Server: Argent_Dawn US

Raid Group Lead: Kirsdarke

Officers: Agarosi & Forgiven

Recruiting Status: We are passively recruiting for the Wrath season.

Raiding Status: Formal Raiding is concluded for The Burning Crusade. Raiding efforts will continue for content to improve our performance through Wrath.


Weekly raid schedule Edit

  • Thursday, 8:30 PM Server - Midnight 25 Man Content
  • Sunday, 8:30 PM Server - Midnight 25 Man Content

Formal raiding is concluded for the Burning Crusade with our successful kill of Illidan and the release of Wrath upon us. We will continue to raid through early Wrath for the purpose of collecting T6 (and better) gear for use throughout the Wrath expansion.

History Edit

Twilight Raid was founded during pre-BC content to raid MC and BWL. We have pulled people from a variety of guilds (historically Children of the Phoenix, The Concillium (now Defenders of Eternity), and Force Recon) and now we are a combination of the above plus Guardians of Azeroth as well as some other friendlies. We're a casual progression raid, in that we are very much come as you are, but come to play hard. As Burning Crusade came to an end, we achieved our Illidan kill and concluded our formal raiding season. We are looking to initiate Wrath raiding in February of 2009, and will continue to farm Hyjal, Black Temple, and Sunwell until that time.

Battlegroup info
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Alliance Milestones Edit

Boss Date Screenshot Movies
Done Illidan Nov 10, 2008
Done Illidari Council Nov 7, 2008
Done Mother Shahraz Nov 2, 2008
Done Reliquary of Souls Nov 2, 2008
Done Gurtogg Bloodboil Oct 30, 2008
Done Teron Gorefiend Oct 30, 2008
Done Shade of Akama Oct 30, 2008
Done Kael'thas Sunstrider Oct 23, 2008
Done Lady Vashj Oct 19, 2008
Done Supremus Aug 24, 2008
Done High Warlord Naj'entus Aug 14, 2008
Done Azgalor Aug 10, 2008
Done Al'ar Jul 31, 2008
Done Kaz'rogal Jul 13, 2008
Done Anetheron Jul 06, 2008
Done Rage Winterchill Apr 27, 2008
Done Fathom-Lord Karathress Apr 27, 2008
Done Leotheras the Blind Apr 20, 2008
Done Magtheridon Apr 20, 2008
Done Morogrim Tidewalker Apr 6, 2008
Done Hydross the Unstable Mar 2, 2008
Done Void Reaver Feb 24, 2008
Done The Lurker Below Jan 24, 2008
Done Gruul the Dragonkiller Jan 10, 2008

Raid group rules Edit

Social rules are ... don't be an elitist, but know your role and come to have fun AND progress. Our loot rules consists of two Suicide Kings method/round-robin lists (tier loot and item loot) with some attendance twists to reward those who keep coming, but still enable others to get loot too. Recipes and the like go to where they can be best utilized and yet remain within the normal running of the raid. Attendance rules are show up! We have a solid core, but we do have rotations of people in and out. We're a friendly bunch.

BC Raid ProgressionEdit

Argent Dawn Guild Progression

Instance Already Killed Working On Next Target
Karazhan Cleared
Gruul's Lair Cleared
Magtheridon's Lair Cleared
Zul'Aman Cleared
Serpentshrine Cavern Cleared
Eye (Tempest Keep) Cleared
Battle of Mount Hyjal Rage Winterchill
Black Temple Cleared
Sunwell Plateau Kalecgos

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