away from the original intention of the GDG, to unify all member guilds but increase its capacity.

Another problem was TBOE's major inability to recruit efficiently. On average TBOE recruited only 4 members a week, that is in stark contrast to 27 per week for TDOE(if places were available for all of them to join). This problem had to be compensated by TDOE feeding TBOE with members. But due to the existing problem of TBOE members refusing to return to TDOE, the members fed to TBOE never returned to TDOE and when TBOE eventually collapsed, resulted in massive membership loss.

TOOE suffered from numerous problems also. TOOE was particularly prone to members leaving the guild. This was compensated by TDOE feeding TOOE members just like TBOE. This was just as disastrous to TDOE when TOOE eventually collapsed, losing all the members TDOE fed to it. TOOE was also the subject of what the members at the time described as 'revolving door' leadership. This factor may have contributed to the high rates of guild leaving present in TOOE at the time.


In general viewpoint, the consensus was that Beatrixstar should never have created the 'Alt Guild's. This is perhaps her biggest blunder relating to guild management of all time. The cost of 'The Alt Guilds Conundrum' is estimated to be around the region of 300 to 400 memberships to The Dominion Of Elites. Some argue that by splitting a guild into pieces the loss of members was inevitable, but on the other side, people argue that it would be impossible to tell if guild members' loyalty will hold to that degree. Either way, this blunder cost The Dominion Of Elites dearly.

Combat Skills Edit

"Why traverse this treacherous path alone when you've got escorts? ... Flatten the opposition please." - Beatrixstar at Guild Massacre

Through analysis from several viewpoints. It is mostly agreed that Beatrixstar is not one to engage in successful combat. The items equipped on her is inadequate for PvP combat and is poorly geared for bosses of instances.

However, in general, analysts believe this is due to her unwavering committment to The Dominion Of Elites. As many items she has undoubtedly attained in her travels in Azeroth better than her present gear was never equipped onto her, also the Guild Vault contains a vast selection of items that would be beneficial to her if she equips them, but she never has, unless paying for the item from the donor.

A valid reason to Beatrixstar's poor combat abilities is her dedication to her guild. It can be correct to assume that she had given more to The Dominion Of Elites than herself.

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