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This article is a realm page for the Caelestrasz US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Caelestrasz is a medium population oceanic server of the Bloodlust battlegroup. It was originally opened on the 20th of December 2007 for transfers only, from Nagrand, Dath'Remar and Aman'Thul. It was the 5th official PvE server for the oceanic community.

Caelestrasz is named after the ancient Red Dragon Caelestrasz a child of Alexstrasza. Caelestrasz the NPC can be found in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj in the form of a night elf, taken captive by the Qiraji alongside Arygos and Merithra.

Main Playing TimesEdit

Caelestrasz, being an oceanic server, is generally for players in the GMT+10 (AEST) timezone. It is mainly populated by Australian players and others around the Oceanic region. It also contains a strong US player base.

Most guilds will begin their raids around 6:00PM - 9:00PM server time. This equates to:


6:00PM - 9:00PM AUS Eastern Standard Time     (AEST)
5:30PM - 8:30PM AUS Central Standard Time     (ACST)
5:00PM - 8:00PM AUS West-Cent Standard Time   (AWCST)
4:00PM - 7:00PM AUS Western Standard Time     (AWST)

United States

1:00AM - 4:00AM US Pacific Standard Time      (PST)
2:00AM - 5:00AM US Mountain Standard Time     (MST)
3:00AM - 6:00AM US Central Standard Time      (CST)
4:00AM - 7:00AM US Eastern Standard Time      (EST)

Estimated PopulaceEdit

Total: 22,231 characters
Total Alliance: 17,869 - 80%
Total Horde: 4,362 - 20%
Alliance 15 vs Horde 15 Ratio: 4.1:1
Alliance 15 vs Horde 15 Activity ratio: 1.5:1

Note: Statistics above are based on a [1] accurate as of 3-10-2010 and should be considered approximate only.

Server TransfersEdit


Aman'Thul -> Caelestrasz - Dec 2007/Jan 2008

Nagrand -> Caelestrasz - Dec 2007/Jan 2008

Dath'Remar -> Caelestrasz - Dec 2007/Jan 2008

Khaz'Goroth -> Caelestrasz - Jan 2008


Caelestrasz -> Saurfang - November 2008/Jan2009

Server FirstsEdit

Legendary Loot Edit

[Warglaive of Azzinoth]

(Off Hand) - Deadlynewb (SOS) - 30/03/2008

(Main Hand) - Deadlynewb (SOS) - 10/04/2008

(Main Hand) - Miyagi (SOS) - 08/05/2008

(Off Hand) - Miyagi (SOS) - ??/??/2008

(Off Hand) - Steevo (Absolution) - 11/05/2008

(Off Hand) - Yasha (Warlord) - 14/07/2008

(Main Hand) - Sennan (Sacrificed) - 14/07/2008

(Off Hand) - Sennan (Sacrificed) - 07/08/2008

[Thor'idal, the Stars' Fury]

(Bow) - Kathoon (Despised) - 09/11/2008

Raid Achievements Edit

Wrath of the Lich King

Sartharion the Onyx Guardian - Inexorable - 22/11/2008

Kel'Thuzad - Inexorable - 26/11/2008

Malygos - Inexorable - 27/11/2008

Sartharion the Onyx Guardian (with 3 drakes) - Inexorable - 21/12/2008

The Burning Crusade

Zul'Aman Timed Event (Bear Mount) - Sacrificed - 27/04/2008

Lady Vashj - Epitaph - 14/01/2008

Kael'Thas Sunstrider - Absolution - 30/12/2007

Archimonde - SOS - 20/01/2008

Illidan Stormrage - SOS - 03/03/2008

Kil'jaeden - SOS - 23/10/2008


Top 5 Guilds Edit

Naxxramas (Kel'thuzad) Obsidian Sanctum (Sartharion) Eye of Eternity (Malygos)
Inexorable Cleared S3 Cleared
Warlord Cleared S3 Cleared
Epitaph Cleared S3 Cleared
SOS Cleared S2 Cleared
Distortion Cleared S2 Cleared

Last Updated: 11/01/09

Progression table taken from Barthilas Wiki

Progression will only be updated with regard to Heroic (25 man) raids, and will not include Normal (10 man) progression.

For server progression information as well as a guild listing, visit the 'Server Information & Progression Thread' (here).

Note that the progression threads HAVE been updated since the 3.0.2 patch. The progression table has also been changed to facilitate the release of the WOTLK expansion pack.

Guild ListingEdit

Alliance 32 Alliance »

Ascended Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
As One Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Brutal Deluxe Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
The Dark Within Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Distortion Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Eats Roots and Leaves Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Ex Tenebra Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Evölution Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Fluffy Pink Drop Bears Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Light of the Phoenix Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Phoenix Guardians Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Premade Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Solaris Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
SOS Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Treason Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Warlord Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory

Horde 32 Horde »

Aurea Mediocritas Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Cool Whip Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Demonic Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Destined for Glory Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Epilogue Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Epitaph Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Fiendish Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Inexorable Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
is in Purgatory Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Numero Uno Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Quit Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Sacrificed Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Shadows of Carnage Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Sinful Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Something Unique Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Southern Armada Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Spank Me Pink Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Srs Bsns Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Inertia Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory

Notable Server Events Edit

December 20 at 12:01 PM PDTServer opened for Free Character transfer.

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