Please feel free to edit this wiki only to add in Alliance Character names on Bleeding Hollow who have these patterns.
Please link wow armory of the character as to help with identification.
This will help with finding the correct character player and their current guild as many character names include alt codes.
This was the most recent update I could find at time of post please update it to include any changes to keep it current.

To add character armory links simply copy paste "[ CharacterName]" insert server name and character name where shown. Remember to use a ":" on new lines for indentation purposes. You can also copy paste the url from the wowarmory and then add the brackets[ ] around it.


Sgtbignose, Aestu
Sgtbignose, Agny, Corus, Aestu
Crystál, Sgtbignose, Aestu
Flitt, Xeyer, Flitt, Aestu
Agny, Sgtbignose, Flitt, Aestu
Aethera, Corus, Flitt, Aestu


Greylock, Rayzel, Handofdoom, Mazeltov, Zeemusv, Narffius, Ovilisk, Isamoo
Venatio, Nagap, Narffius, Arcaney, Isamoo


Buhkil, Andrill, Trista, Farbe, Noxxia
Eldsh, Noxxia, Furiousb, Shaefaerie
Decoris, Noxxia, Buhkil, Daykine, Farbe
Farbe, Noxxia
Buhkil, Furiousb, Noxxia
Buhkil, Karduss, Furiousb. Talindra, Farbe, Noxxia
Daykine, Furiousb, Buhkil, Noxxia
Principa, Buhkil, Shaefaerie, Farbe, Noxxia


Akiina, Seribus, Purpledrink, Tiandrad, Pohbear, Bryz, Farbe
Pohbear, Tiandrad. Seribus, Bryz, Akiina, Farbe
Seribus, Olock, Curagon, Pohbear, Ipwnfaces
Curagon, Tiandrad, Ipwnfaces, Bryz, Pohbear, Seribus

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