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Bigorotting (Bigo Rottingbum) is a gnome warlock on Cenarion Circle.

Pre-Gnomeregan Edit

As a child, Bigo had loving parents and aspirations of becoming a weapons engineer like his father, Buppi Rottingbum. Ironically, he was a pacifist, relying on his mother to take care of his troubles. Demonic forces were beginning to call out to him, very gradually eroding his good nature. Nobody, not even Bigo, noticed it.

At the age of 19, he had a relationship with one Cathri Bangfizzle, another gnome. However, when the relationship became sexual, her father sent her away to Stratholme (while she was bearing Bigo's child.)

Siabo Blackgear, another weapons technician began to teach Bigo about how weapons were not meant to be merciful. He began making weapons of mass destruction instead of the non lethal weapons he had made before.

By the age of 24, Bigo was by far the most feared gnome in the Weapons Factories of Gnomeregan. He had began working on a larger gnomish death ray that could "rip through enemy battlements like a goblin chainsaw through a man's flesh." Bigo's mother, Mitla Rottingbum, accidentally activated the prototype and was killed by it. His father immediately blamed Bigo for her death.

After Gnomeregan Edit

During the disaster, Bigo's war factory in Gnomeregan was destroyed by Troggs, along with several of Bigo's greatest weapons. His father, blinded by grief, began blaming him for the gnomeregan disaster, saying that the doomsday weapons somehow attracted the trogg invasion. Bigo did not snap until he learned that his 10,000 gold worth of Assets had been destroyed by the Tauren, rebuilt and stolen by the Venture Co. whom also undercut his machine shop buisiness in Ironforge. After Buppi ranted about how he regretted having him as a son, Bigo snapped and killed his father in public. He was then arrested, but later released into Morok Firebelch's custody with hopes of rehabilitation... yeah right...

Rise to Power Edit

When he was strong enough to leave the Eastern Kingdoms, Bigo made his way to Ratchet where he began construction of a small laboratory beneath Ratchet's inn. Here he plotted his revenge and built more weapons. From time to time he would go to Stonetalon Mountains to attack the Venture Company, sometimes taking prisoners.

The Venture Co. had been knocked down in Kalimdor. In time they would rebuild, but for a time all they could do is bury the piles of dead.

Still hungry for revenge, Bigo returned to Gnomeregan to kill the original Mekgineer Thermaplugg and take his skull as a trophy. Unfortunately for him, Mekigneer was cloned... not that Bigo cared, he killed the original, after all...

Diabolism Edit

For reasons that have yet to be explained, Bigo lost control of the denizens of the Burning Legion, leaving him powerless. He fell on his knees on the ice of Iceflow Lake, facing Blackrock Mountain, calling out for another power source. As if hearing his cry, a dark iron devil lead Bigo to Caer Darrow, then knocked him unconscious, leaving the very first Barag Kron in his lap. The knowledge in the Barag Kron allowed Bigo to convert to Diabolism, allowing him to control demons completely... and willingly.

Personality Edit

The Living Bigo is not as relaxed as the Undead Bigo. He does feel an attraction to women, but he is obsessed with murdering his enemies and gaining more power (Political or Otherwise). He does not use the "fun" schemes of destruction as the undead Bhiggo does, as he "just wants to see the enemy die. Nothing fancy, just a slow death."

Hated groups/races Edit

Someone as hateful as Bigo has vendettas against many races and groups of Azeroth, and hopes to one day exterimate them.

  • Venture Co.: For trying to drive his machine shop out of buisiness and stealing his assets in Kalimdor.
  • Tauren: Since it was tauren that destroyed his assets to begin with, Bigo assumes all tauren, whether they are Bloodhoof, Grimtotem, or otherwise, to be his enemies.
  • The Troggs: For the destruction of Gnomeregan and the slaughter of the Rottingbum Family.
  • Dark Irons: Guilty by Association to the Troggs, also presumed to be the true culprit behind Gnomeregan.
  • The Scarlet Crusade: Summons to the Scarlet Monastery were seen by Bigo as a deliberate attempt to disrupt his "rest and relaxation" in Desolace.
  • The Cenarion Circle: Griff Battlebaron, Bigo's Diabolic Power Source, tells him that the Cenarion Circle must be eliminated, therefore Bigo blindly obeys.

Lifetime Goals Edit

  • Exact revenge on Emperor Dagran Thaurissan.
  • Completely Annihilate the Trogg Race.
  • Completely Annihilate the Dark Iron Dwarves.
  • Completely Annihilate the Venture Company.
  • Completely Annihilate the Tauren.
  • Completely Annihilate the Scarlet Crusade.
  • Completely Annihilate the Cenarion Circle.

Failed Goals/Given Up

  • Obtain the Dreadmist Raiment. The player decided that the Dreadmist Robe was not worth the frustration of trying to get the key to UBRS.
  • Acheive total global domination. After much consideration, Bhiggo decided he would simply settle for a defeated Emporer Dargan Thaurissan.

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