Anderz Flamesbelt Edit

Anderz Flamesbelt is a Player Character on the Blackwater Raiders (RP) server.

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Anderz Flamesbelt Alliance 15 Blackwater Raiders US IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior ?? The Blood Alliance
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank


Full name: Anderz Flamesbelt (formally known as Andy Mulligan)
In-game name: Anderz
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 21
Class: Warrior
Professions: Blacksmithing, Mining

Personality Edit

Anderz is a normally calm human. But, like many humans, has a short temper and has no desire to be affiliated with morons. No matter what the excuse, or race. His short temper has led to many conflicts in the past, as well as acts of heroism. These range from being branded a criminal in the eyes of the law and risking his life in order to protect those who thought adventuring was just a game. While he treats most people he meets as if they are unimportant or worthless, he would risk his life to save them if the need arose. Due to his personality, he can be either a great ally, or a horrible enemy.

The Quest Edit

Anderz was a young lad, new to the world. Used to a sheltered life, he had never ventured beyond the safety of the church that had become his home. However, as he grew older, life began to grow dull, spending his teenage years stuck inside a desolate, slowly decaying church took its toll on the young Anderz. Eager to venture into the world of Azeroth, he took up his sword his father left him before he left to fight a great war, one that Anderz would never forget, for it took his guardian, his teacher and more importantly, his friend from him.

After many hours of preparation, he was ready to begin his journey. Where to though? What would he do on this quest? After long thought, and no closure, Anderz decided to find the answers that eluded him for so long, to find the whereabouts, or remains, of his father. After traveling for weeks, Anderz managed to reach Goldshire, a small town South of the abbey he grew up in. As he walked into town, he saw that the small town was more bustling then he would have thought, many people out in the street, smiling and celebrating nothing. A older gentleman was patrolling the town. He looked over at Anderz, and a look of disbelief came across his face, he rushed to Anderz as if they knew each other.

"Anderz? Anderz, is that you? My god, you've grown up so much. It has been ages since I've seen you. How are you?" the gentleman said.

"Sir, do I.... know you?" Anderz said with a confused look on his face.

"Oh, you probably don't remember me, I was your fathers friend, we were.... in the war together...." a look of sadness fell upon his face.

"My father? You knew him?.... I take it, he isn't alive anymore.... PLEASE, tell me, were does he rest, I must know." Anderz urged the man to continue.

"Your father rests in Serpentshrine Cavern, but Anderz, heed my warning, you musn't go there. Terrible monsters have taken over that place now. Your father, he-" suddenly, the man was interupted by a loud ringing. "Damn, Anderz, I have to go, it appears that they're back again. Stay safe Anderz...." the man glanced back as he ran off.

"They?" Anderz muttered to himself, but let go of it as the bells slowly faded.

With the information he needed in his hands, Anderz now knew what he had to do, and despite the warning of the kind man, he picked up his sword, and continued on down the path, soon, disappearing into the lush foliage of Elwynn Forest.

A New Companion Edit

As Anderz walked through the forests of Elwynn, he didn't realize that he was heading in the wrong direction, he was heading NW towards Stormwind. Luckily, it was a short trip and it wasn't a big bother to venture to the largest town Anderz had ever seen. As he stood at the gates, amazed at the size of the town, he felt a tug at his pants leg. As Anderz looked down, he saw a small, white kitten staring back. Now, Anderz had only ever seen picture of these creatures in books, never in person. It stared at him with big eyes and let out a tiny, "meow". Anderz didn't see an owner anywhere nearby.

"Where's your owner little guy?" he asked.

"Meow?" it seemingly answered back.

"You wanna come with me? What do ya say?" Anderz said smiling.

"Meow!" it answered.

Can this thing understand me? Anderz thought to himself before picking the lil' guy up and continuing into the city.

"MEOW!!!!" (I'm a girl!!!!)

Guilds Edit

Anderz is the Master of the Guild, The Blood Alliance which is a new (well, been around for a year, but the GM was gone during that time). He has not been apart of any other Guilds nor plans on it. This Guild was formed during his quest to find the burial site of his father. As his journey got increasingly difficult, he made new friends who would assist him and save him from deaths cold grasp more than once. This Guild is now known to be silent and difficult to locate.

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