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This article is a realm page for the Burning Blade US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Battlegroup info
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PvPBurning Blade
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Burning Blade Government

Warchief of Waffles - Eggo

Burning Blade Mascot - Mootwo

President - Babaracus

Monica Lewinsky - Jhect

Vice President - Ianto

First Bitch - Vixie

First Man - Hooplah

Secretary of the State - Kittikat

Secretary of Defense - Borbei

Speaker of the House - Nagolgnik

Joint Chiefs - Kardia, Scumdog, MikeyB, Cramerr, Bloodboiler

Senators - Turog/Yakov, Lib, Redundant, Kevblood

House of Representatives - Enst, Eagleclaw, Duskmourn, Cramerr as well as the leaders of every respected guild

Secretary of Agriculture - Deadlanguage

Secret Service (aka kill people) - Xeekik

Secretary to the Secretary of Secretaries - Valermos

Secretary of Foreign Affairs - Terenus

Secretary of the First Bitch and Ianto's Internal Affairs - Hinnata

Secretary of Homeland Security - Zidash

President Pro Tempore of the Senate - Pharsyde

Secretary of Transportation - Achilles

Director of the FBI - Shadowfriend

The Supreme Court and High Council of Trolls: Babaracus, Vixie, Mootwo, Ianto, Xeekik, Borbei, Kittikat, Nagolgnik, Hivpos


Updated as of: Sep 11, 2007 (From: Burning Blade US Forum)

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  • Denied Society - web
  • High Council - web
  • Iron Men - Reformed as unholy dynasty
  • Legends - web
  • Manifest Destiny - web
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  • Necessary Sacrifice - [ web]
  • Seekers Of Truth - web
  • Survival - web
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Horde 32 Horde »

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The Burning Blade Guild Progression

The following tables represent the progression of the server. The bosses listed are the bosses that each guild has downed not the bosses that they are currently working on.

Italics indicates that the guild killed the bosses out of order and has only killed the bosses listed.

To have your guild added or updated, or if you notice a mistake please:

a. Add or update your guild manually. (Please make sure you know what you are doing, please do not destroy the template.)

b. Post on this Burning Blade forum thread.



At the end of the table, you will see a column called DKP, with a value for every guild next to it. This is Dragon Kill Points - Every time you kill a boss, you will earn points on this listing. Final bosses are worth more than other bosses. Hopefully this will help prevent "Boss A is harder than Boss B, so Guild C should be higher up in the listing" issues.

Gruul's Lair (Level 65-68), Blade's Edge Mountains - Total Points: 30

  • High King Maulgar - 10 Points
  • Gruul - 20 Points

Magtheridon's Lair (Level 70), Hellfire Peninsula - total Points 20

  • Magtheridon - 20 points

Serpentshrine Cavern (Level 70), Zangarmarsh - Total Points 130

  • Hydross the Unstable - 20 Points
  • The Lurker Below - 20 Points
  • Leotheras the Blind - 20 Points
  • Fathom-Lord Karathress - 20 Points
  • Morogrim Tidewalker - 20 Points
  • Lady Vashj - 30 Points

The Eye (Level 70), Netherstorm - Total Points 95

  • Void Reaver - 20 Points
  • Al'ar (Phoenix God) - 20 Points
  • High Astromancer Solarian - 20 Points
  • Kael'thas Sunstrider - 35 Points

Battle for Mount Hyjal (Level 70), Tanaris (Caverns of Time) - Total Points 165

  • Rage Winterchill - 30 Points
  • Anetheron - 30 Points
  • Kaz'rogal - 30 Points
  • Azgalor - 30 Points
  • Archimonde - 45 Points

The Black Temple (Level 70), Shadowmoon Valley - Total Points 380

  • High Warlord Naj'entus - 40 Points
  • Supremus - 40 Points
  • Gurtogg Bloodboil - 40 Points
  • Teron Gorefiend - 40 Points
  • Shade of Akama - 40 Points
  • Reliquary of Souls - 40 Points
  • Mother Shahraz - 40 Points
  • Illidari Council - 40 Points
  • Illidan Stormrage - 60 Points

