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Realm InformationEdit

Serverstatus  Bronzebeard Europe (PvE)

Battlegroup info
Spell holy blessingofstrengthBattlegroup »
Reckoning (EN) »

EU-Bronzebeard is a medium-population European normal realm. The server has a 93 / 7% (34 : 1) ratio of Alliance/Horde,The most popular class is Paladin with 14% of the server population. The least popular classes are Rogue (7%) and Warlock (7%).

Magni Wei

Magni Bronzebeard

Realm Forum Edit

Active Guilds Edit

Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15 Horde

Non Active Guilds Edit

Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15 Horde
  • Angels From Hell
  • In Progress. april 6 2010
  • FiveVectors
  • Angels From Hell
  • A murloc stole my gear
  • Driven
  • Innuendo
  • Russian Guild
  • Solution
  • In Progress. april 6 2010

Bronzebeard Europe race chart
(Census data provided by

Players Edit

Horde Edit

  • Ares - The first Rank 14 player and first (proper) level 60 on Bronzebeard.

Alliance Edit

  • Saladin - Along with Ares the first Rank 14 player on Bronzebeard.
  • Zajklon - The first player to get Gladiator.

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