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Meru is a player on Server:Cenarius in the Eventide guild.

  • Meru's frostbolts are so powerful they one shot frost immune mobs.
  • Meru got the world's first Kel'thuzad kill while riding on the back of Sapphiron.
  • When you get exalted with Meru, Meru kills you, aint no fool who can gain faction with Meru.
  • Meru make Chuck Norris his avatar of war.
  • Meru didn't become a Grand Marshall, he was born Grand Marshall.
  • Meru doesn't raid instances, he brings along 39 people to watch him solo.
  • Meru one shots horde with Fireball rank 1.
  • Meru got to Rank 15, then promptly removed it.
  • Meru is both the Unstoppable Force and the Unmovable Object.
  • Meru gives money to mobs so they will drop it for others.
  • Meru has full Frostfire, he was deemed cruel and unusal punishment in Battlgrounds, so he downgraded.
  • Meru created the Mage class.
  • Meru threatened to blast Blizzard with a Fireball if they didn't make a caster legendary, thus was born Atiesh.
  • Meru is the reason Ragnaros submerges.
  • Meru doesn't need Fire Resist for Ragnaros, Ragnaros uses Frost Resist gear against Meru.
  • Meru created the shield around Dalaran.
  • Meru doesn't like people, don't get on his bad side.
  • You live only because Meru lets you.
  • Meru was Malygos's mentor.
  • Meru's spells are all instant cast because he once activated Presence of Mind and realized his was permanent.
  • Meru vendored his Atiesh.
  • Meru can execute, he calls it Frostbolt rank 1.
  • Meru can Ice Block other people...permanently.
  • Meru doesn't die, he Feigns Death to make you feel better.
  • Meru is a one man guild but he graces us with his presence.
  • Meru auto shot crit Slaughterer for 10k.
  • Meru kited Naxxramas to Vael's room and AOEd it down.
  • When Vael attempted to cast Burning Addrenaline on Meru he got the error "A more powerful spell is already active."
  • Meru can dual wield staves, but to be gracious, he doesn't.
  • When Meru AFK's out of a Battle Ground, YOU get the deserter buff.
  • In the beginning there was Meru.
  • When Meru kills a player, they die.... permanently.
  • The Titan's left Azeroth because Meru told them to GTFO.
  • Meru knows this page sucks.

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