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A native of Kalimdor, Rowain Blackberry spent her youth in the Temple of Elune, under the care of her uncle and aunt, both Priests. The final wish of her parents, the Priest Saldranis and Warrior Liradin, was that she be sheltered from the conflicts in Azeroth - the war that claimed their lives.

Her guardians, eager to insure that their charge was well protected, overdid their duty. Poor Rowain was not permitted out of the Temple grounds, nor was she allowed to read any of the books in the Temple's vast library. Growing up completely ignorant of the world outside Teldrassil, she occupied her time mostly with her priestly studies, tending to the Temple Gardens, and her friendship with the Heir to the Calling of House Rainfall.

Yet her guardians could not shield Rowain from occasional "daydreams" - spans of time that came without warning where she would gaze into the distance, unresponsive to her surroundings. These spells did not harm her, and often times after them she spoke of strange sights -- deep forests, swirling spheres of emerald, views of the world as if seen from dizzying heights, the sensation of a great beast uncoiling in anguish. Any mention of these impressions was usually rewarded with a stern look of disapproval and an admonition to practice the Priests' focused meditation.

On the night of Rowain's vigil prior to her induction into the Priesthood, Rowain suffered a particularly powerful "daydream." She managed to slip away from the vigil, and made her way back to her family's old home. As she explored the small treehouse and drank in the vast pool of memories welling to the surface of her mind, she discovered a drawer full of brittle parchments -- letters from her mother to her father. Reading through the missives, she learned of her mother's anguish in war, the constant killing and defending taking its toll on her life-affirming Kaldorei spirit, and how her father had promised to abandon his priest's duties and suffer the disgrace of the Temple in order to reach her, heal her, and fight by her side. Slowly the pieces came together, and Rowain realized that her parents were possibly still alive - that she had not been placed into foster care at their death, but instead handed over to the Temple for protection when Seldranis left in search of Liradin. Overwhelmed with the discovery of the truth, and the chance that her parents might still be alive, she broke down in tears, sobbing until sleep claimed her.

Awakened by the sound of voices approaching her old home, Rowain slipped away from the Temple search party, leaving the dwelling as she found it. Wandering in the woods, she came upon a band of Druids and begged them to shelter her from the Temple. The Druids offered sanctuary to the young Kaldorei woman, and when they learned of her "daydreams" they offered to train her in the ancient ways of their kind. Rowain eagerly accepted their offer, and renouncing the Priesthood, she began to learn the paths of the Wild.

When her training led her to Teldrassil's sacred Oracle Grove, she met another Druid, Briarflame, who invited her to join a company known as the Wyrmguard. Rowain accepted, and soon for the first time travelled out of Kalimdor to the Eastern Kingdoms, encountering Azeroth's other races for the first time also. Among the Wyrmguard's members was a Human Warlock, Nizoral of Lordaeron, whom Rowain met in Ironforge's Library. She was fascinated by his personality, so much so that she was drawn to him despite her natural aversion to the demons he commanded. Over time their friendship developed into a strange romance firmly set on a foundation of unshakable love.

During her adventures in Darkshore, Rowain met a Hunter named Teldranas. The circumstances of their meeting were not uncommon for new adventurers - Rowain got in over her head with some nightsabers, and as she fled in fear, she passed the Night Elf hunter who quickly stepped in and stopped the pursuing cats. Teldranas and his pet crab Dycondrius accompanied Rowain on many excursions after that, but sadly, after a few weeks he fell victim to the Horde.

As Rowain continued her studies and adventures across the Eastern Kingdoms, she was accompanied by a Rogue of the Wyrmguard, Paliban. Their first assignment together was to disrupt the encampment of the Dragonmaw Orcs in the Wetlands. It was Rowain's first time working alongside a Rogue, and astonished at his efficiency, she christens him "The Knife." The name stuck among the Wyrmguard, and from that moment forward the two Night Elves continued their training together, learning each other's rhythms and evolving into a formidable team.

One day at the Rebel Camp in Stranglethorn Vale, Paliban indulged his penchant for entertainment and danger by dancing in the campfire. "Team Firedancer" was born, and Nizoral, whose advanced studies left him little time to accompany his Kaldorei guild mates, was quickly added to the ranks.

Years pass, and as the three increase in skill and friendship, they continue to have many adventures together, righting wrongs, making friends, and exploring secrets in Azeroth--and beyond.

Guild HistoryEdit


Argent Guard

Kings of Lore

Virtus Infinitus

The Sovereign Sword


Legacy of the Illuminati




Rowain Blackberry in Serpentshrine Cavern

Rowain in Serpentshrine Cavern.

There is little to distinguish Rowain from other Kaldorei women. Prior to her travel to Northrend, her long, milk-white hair was rarely bound by anything other than a druidic helm. A few braids adorned with iridescent black stormcrow feathers were nestled within her tresses. She cut her long hair short, but kept one long feathered braid, which slips over her left shoulder from time to time. At the urging of her friends, Rowain is allowing her hair to grow back to its full length. While many Night Elves have skin tones ranging from purple to green, Rowain's flesh is a pale, unremarkable blush pink hue.

A pair of moss agate earrings adorn her earlobes, their silver settings clearly of Draenei craftmanship. The longer portions of her upper ears are unpierced. A simple pair of dark gray tribal slash tattoos start at her forehead and extend down close to the corners of her mouth.

At the base of her neck are two small horizontal scars - which she might have gained narrowly dodging a blade's swing. Further down, over her heart, a tattoo of a flaming dagger-pierced heart is visible if she is wearing a shirt with a low neckline. Her left shoulder bears another tattoo (image forthcoming).

Notable PeopleEdit

Nizoral of Lordaeron, Human Warlock

Paliban "The Knife" (formerly Paliban Destrani), Night Elf Rogue

Rainfall (formerly Danaqil Rainfall), Night Elf Priest

Companion PetsEdit

Moon, White Kitten

Twilight, Hyacinth Macaw

Crepuscule, Sprite Darter Hatchling

Ash (black fur) and Cinder (brown fur), Worg Pups

Sueñita ("Dreamlet"), Tiny Emerald Whelpling

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

Mr. Wiggles


Spirit of Summer


Sinister Squashling

Tiny Reindeer (no longer owned)


Starling Sky, Spotted Frostsaber

"Wind," Swift Stormsaber

Wooly Bully, Stormpike Battle Charger

Valbuk, Tan Riding Talbuk

Black War Steed

Flying MountsEdit

Bluebeak, Snowy Gryphon

Skypride, Swift Green Gryphon

Zorasama, Viridian Netherwing Drake


Under Construction

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