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This article is a realm page for the Auchindoun US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

The North American Auchindoun server came online with the Burning Crusade on January 16, 2007 at 12:01 AM EST.[1] It is a PvP server in the EST timezone. The server population ratio of Alliance to Horde is very unbalanced at 80, but about 1:1.5 overall. The vast majority of Horde being comprised of blood elves, which account for more than half the entire server. Because of its low population, Auchindoun is free of server queues. Battleground queues for Horde, however, are another story and can be very long.

Black Temple cleared by Reckless Ambition 12/04/07, making it the 2nd most progressed in PvE (Retaliation Battlegroup)

Auchindoun is also home of the "Outlandish Podcast" and its guild. This podcast is nearing a year old with new content being released consistently on a weekly basis. Definitely check it out for news, commentary, wacky commercials for WoW addons and parodies of songs with an Outlandish twist.

The troll hunter Kripparrian [1] of the guild <Synergos> (recently transferred to Ysondre - as of Feb 2009) was the first player to reach Level 80 approximately 49 hours after the release of the WotLK expansion on November 13, 2008.

Server Information Edit



  • IRC – , #auchindoun
  • Time Zone – EST
  • Alliance : Horde Ratio – 1:1.5 (More info available via WarcraftRealms: Auchindoun)
Icon-shortcutSee Also: Realm Forum, Guild Progression and WoWJutsu.

PvP on Auchindoun Edit

Although the faction ratio on the server is imbalanced and favors the Horde (especially at level 80) there is still a very active PvP scene to be found on Auchindoun. The Alliance on this server often enjoy fast queues in battlegrounds and world PvP (read: ganking) happens quite often and is a fact of life for either side. Horde almost always control all world PvP objectives by default with the exception of the Terokkar towers. This is due to the towers being held for a set amount of time after capture by default. Currently both factions trade off holding Wintergrasp with neither side having an edge over the other most of the time.

Alliance 32 Alliance Guilds Edit

  • Divine Infusion PVE/PVP: Reyvus
  • Daybreak PVE: Bluequark, Dujek, Rehael, Karme, Tazia, Voidxx, Aihilin, Sayeva
  • Undecided PVE/PVP: Amplysa, Anheusers, Notos, Tiwaz, Adramelk (Merger: It's a Trap/Kill Loot Repeat) (Disbanded May 2010)
  • Goombas PVE/PVP: Snappos (Disbanded May 2009)
  • Reckoning PVP/PVE: Lolderan, Bizzyvamp, Colibri, Timwest, Wis
  • The Reborn PVE: Minmin, Bolddave
  • Invictus PvE: Azuriel, Boryenka, Sproll (10 Man Only)
  • Revolution PVE: Metau, Habanera, Harakhtwe, Pwedo (Disbanded August 2009)
  • Simple PvE/PvP: Mzbehaivn, Aesaa, Gharok, Arawna, Hebea, Hekata
  • The Vanguard PVE/PVP: Vamandrac, Ronalgus, Josequervo, Mintea, Monkeythief, Wolfenzzed
  • i-die-you-follow PvE: Fnutme, Tyla, Celbrook, Korkey, Commonor, Jeredruid

Horde 32 Horde Guilds Edit

  • Addiction PVE/PVP: Anubis, Bear, Danrax and Eggbeater
  • And The Sunshine Band PVP: Mooimacow, Taterdots, Holyascrit, Rofltard and Pootanga
  • Brohaus PVE/PVP: Mogthak, Down, Macy, Donk, Clementine and Crashed
  • Insurrection PVE/PVP: Makaveli and Rly
  • Outlandish Podcast PVE/PVP: Outlandish, Glitch, Deadgilder and Nahla (Disbanded)
  • Pacifist PVE/PVP: Kerr and XiClown (Disbanded April/May 2009)
  • Penumbra PVE/PVP: Allul, Draenora, Lewferigno (June 2010 - Active and Recruiting)
  • Obstinate PvE/PvP: Dotnet, Circu, Kotah, Togashi, Epifany (Dec 2008 - Sept 2009)
  • Recurring Nightmare PvE/PvP: Apoc, Sell and Zarek
  • Shooting Blanks PVE/PVP: Owenwilson, Lukewilson, Recovery, Jiji and Yei
  • Solstice PVE/PVP: Lino (For a time was called Twenty After Four)
  • Synergos PVE/PVP: Conq - Disbanded early/mid-Dec 2008 for greener pastures on Cho'gall (Most Remaining Members joining Solstice) (Guild revived briefly by Conq and Philosopher and disbanded again early 2009)
  • Intensity PVE/PVP: Painkilerz (Well followed for his witty banter, and raid leading humor.)
  • Prettier Than Thou: PVE/PVP: Caligula, Ryanator, Huey, Moredome, Mcdeady (WILL NEVER DISBAND.)
  • End of Eternity PvE/PvP: Karkaz, Twilink, Borguss, Zalordeyn, Pendragon, Boogiemonstr, Suspense, Tombstone, Rilea, Hoofsta, Pitchblaack, Zzenon ( Ysera, Bleeding Hollow )

Realm Firsts with WotLK Edit

Blizzard provided updates can be found at:

Faction Achievements

Realm 1st to Lvl80 - Kripparrian <Synergos> (H) 15-Nov-08
Realm 1st Alliance to Lvl80 - Booi <Goombas> (A) 16-Nov-08
Realm 1st Horde to Lvl80 - Kripparrian <Synergos> (H) 15-Nov-08

Class Achievements

Realm 1st Death Knight to Lvl80 - Mosdefknight <Insurrection> (H) 17-Nov-08
Realm 1st Druid to Lvl80 - Androxius <Addiction> (H) 16-Nov-08
Realm 1st Hunter to Lvl80 - Kripparrian <Synergos> (H) 15-Nov-08
Realm 1st Mage to Lvl80 - Arcnova <Addiction> (H) 16-Nov-08
Realm 1st Paladin to Lvl80 - Psyche <Addiction> (H) 16-Nov-08
Realm 1st Priest to Lvl80 - Legate <Goombas> (A) 16-Nov-08
Realm 1st Rogue to Lvl80 - Rougeh <Syngergos> (H) 15-Nov-08
Realm 1st Shaman to Lvl80 - Coercionist <Addiction> (H) 15-Nov-08
Realm 1st Warrior to Lvl80 - Benix <Addiction> (H) 16-Nov-08
Realm 1st Warlock to Lvl80 - Simayi <Lord of the Blood Elves> (H) 16-Nov-08

Race Achievements

Realm 1st Draenei to Lvl80 - Druidd <Goombas> (A) 16-Nov-08
Realm 1st Dwarf to Lvl80 - Legate <Goombas> (A) 16-Nov-08
Realm 1st Gnome to Lvl80 - Booi <Goombas> (A) 16-Nov-08
Realm 1st Human to Lvl80 - Avatarofhate <Simple> (A) 18-Nov-08
Realm 1st Night Elf to Lvl80 - Aequinas <Goombas> (A) 17-Nov-08

Realm 1st Blood Elf to Lvl80 - Althaea <Addiction> (H) 15-Nov-08
Realm 1st Orc to Lvl80 - Benix <Addiction> (H) 16-Nov-08
Realm 1st Tauren to Lvl80 - Androxius <Addiction> (H) 16-Nov-08
Realm 1st Troll to Lvl80 - Kripparrian <Synergos> (H) 15-Nov-08

Realm 1st Undead to Lvl80 - Arcnova <Addiction> (H) 16-Nov-08

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