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The Crafting Index serves the purpose of listing known jewelcrafters by their respective items.

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Please see Dark Iron US/Enchants for the new location of enchants.

Items Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Arcane Khorium Band
Blazing Eternium Band Walrus
Braided Eternium Chain Walrus
Chain of the Twilight Owl Walrus
Circlet of Arcane Might
Coronet of Verdant Flame
Delicate Eternium Ring Walrus
Embrace of the Dawn Walrus
Eye of the Night Walrus
Heavy Felsteel Ring Walrus
Khorium Band of Frost Walrus
Khorium Band of Leaves
Khorium Band of Shadows
Khorium Inferno Band
Living Ruby Pendant Walrus
Pendant of the Null Rune Walrus
Stormy Azure Moonstone
Thick Felsteel Necklace Walrus
The Black Pearl Walrus

Living Ruby Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Bold Living Ruby Walrus
Bright Living Ruby Walrus
Delicate Living Ruby Walrus
Flashing Living Ruby Walrus
Runed Living Ruby Walrus
Subtle Living Ruby Walrus
Teardrop Living Ruby Walrus

Living Ruby "Matches a Red Socket"

Nightseye Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Balanced Nightseye
Glowing Nightseye Walrus
Infused Nightseye
Royal Nightseye Walrus
Shifting Nightseye Walrus
Sovereign Nightseye

Nightseye "Matches a Red or Blue Socket"

Star of Elune Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Lustrous Star of Elune Walrus
Solid Star of Elune Walrus
Sparkling Star of Elune Walrus
Stormy Star of Elune Walrus

Star of Elune "Matches a Blue Socket"

Talasite Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Dazzling Talasite Walrus
Enduring Talasite Walrus
Jagged Talasite Walrus
Radiant Talasite Walrus
Steady Talasite Walrus

Talasite "Matches a Yellow or Blue Socket"

Dawnstone Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Brilliant Dawnstone Walrus
Gleaming Dawnstone Walrus
Great Dawnstone Walrus
Mystic Dawnstone Walrus
Rigid Dawnstone Walrus
Smooth Dawnstone Walrus
Thick Dawnstone Walrus

Dawnstone "Matches a Yellow Socket"

Noble Topaz Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Glinting Noble Topaz Walrus
Inscribed Noble Topaz Walrus
Luminous Noble Topaz
Potent Noble Topaz Walrus
Veiled Noble Topaz Walrus
Wicked Noble Topaz

Noble Topaz "Matches a Yellow or Red Socket"

Earthstorm Diamond Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Bracing Earthstorm Diamond
Brutal Earthstorm Diamond Walrus
Insightful Earthstorm Diamond Walrus
Powerful Earthstorm Diamond Walrus
Relentless Earthstorm Diamond
Tenacious Earthstorm Diamond Walrus

Earthstorm Diamond Template:Meta Jewel

Skyfire Diamond Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Chaotic Skyfire Diamond
Destructive Skyfire Diamond Karasu, Xanor
Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond
Mystical Skyfire Diamond
Swift Skyfire Diamond
Thundering Skyfire Diamond

Skyfire Diamond Template:Meta Jewel

Inactive Crafters Edit

Alliance 15
Horde 15

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