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Ithan Stormcrow Blood Elf Mage Edit

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Ithan Horde 15 Blackwater Raiders IconSmall BloodElf2 Male Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Mage 64 Ironhoof Infantry 7
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Sex: Male
Age: 153
Height: 5'8
Weight/Build: 132 / Average
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Mane
Eye Color: Green, made from Jade Stone
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Early Life Edit

Born in a brothel in Dalaran from a whore mother and an unknown father, Ithan was the lovechild of one of his mother's clients. When she was not with another customer, she was nursing her son and raising him and when she was, another one of the women there raised Ithan. Soon he became the child of every woman in that brothel, and loved dearly. At age 12, Ithan's mother had used every cent she earned since his birth to enter him into the Dalaran Magic Academy. With a tearful goodbye, the two seperated and never saw each other again.

In the Academy, Ithan became friends with Gerrik Dragonis, who was two years his junior. The shy blood elf boy Ithan called Gerry was studying the dark arts while Ithan delved into the arcane. During the Second War, Ithan had witnessed only one battle; the battle when the Archmagi of Dalaran took down the Black Aspect, Nethalrion the Earth Warder (Better known as Deathwing), and he watched the great behemoth fall into Lordamere Lake. Ithan had also studied several times with Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider of Silvermoon but he never did get much conversation out of the prince, who's thoughts were always of Miss Jaina Proudmoore, betrothed to Prince Arthas Menethil.

During the Aftermath of the Second War, Ithan had graduated from the Academy of Dalaran and set off on his own. While en-route to Trisfal Glades, he was ambushed by a female Warlock human who kidnapped him and took him to a secret location to this day Ithan does not know. There she tortured, raped and abused Ithan for three months without end. She never tired of her work and enjoyed hearing his screams and pleas to stop. She had used Ithan's own magic against him, resulting in his current gnarled form. Eventually Ithan was rescued by a patrol of Blood Knights, who imprisoned and later executed the Warlock for harming one of their kinsmen.

Ten years of intensive care in Dalaran Ithan spent, the priests never being able to mend his wounds without causing him extreme pain. The wounds were cursed to be as strong as Ithan was, and he had much potential back then. When the Third War started and Silvermoon was invaded, Ithan recieved word that within his ten year coma, his mother moved to Silvermoon to get new clients, and she perished in the invasion. Crushed, Ithan wandered around for a time, honing his skills with his magic.

World Of Warcraft Edit

Ithan's seven years of training eventually paid off when he met up with his old friend Gerrik again, and the two helped cleanse a bit of the Scourge from Quel'Thalas. Eventually Ithan started up a school called the Stormcrow Academy to teach young minds to harness their control over magic, but it was short-lived. He found out that most, if not all of his students had abandoned his academy. A darkness welled up in Ithan and he hunted down and killed all of his students save two, both Priests who were his star students; Iriti and Aschley. However, due to his rampage, Ithan's magic caused a feedback loop which robbed him of his eyesight, making his eyes useless.

He had to learn to see using his magic, it wasn't the same as regular sight but it could potentially be better in the right situations, he was able to see the life force of everything around him. He fell in love with one of Radin's daughters and they married. Not long after that, he recieved a letter in the mail with his wife's head in it. Incensed, Ithan spent the next year hunting for the person who murdered his wife. Eventually one of her sisters admitted to doing it because the Lich King told her to. Ithan tortured her brutally and then let her go, unable to kill family.

During his hunt for his wife's killer, Ithan was gravely wounded by some Alliance attacking Bloodhoof Village, Ithan defended the little hovel and the Tauren noticed his bravery and carried him back to Thunder Bluff and treated his wounds. When Ithan mended, he swore a blood debt to the Tauren of Mulgore and even adopted their culture as his own. He ceased to worship the Light and instead prayed to the Earthmother.

Ithan was also given new eyes in Undercity by a mage named Kaean who crafted new ones out of Jade stone and removed his old ones. It wasn't a pleasant sight to anyone who witnessed the spectacle. Ithan was still blinded though, and used his magic sight again.

Eventually Ithan fell in love again with a woman named Dalynia Shadowsong. The two married and settled in the Hinterlands for a time, until Ithan went on a spirit journey with the Tauren to the Emerald Dream for two months. When he returned, Ithan met up with Dalynia again and she took him to a house in Orgrimmar and used her Warlock powers to restore Ithan's sight, after his constant insistence. And upon his sight returning, she revealed that she had found someone else, not thinking Ithan would ever return. Heartbroken, angry and confused, Ithan went onto another hunt, this time to kill his former wife, Dalynia.

He found her, and tortured her but did not kill her. Instead he declared her dead to him and left, his heart heavy and his mind in turmoil. Then Ithan came upon the people of the Hellfire Club who took the indignant Elf in as one of their own. There he found friends, made enemies and got a reputation as an Elf with an inflated view of himself. Others respected him as an accomplished man who had seen so much bloodshed in his life it numbed him to much else.

When the schism of the Hellfire Club occured, Ithan was once again on his own, until he finally met up again with one of his former students, Aschley. She was like him and numbed herself to love due to many failed relationships. Though Ithan managed to convince her to give him a chance and she did, now they have had a good relationship, though distanced for a while.

Ithan finally met up with Codarn of the Ironhoof Infantry who recruited the veteran mage into their ranks.

Personality and Traits Edit

Ithan Stormcrow is average height and weighs the average a Blood Elf should have. His physical form is not that imposing to others. At first glance, he would seem like any other Blood Elf; Long blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin and delicate features but upon closer inspection, his eyes are not normal eyes. They seem to be made of cut jade stone, with red slits to indicate where the pupils would be. His body underneath the robes is a gnarled mess of varying degrees of burns and scars that map his entire form save for his face.

The scars that dot his body were procured from his own magic being used to torture him by an evil warlock years ago. His hands have the least visible ones, all the scars there are small and faded but as one progresses up his arms, the scars become more defined, deeper and wider the higher one goes. When one reaches his torso, it is a most grotesque sight to some, his chest and back are littered with huge, deep, jagged scars that look like lightning raked his body. Then one reaches his hips and legs, some of the scarring isn't as bad but there is more of them, making his legs look gnarled at a distance, like a twisted tree bough of meat and flesh.

The burns are less numerous but most of the burns are at his feet and calves, as if he was going to be burned at the stake. There are a few burns on his torso, mostly on his back, leaving blackened ash marks on his scars.

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