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Danaqil /DAN-uh-KEEL/ Rainfall is the Heir of House Rainfall, one of Teldrassil's oldest and most noble Priestly Houses. Every seven generations, the seventh child of House Rainfall is believed to the Inheritor/trix of Elune's Favor and is sent to the Temple of Elune to be raised as a Priest. Some of Teldrassil's most illustrious and successful priests are from House Rainfall. It should be noted that they do not bear any blood relation to House Whisperwind.

Danaqil was received at the Temple with all of the pomp and circumstance afforded every seventh generation, and adapted to her new life with ease. Few could find fault with her fluency in wielding Light, and if any fault was to be said of her at all, it was that she was more interested in the cut, lie, color, and style of her priestly vestments rather than their benefit to her skills. But most were hard pressed to find fault with her vanity; it seemed an acceptable allowance for one of such sublime beauty. Danaqil turned her interest in clothing towards the tailoring craft, as do many Priests, and her skill flourished there.

A few months after admission, an orphan girl was brought to the Temple to be trained as a priest. Like Danaqil, Rowain Blackberry (Server:Argent_Dawn_US/Rowain) had white hair, and that similarity was a springboard to a deep friendship between the two girls. There was a bit of looking down the nose upon the pair by their elders, as Danaqil was of such high social rank and Rowain merely an orphan, but that distinction mattered only to those who made much of it, and not to the girls themselves.

Several years later, on what was to be the pinnacle of her training, the night of the Vigil before she would be fully ordained into the Priesthood of the Temple of Elune, Danaqil found herself in a compromising situation. Over the years, Rowain had been beset by nightmares, probably regarding the demise of her parents who were slain in the War between the Alliance and the Burning Legion. As the pair of women sat their Vigil, Rowain effected a change of heart and confided in Danaqil that she had to abandon the Temple and its training in order to satisfy a restless, but supressed urging in her own soul. There was no way for Rowain to leave without Danaqil's compliance and permission, which would cause her to disrupt the Vigil for both of them. Torn between her sense of duty and fate, and her affection for her best friend, Danaqil sadly permitted Rowain to leave the Vigil and escape the Temple, effectively throwing away everything that each of them had worked towards for so long by covering for her escape. When dawn arrived and the Investiture was to be performed, Rowain was gone, and Danaqil was left to explain.

Things became very difficult for Danaqil at the Temple after that. Few of her superiors, including her mentors, treated her with the respect they had afforded her prior to the Investiture Vigil. She could not be punished outright, but she could be disgraced - if additional disgrace could possibly be heaped upon her. Refusing to Invest Danaqil, the Temple not only witheld their blessing, but stripped her of her given name, so that her shame and the name of House Rainfall should be synonymous.

All hope was not lost for poor Rainfall. There was one Elder Priest in the Temple Library, Durain, whose eyes saw more of history-inscribed book pages than of fellow Priests. Yet the news of Rainfall's disgrace had trickled down to him, and as he was a kindly sort, he had pity on the young woman and was able to find a way to set her free from the Temple's sour atmosphere, so that she could continue to build her skills, and perhaps solve a separate problem at the same time.

One morning Rainfall was summoned to the Temple Library, where Durain awaited her, all of his verdant hair tightly pulled into the topknot which signified austere discipline. He smiled warmly and bid the timorous young woman take a seat at a nearby study table.

"Rainfall," he began, "I have conferred with the Inner Sanctum of Elune, and they have given me permission to task you with a duty that I think you will relish. There is a warrior of the Wyrmguard travelling the road from Darkshore to Astranaar in Ashenvale Forest. When he reaches Maestra's Post, he will find correspondence there indicating that he is to wait for you. You will continue your training as a combat healer in his company."

Compressing his hands together as if considering his words, Durain continued. "It is important that you listen to Jularian and do exactly as he says, Rainfall. Do not let his coarse exterior fool you. Yes, he is a soldier -- well, an ex-soldier. He is not used to the company of monastic Priests, but rather other soldiers and combat healers. You may find... well.... Expect your delicate silk robes to snag a bit, my dear. But do not take offense. You will learn more from him in the field than these marble walls could ever teach you, Rainfall. Jularian is a veteran of the Battle of Mount Hyjal. He has seen and accomplished more in his years than this scant handful of Kaldorei (here Durain lifted his long eyebrows in the direction of the Council) should hope to accomplish in their combined lifetimes. It will be excellent work, challenging as well as rewarding.... for both of you."

The narrowing of Durain's eyes was barely perceptible as he delivered his last remark, and yet Rainfall saw it:

"Heal him, Rainfall; by the stars, he needs it, and your life will depend upon it."

Guild HistoryEdit


Heroes of Legend


Shadow, for leveling. At endgame Rainfall will return to a spec more suited for healing.


Rainfall resting

Rainfall in Everlook Tavern, Winterspring.

It's generally a given that Kaldorei women are exquisite in appearance; Rainfall is exceptionally so. Her beauty is accented by her almost constant expression of delight. A smile always curls about her lips, her curving tribal zigzag facial tattoos of dark grey accentuating their corners. Short, straight, fine white neck-length hair is partially pulled up in the topknot of an apprentice priest. Those who are wise in the ways of the Temple of the Moon will recognize the black ribbon binding the topknot as an indication of one who has brought disgrace to their Order. Like that of many other Night Elves, Rainfall's skin gleams a pearlescent pale azure.

Many priests travel in long silken or rune cloth robes, and Rainfall is no exception. Occasionally the swirl of her skirts reveals a pair of mithril spurs attached to her boots. These are immaculately kept: their leather well-oiled and supple, the metal yoke, shank, and rowels gleaming.


Estardris, Striped Nightsaber

Narnia, Swift Frostsaber

Anu'na, Winterspring Frostsaber

Rainfall on Winterspring Frostsaber

Rainfall and Anu'na in Everlook, Winterspring. Nizoral of Lordaeron is present to the right of the image.


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