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Before the New HordeEdit

Takuur of the Thunderclaw Family was born in the Thousand Needles, according to the Bloodhoovian sayings. On the reins of Talgor, the grandfather of his, he was trained as a druidic healer in Moonglade.

The training lasted for until his twenth year, when Talgor returned to his homeland of Mulgore. In the meantime of his absence, Takuur continued his training by the hand of the druids residing in Nighthaven. It was known that the progressed swiftly and when the time was right, Loganaarsent him in Outland to seek Morthis Whisperwing for further training.

Becoming a Druid of the Talon, fifty years passed, before his return in Azeroth. As he arrived, he found a grand Tribe wandering the plains of Mulgore, with a howling wolf on their lead. Between them, one of his nearest and dearest person was found residing...

The Spiritwolf TaleEdit

The Spirit Wolves were those days one of the leading defence of Mulgore, as Khunl of the Stormtotems said. They were nomadic travellers, many of them warriors while the others traders and hunters.(dev)

The CallingEdit

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Takuur is a high built, scowling tauren, that certainly spilled a lot of blood on his face. Sweating from the numerous fur clothes coated around him, he usually wears brown wolf leater and a red tabard of The Spirit Wolves, with the golden paw painted on it.

He may be seen acompanied with many of his mounts, lastly especially Curk, the brown wolf and Khanuur, his almost ancient kodo.

He is usually found annoyed and thoughtful. To most of the other races, except orcs, he is rude and usually fighting takes place where he lays.


  • Greeting - "May the Earthmother walk by you,"
  • Greeting - "Well met, <inster target name>,"
  • Farewell - "May the Wolf howl your path - it will bring you success and a grand future.


The player character profile is yet under development.

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