Sunwell Plateau (Level 70), Isle of Quel'Danas - Total Points 325

  • Kalecgos - 50 Points
  • Brutallus - 50 Points
  • Felmyst - 50 Points
  • Eredar Twins - 50 Points
  • M'uru - 50 Points
  • Kil'jaeden - 75 Points

Outdoor Raid Bosses

  • Doom Lord Kazzak, Hellfire Peninsula - 5pts
  • Doomwalker, Shadowmoon Valley - 10pts

25 Man Raid Dungeons


Gruul's Lair & Magtheridon

Serpentshrine Cavern

The Eye

Mount Hyjal

The Black Temple

Sunwell Plateau

Outdoor Raid Boss

Guild Progress

Guild Spid Cons Mili Plag Frst Sarth Malygos BKP

Official horde mini-iconUnholy Trinity MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH3 MALYGOS 125
Official alliance mini-iconManifest Destiny MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH3 MALYGOS 125

Official horde mini-iconAegis of Fire MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH3 MALYGOS 125

Official horde mini-iconBANGARANG MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH3 MALYGOS 125

Official horde mini-iconThe Core MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH2 MALYGOS 120

Official alliance mini-iconDemise MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH2 MALYGOS 120

Official horde mini-iconHero MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH2 MALYGOS 120

Official alliance mini-iconNethergard Watch MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH1 MALYGOS 115

Official alliance mini-iconPankeks MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH1 MALYGOS 115

Official horde mini-icon(LOL)The Fallen MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH MALYGOS 110

Official alliance mini-iconVaders Fist MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH1 95

Official alliance mini-iconThe Galaxy Aces MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH 90

Official horde mini-iconMerciless MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH 90

Official horde mini-iconMyths MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH 90

Official horde mini-iconStrength In Numbers MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH 90

Official horde mini-iconDrunk and Dishorderly MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH 90

Official alliance mini-iconDenied Society MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH 90

Official alliance mini-iconSurvival MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH 90

Official horde mini-iconFallen Kings MX THAD 4HM LTH KT SARTH 90

Official alliance mini-icon Alliance

Killed: Rag, Nefarian, C'Thun, Naxxramas boss kills: 11
Killed: Rag, Nefarian, C'Thun, Naxxramas boss kills: 8
Killed: Rag, Nefarian, C'Thun, Naxxramas boss kills: 7
Killed: Rag, Nefarian, Twin Emperors, Naxxramas boss kills: 3
The Family Business:
Killed: Rag, Nefarian, C'Thun, Naxxramas boss kills: 2
Killed: Rag, Nefarian, C'thun, Naxxramas boss kills: 1
Killed: Rag, Nefarian, Huhuran
Cessation/Nethergard Watch/Exodus of Light:
Killed: Rag, Nefarian
Killed: Rag, Nefarian
Killed: Rag, Nefarian, Skeram
Denied Society:
Killed: Ragnaros, Chromaggus
Killed: Nefarian, Ragnaros, Skeram
The Asylum/Dark Dream:
Killed: Nefarian, Ragnaros


BC Progress
Archimonde, Illidan
Archimonde, Illidan
Vashj prenurf
Manifest Destiny
Archimonde, Illidari Council
The Family Business:
Azgalor, Teron

Official horde mini-icon Horde

Art of War:
Killed: Rag, Nef, C'thun, Naxxramas boss kills: 6
Killed: Rag, Nefarian, Twin Emperors
Killed: Rag, Nefarian, Huhuran
Killed: Rag, Nefarian, Fankriss
Band of Brotherz:
Killed: Rag, Nefarian, Fankriss
Killed: Rag, Nefarian, Fankriss
The Fallen:
Killed: Rag, Chromaggus
Killed: Rag, Flamegor
Decendants of Tyranny:
Killed: Rag, Vaelastraz
Killed: Rag, Firemaw, Nightbane, Gruul, Magtheridon, Morogrim Tidewalker (3)

Official horde mini-icon Horde

BC progress
Aegis of Fire:
Archimonde, Illidan
Archimonde, Reliquary of Souls
Unholy Trinity:
Archimonde, Gurtogg
Kaz'Rogal, Akama

Burning Blade Videos

Greengoo meets Orgrimmar:

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aof vs battle guard sartura -

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Annihilate nef kill video:

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