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(Updated 10/15/2007)

The following FAQ will hopefully answer any questions you have about making the jump to Blood Furnace:

1. Is Blood Furnace a dying server?
No, Blood Furnace is as vibrant as ever. The server is growing stronger as more Alliance transfer/reroll on Blood Furnace every day for the reasons stated here.

2. Didn’t all your best people transfer off?
Not at all. Although several skilled people transferred off the server, the core players on Blood Furnace aren’t going anywhere. Rather than abandon the server, we are trying to build Blood Furnace into the best PVP server in the Battlegroup.

3. How is your economy?
While not as vigorous as a high population server, the Blood Furnace economy is excellent and getting better every day. Prices are usually at or below average prices on high population servers. There is plenty of money in circulation, so transfers with rare enchants and epic recipes can make some serious coin.

4. Does Alliance win in the Battlegrounds?
Our Level 70 premades steamroll the Horde PUGs and (usually) premades. Alliance PUGs usually win 50% of the time in AV, AB, WSG and EoS.

5. Are there guilds for lowbies so I won't have to level all alone/solo?
Yes. Our Level 10-60 population is over 2,800 and growing every day. Log on with an alt and type /who, and you will see plenty of people at each of the lower-to-mid level brackets. Infusion, Get Rich or Die Grinding, Wiseguys, Salvation, and Doom Legion are large established guilds of players mostly under level 60.

6. If I transfer my 70, will there be groups for me?
Yes. We have several active Level 70 guilds that are always looking for new members or PUGs to fill out their instance runs. If you are a raider, check out Conceited, Addiction, Inquisition, Memento Mori, or No Dergens.

7. Can I get a care package (free bags, money, etc. . .) if I reroll here?
There are several high-level players who are helping the new arrivals with care packages and instance runs. However, we don't want people who are just looking for handouts. We want people who are willing to work hard to succeed. Those are the kind of people that will help build a great PVP and raiding playerbase.

8. Is it hard to find groups?
Not at all. Groups are available at every level and are very active on Alliance side. Since we are currently a low-pop server, it may take a little longer to find groups in the major cities since most people are out leveling and questing. Using /who and the Looking for Group feature makes finding groups much easier.

9. What classes do you need?
All classes are welcome, but priests, shaman, warlocks and druids are the highest “need.”

10. What makes your server better than any other low-pop server?
The people of Blood Furnace are passionate about PVP and building our server into a medium-pop server that is the best in the Battlegroup. We are the only server that has made such a major effort to recruit people, so you know the players here are dedicated.


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