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Aszune Server info Neutral 15 Guilds Trade blacksmithing Crafting Guild Progression Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde
Crafting Trade alchemy Alchemy Trade blacksmithing Blacksmithing Inv misc gem 02 Jewelcrafting Trade engraving Enchanting Trade tailoring Tailoring Trade engineering Engineering Inv misc armorkit 17 Leatherworking

Sunwell - Sunmote items Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
[Hands of Eternal Light] Hipie Zegra
[Sunfire Handwraps] - Viktoria

Resistance Gear Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
[Arcanoweave Bracers] Amathera, Quandor, Teaelle, Koek, Firefly, magentah, Smilei Aknotrazill, Ugro, zezimae, Dumdum, Diabolique
[Arcanoweave Robe] Amathera, Teaelle, Koek, Magentah, Myall, Firefly Aknotrazill, Ugro, Georgek, Dumdum
[Arcanoweave Boots] Amathera, Goodsock, Quandor, Teaelle, Koek, Merlijn, Danan, Magentah, Myall Ugro, Untanned, Zozo, Diabolique
[Cloak of Arcane Evasion] Quandor, Koek, Amathera, Firefly, Zezimae, Merlijn, Smilei, Myall Aknotrazill, Beroth, Untanned, Dumdum, Diabolique
[Flameheart Gloves] Amathera, Teaelle, Firefly, Smilei Aknotrazill, Beroth, Dumdum
[Flameheart Vest] Amathera, Teaelle, Firefly Aknotrazill, Beroth, Dumdum
[Flameheart Bracers] Amathera, Teaelle, Firefly Aknotrazill, Beroth, Dumdum
[Night's End] Amathera, Firefly Diabolique
[Soulguard Bracers] Amathera, Teaelle, Firefly Diabolique
[Soulguard Leggings] Amathera, Firefly Diabolique
[Soulguard Slippers] Amathera, Firefly Diabolique
[Soulguard Girdle] Amathera, Teaelle, Firefly Diabolique
[Soulcloth Shoulders] Dynai, Teaelle, Nosebleed, Icekill -
[Soulcloth Vest] Amathera, Teaelle, Cimourdain, Floedeskum Frostmage, Dumdum, Eggcellent

Misc Rare Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
[White Remedy Cape] Teaelle, Kilgen, Firefly, Iceilempi, Elfnsafety Dumdum, Thottbot, Nefertitty
[Cloak of Eternity] Firefly, Magentah, Myall Aknotrazill, Malignant, Necroscopic, Dumdum
[Cloak of the Black Void] Teaelle, Firefly, Myall Beroth, Dumdum, Malignant, Necroscopic, Ugro
[Blackstrike Bracers] Teaelle, Firefly, Magentah Dumdum, Malignant
[Silver Spellthread] Amathera, Teaelle, Firefly, zezimae, Smilei, Elfnsafety Aknotrazill, Beroth, Dumdum
[Mystic Spellthread] Dynai, Quandor, Teaelle, Amathera, Iceilempi, Merlijn, Oscares, Magentah, Myall Eggcellent, Frostmage, Georgek, Malignant, Trollunreal, Thottbot, Diabolique
[Bracers of Havok] Teaelle, Firefly Beroth, Dumdum, Malignant, Necroscopic, Trollunreal
[Unyielding Bracers] Firefly Malignant

Misc Epic Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
[Bracers of Nimble Thought] Amathera, Firefly Diabolique
[Swiftheal Wraps] Amathera, Jantore, Teaelle, Firefly, Baali Viktoria
[Belt of Blasting] Malka, Demix, Nekochan, Zadah Diabolique
[Belt of the Long Road] Baali Diabolique

Bags Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
[Ebon Shadowbag] (28 slot) Teaelle, Magentah, Firefly Zozo
[Core Felcloth Bag] (28 slot) Teaelle, Kilgen, Firefly, Merlijn Trollunreal
[Spellfire Bag] (28 slot) Teaelle, Magentah, Firefly Zozo, Diabolique
[Primal Mooncloth Bag] (20 slot) Teaelle, Magentah, Firefly Zozo, Diabolique
[Satchel of Cenarius] (24 slot) Teaelle, Amathera, Firefly, Magentah Ugro, Dumdum, Diabolique

Primal Nether Gear Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
[Runic Spellthread] Dynai, Cimourdain, Oscares, Teaell, Whip Eggcellent, Georgek, Gumbo, Malignant, Sythus, Ugro, Trollunreal, Diabolique
[Golden Spellthread] Amathera, Teaelle, Kilmir, Firefly Aknotrazill, Beroth, Untanned, Dumdum, Viktoria, Medikit
[Manaweave Cloak] Teaelle, Vangodlos, Firefly Dumdum, Malignant
[Black Belt of Knowledge] Sythus, Teaelle, Vangodlos, Firefly Dumdum, Malignant
[Resolute Cape] Teaelle, Firefly, Vangodlos, Namelak Dumdum, Malignant, Necroscopic, Medikit
[Vengeance Wrap] Vangodlos, Carsina, Firefly, Teaelle Dumdum, Malignant, Necroscopic, Thottbot
[Unyielding Girdle] Teaelle, Vangodlos, Swadagutten, Namelak, Firefly Dumdum, Malignant, Su
[Girdle of Ruination] Sythus, Teaelle, Firefly, Myall Dumdum, Malignant
[Whitemend Hood] Amathera Eggcellent, Zozo
[Whitemend Pants] Amathera, Teaelle, Firefly Frostmage
[Battlecast Hood] Goodsok, Kilmir, Firefly, Magentah, Whip Aknotrazill, Dumdum, Malignant, Ugro, Viktoria
[Battlecast Pants] Amathera, Magentah Nefertitty, Drexplict, Zegra, Dumdum, Viktoria
[Spellstrike Hood] Amathera, Kilmir, Firefly, Myall Aknotrazill, Dumdum, Eggcellent, Malignant, Untanned
[Spellstrike Pants] Amathera, Teaell, Koek, Magentah Aknotrazill , Necroscopic, Diabolique

Nether Vortex items Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
[Belt of Blasting] Firefly, Teaelle, Carsina Aknotrazill, Gumbo, Spoffomov, Beroth, Eggcellent, Diabolique
[Belt of the Long Road] Teaelle, Carsina Viktoria, Spoffomov, Diabolique

Tailoring Specialists Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Mooncloth Teaell, Amathera, Kilgen, Pungdyret, Lightwithin, Elfnsafety Ugro, Thottbot, Viktoria, Nefertitty
Shadowcloth Cimourdain, Manitarosn, zezimae, Floedeskum, Deathbydawn, Sythus, Vangodlos, Oscares, Magentah, Smilei, Sarhe, Myall Dumdum, Georgek, Malignant, Grindbot
Spellcloth Teaelle, Amathera, Injaza Frostmage, Trollunreal, Diabolique

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