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Guilds of the DawnEdit


(Listed in alphabetical order).

  • Gardaí Síochána - The Peace Guard founded by Zhalt
  • Army of Darkness - Political guild created by three mysterious persons, dedicated to garnering power to their organisation.
  • The Blood of Heroes - A motley crew of survivors and casualties of the Wars brought together by happenstance and destiny. The guild tries to overcome the different hardships brought upon each member and together search for better and happier times. The Blood of Heroes are characterized by a generous and amiable atmosphere with casual role playing. It aspires to muster ever more people with a similar temper to overcome challenges, both of minuscule and epic proportions.
  • Clan Serendipity - New guild for RPers only. Currently low to mid level, looking only to recruit in game via actual RP (non in game requests will be ignored)
  • Custodes Fati - A casual roleplaying guild with a long tradition ranging back to Ultima Online.
  • Death Sentence - PvP guild, watching for world PvP and going to the battle as soon as possible. Also starting PvE raids.
  • Guns 'n Blades -
  • The High Guard - One of the oldest guilds on the server (established on the 11th of February, 2005; click here to view our complete history). THG is Alliance. We focus on having a casual, pleasant and friendly atmosphere. With around 280 players, this is also among the biggest guilds on the server. Many members are part of the Rising Star Alliance or the Dark Star Alliance raid communities that currently both raid Naxxramas.
  • Insight - A mixed nationality raiding guild currently progressing well in Naxxrammas, highly friendly and helpful players as well as a very relaxed overall atmosphere contributes also to its charm. Insight thanks to an odd bug is also technically the first guild to be in Naxxrammas on Heroic =P, cheers Blizzard.
  • Lakeshire Mercenary - A (at the moment 'very') small roleplaying guild. Glad to recruit anyone (send a mail, though, in that case). The guild originally was there to protect Lakeshire from the evil emerging from the Blackrock Mountain, but several members got scattered across the world and/or killed.
  • Ninth Battalion - A Special Operations Division of the Grand Alliance Army's 7th Legion. Strict and active RP/RP-PvP.
  • Orden de la Medianoche (Midnight Order) - Spanish RP guild. Religious elven order of Elune followers. Mainly interested in the defense of the Night Elf people, lands and traditions. Use in-game RP to contact us either for membership request or just a meeting (in-game mail is a valid form of contact). GuildMaster: Amröd Ar-Feiniel
  • Order of the Steel Fist - A family guild prided on their casual playstyle, friendly atmosphere and hardcore players. Official Website.
  • Paragons Of Thunder - 100% Finnish guild with +80 players. Member of IGC Raid Community.
  • Protectors of Light (Non-RP Guild, just for having a laugh and getting some friendly help)
  • Silvereye Night Elf Rp Guild, limited membership
  • Stormwind City Watch - A very old guild on the realm that recently celebrated it's third birthday. It is a very strict RP guild that RPs as the law-enforcement agency of Stormwind.
  • The Iron Hand - A guild founded by young dwarf called Brintac to protect the realm of the Ironforge dwarves. This guild has slowly grown into a small community with ties to a few raid communities and other guilds. It currently (11/09/06) has 37 members but continues to grow as new people are met and recruited into the ranks of the Iron Hand. The Iron Hand is a role playing guild where members have close ties with each other and have been said to have a "family environment" due to the friendliness of the guild members. The Iron Hand focuses on keeping it's members active with various events that can involve raiding instances or going on fishing trips in Stranglethorn Vale. Those interested should not hesitate to contact someone in the guild for membership since the guild contains many colorful characters.
  • The Talespinner's league - A small, essentially friends-only guild made up of bards, storytellers, historians and other information-seekers. Could be accused of being spies and information-gatherers as well. A semi-secret society. Guild-leader is the bard Jhona.
  • The Templar Order (Alliance RP Guild with over 130 members)
  • The Wasted Few - A recently started and still small, but very social and helpful, guild.
  • Yingyang Eagles - Large guild of friends, around 300 members, who's motto is Need Before Greed. Started 8/1/05. Up for anything be remembering epics are great but whats the point without a friend. Recently they have engaged in battles against Hakkar in Zul'Gurub.


(Listed in alphabetical order).

  • Call of the Earth Mother - A very friendly and social guild. Got own website that you have to make an application at if you wish to join. Official Website
  • Congregation of Souls - An old RP guild (created in early march 2005) made out of many known players of the Argent Dawn.
  • Dead Man Fellowship (small friends-only guild)
  • Dark Tide - Semi-hardcore PvE guild, which also has some great PvP'ers amongst them.
  • Ghastly Condemned - A very old RP-PvE guild created from the very start of the server and has grown steady since. The recruitment is based on social activeness and the progress in high end instances are slow but fun. Visit them at Ghastly Condemned
  • Legion of Lemmings - Would be a kick-ass raid guild, had they not been so busy with jumping off cliffs.
  • Northern Keep - A guild for a Norwegian group of friends.
  • Mask of Sorrow - a friendly, medium sized guild. Members do participate in RP, PvP and Raiding.
  • Shadows of Dream - Its a new guild (formed 05.06.2007). In future we want to raid as much as we can. But now we looking for new members.
  • The Cold Fog - A newly created medium rp guild. They generally accept all members for now, since they are new and they are beginning doing meetings and rp events, for more information look at The Cold Fog
  • The Merry Berries - A social guild, medium size, ran by Raewyn. A member of the New Dawn (TND) raiding Community
  • The Plainrunner Tribe - Formerly known as "The Plain Runners". A medium sized but ancient RP guild that works for peace between the Horde and the Alliance. For further information, check our website.
  • Requiem [1] (created to promote PvP on Argent Dawn)
  • The Tauren Kindred - Small RP guild currently consisting of 3 IC siblings. May look to expand, but only through IC interaction in game. Other requests to join will be ignored.
  • Democulus - Welcome bold adventurer! We are here to bring you news...... PvP!!! After the changes to the PvP system we have become even MORE involved in the Battlegrounds and PvP in general. We wish for more hardcore PvPers to join us! In our guild be have around 50 members ((currently)) 23 of whom are level 60 ((currently)), we are an active guild that started the /join Demonspvp which has become very popular for making and joining pre-mades. We are also quite close to other raiding guild so we often get invites to tag along to ZG, AQ and such. So if you wish to join us contact any member of the guild! Even if your not a Hardcore PvPer you are still welcome! Thank you and remember PvP!
  • Eternity of Sorrow - A PvP Guild Founded by Seretíus and Aríene.

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