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Azshara (PvP) Edit

Most of the server's communication takes place in the inofficial Azshara forums.

Number 1 EU-Server as of Thursday, January 10th 2008 [1] thanks to the amazing triple Illidan first kills by Old Rabbitz, Waechter von Walhall and Justice on Tuesday, January 8th 2008.

Currently (09/02/2008) Azshara is directly behind GB-Kazzak.

It should be noted that on the amount of overall progress of a server is tracked, not the fastest progress.

Alliance 15 MH/BT guilds of the Alliance Edit

BT clear

Horde 15 MH/BT guilds of the Horde Edit

BT clear

References Edit

  1. ^ 2008-01-10. Ranked Realm List. Retrieved on 2008-01-10.

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