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[1] Mucke: Level 70 Horde Horde 32 | Undead IconLarge Undead Male | Rogue Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue | Arygos US Realm RoundIcon Realm | Dead Reckoning GuildEdit


[[2]] [[3]] ← Armory

The "Why" on MuckeEdit

My approach to Mucke is different than most other rogues. Most rogues focus on damage first then let everything else follow. My focus has been on survivability followed by damage. The way that I work my stats is to focus on one until it reaches a range that I find acceptable, letting all other stats come as they may. Once the first stat is where I want it I move on to the next and so on. I find that as my gear improves it becomes easier to stay in that range and improve other areas. Using this method I hope to end up with a balance between surviving and killing.
Stats in order of importance to me, with minimum amounts I would like them to have.

  1. Stamina
    • 500+
  2. Agility
    • 500+
  3. Hit Rating
    • 250+
  4. Crit Chance
    • 25%
  5. AP
    • 1500+

The number values on these goals are currently being reassessed as I have reached all of them. At the moment however, my goal is to determine where I need to go next to maximize my usefulness. I am looking at Hit and Haste as primary areas I want to improve, with AP and crit as my secondary areas.



I am Combat Spec Comb Spec RoundIcon, and I love it. I enjoy combat because it is an all purpose spec. It has good survival talents as well as excellent damage. Even better, is not having to worry about positioning. You don't have to be behind your target to maximize damage.



LW Trade RoundIcon LeatherworkingEdit

Skill 375

I picked leatherworking because it seemed to make sense to craft my own gear. Ya, right. In most cases by the time you get the pattern and the mats you have better gear from questing and instances. I kept leatherworking because I spent too much time and gold getting it up to drop it. Now, I use it to help guildies and make some gold here and there.
My current goal is to have every usable LWing pattern in the game. By usable I mean everything I am able to get as an elemental LWer not counting patterns that make BOP items that are useless to me.
I am actually really close, yet really far from my goal. There are only 2 old and 2 new world BOE patterns I don't have. The hard part is there are 2 drop BOP patterns (one from MC and one from UBRS) from old world and 3 vendor patterns from Naxx. Even more difficult are the BOP patterns tied to the current end-game 25man dungeons.


Inv scroll 03 Pattern WishlistEdit

Old World


Burning Crusade Bc icon



Eng Trade RoundIcon EngineeringEdit

Skill 375
Skinning no more. I decided to follow my long time desire to take up engineering and dropped skinning. This has come with a lot of thought and planning. My hunter is nearly in outland and is ready to take up the skinning slack when it comes time to level leatherworking again. I also have a mage who will next to be leveled and will be my dedicated miner. I may not have the mage up in time for the next expansion but it should be close.

When I decided that I was finally going to take up engineering I wanted to get at least to 350 in one shot. After 1000g+ and a couple hours of running around, crafting, and passing mail back and forth I was able to reach 354. My terms for dropping skinning and picking up engineering were that I had to be able to support both my leatherworking and my engineering professions either by gold intake or alt gatherers. Now that my hunter is well on the way to meeting the skinning demands I feel I can support engineering with gold and future miners yet to be leveled.


Secondary TradeskillsEdit

Made sure first aid was maxed out. It's too easy not to, plus it's a huge time saver when soloing and a life saver in raids/5mans.

Got burned out on cooking when it seemed that fishing was the only way to level it.

Was far to boring to keep fishing up while leveling. Even more boring to go back to it at max level.


Arena TeamsEdit



The items in this section do absolutely nothing of any discernible value. Except the mounts of course, but they are here because having so many isn't really necessary.

Non-Combat Pets Edit


Quest Rewards/Holiday Rewards



Fun Gear/CostumesEdit






Special BagsEdit



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