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Blade's Edge Guild Directory  

In order to be listed in the following guild directory a guild must have at least 20 characters and at least 10 level 80 characters. This is no way suggests that guilds not reaching these requirements are invalid but attempting to list every registered micro guild on the server is a near endless task.

Guild Directory
Guild Website Link Armory Link GM
Addicted - Armory Rainne
and Two Stealthed Rogues - Armory Willwray
Angel of Death - Armory Judicial
BlackMarket Horde Website Armory Prettyinblue
Blood Bath and Beyond Website Armory Sauncha
Cavaliers of Virtue Website Armory Thaxtin
Centurions Website Armory Zephryk
Dark Horizon Website Armory Phatsappy
Dark Sacred Knights Website Armory Arc
Death Dealers Website Armory Vilencia
Deaths Embrace - Armory Lanakia
Divinus Vox Website Armory Rojodiablo
Dragon Riders of Krynn - Armory Quinlaxle
Dream Team Website Armory Gremz
Electric Sheep Website Armory Adimaul
Ferocitas Website Armory Woebringer
Flavor of the weak - Armory Pickme
HORDE ARMY Website Armory Ortessa
I Hate This Guild Website Armory Klezelberq
Inspiration Website Armory Nesaiana
Insurrection - Armory Razormane
Killér Instinct Website Armory Nutarius
Kingdom of Eternity - Armory Onecrusher
Legacy Website Armory Anarchy
Legion of Boom - Armory Thangerunn
Los Chupacabras Website Armory Dozo
Martyr Website Armory Eviljello
Mind Ya Manas - Armory Northpole
Mixed Nutz Website Armory  ?
Monolithical Website Armory Camoiris
Mutiny - Armory Zeava
Mystic Lairds - Armory Andronnai
Oblivion Website Armory  ?
Order of the Valkrie Website Armory Trancephyre
Ouroboros Website Armory Grindsgirl
Pantheon Website Armory Callith
Phase Two Website Armory Rorg
Raiders of the Short Bus Website Armory Çaedus
Rockjaw Website Armory Siegfreid
R U N E Website Armory Lasciel
Sacrilege Website Armory Arkom
saints of damnation - Armory Whitearrow
Sanguine Addiction Website Armory Deidriana
Shadow Warriors Website Armory Kaysien
Solstice - Armory Bugbee
Sovereign Entity - Armory Banderwolf
Subversion Website Armory Halynn
The Crew - Armory Kevoogre
The Enlightened Order - Armory Sosen
The Krew Website Armory Drynnae
Thirteenth Legion - Armory Larcener
Too Olde Website Armory Garrard
Valkyrie Website Armory Leyar
Victory not Loot - Armory Dolicoja
Violent Intent - Armory Trojanpally
Voracity Website Armory Shelmann
Wandering Monsters Websites Armory Alakhai
Worse Than Death - Armory Melaelina
Champions of Stormwind Websites Armory Chancy

Arena Ladders

Blade's Edge

Battlegroup: Retaliation

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