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Description Edit

Close your eyes, and make everything turn black. Then, place yourself in the worst of nightmares, you can imagine. After which you will add whatever remaining nightmares you can think of, to your worst nightmare, so you basically make, your ultimate nightmare, in one sense or another. This is below one percentage, of how Zhalt is.

Note: 'Zhalt' is pronounced 'Zch-â'al-t'.

History Edit

Some time ago, there was a somewhat public discussion taking place, wherein these following words were mentioned:

"Zhalt, is the changer of ways, and change is the essence of Chaos itself, as well as of the ever mutating energy that is known to mortals as magic. Also known as Tchar among the barbarians to the north, Chen to the exotic east and Shunch in the steaming jungles to the south, his name is always a byword for change. Everywhere, though, he is the Great Schemer, a subtle manipulator with an all-encompassing knowledge. His plans are inevitably convoluted and vast, spanning across untold aeons, inexplicable and contradictory to all mortal minds. He is the puppet master, pulling the strings of fate and controlling the destiny of his followers and enemies alike. Zhalt does not have a single form, normally manifesting himself as a cloud of light that constantly changes colour. His symbol is often a representation of the writhing serpent of change, and his daemons and champions are frequently gifted with eerie bird-like beaks, claws and multi coloured feathers. Their skin and armour is in constant flow, changing shape and colour, forming grotesque cackling faces that mock their opponents, always repeating their words with new disturbing nuances.

Zhalt gifts those who honour him with superior magical powers that they craftily use to bend reality to their will. Among the northern tribes, shamans pray to him, asking for predominance over the warrior chieftans and fortune in all their magical endeavors. Ultimately they will receive the gift of mutation far beyond others, or that when that time comes they will accept it with ecsatatic abandon. In Stormwind and the other kingdoms of man, worshippers of Zhalt gather in secret covens by which they use every means to increase their own personal standing and to expand their influence of their patron. The ones who are most vulnerable to the lure of the Great Mutator are wizards, scholars and other educated individuals who thirst for power. These sects are normally led by a Magister, the most powerful sorceror among the members, and divided into many diffrent levels of affiliation. They are so secretive and complex that the only one who knows the identity of all cultists is the Magister himself.

Few of the followers of Zhalt can reach the end of the long road that leads to the title of champion, but those few become the most awesome of all champions of the Dark Gods. They are blessed with both exceptional warrior skills and the mighty magical powers of the Lord of Magic. This dangerous combination makes them very dangerous foes - cunning leaders and awesome warriors who command their armies with unerring prescience. How is it possible to defeat an opponent who seems to know your every move in advance?"

Relatives Edit


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