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Realms  Area 52 US (PvE)

Professions: Leatherworking  

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BackAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Cloak of Darkness]    
ChestAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Shadowprowler's Chestguard]    
[Thick Netherscale Breastplate]    
[Heavy Clefthoof Vest] Discordiaa, Irwin  
FeetAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Earthen Netherscale Boots]    
[Heavy Clefthoof Boots] Discordiaa, Irwin  
HandsAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Cobrascale Gloves]    
[Gloves of the Living Touch]    
[Netherdrake Gloves]    
[Windslayer Wraps]    
[Windstrike Gloves]    
HeadAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Cobrascale Hood]    
[Hood of Primal Life]    
[Living Dragonscale Helm]    
[Netherdrake Helm] Irwin  
[Windscale Hood]    
LegsAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Heavy Clefthoof Leggings]    
WaistAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Belt of Deep Shadow]    
[Belt of Natural Power]    
[Belt of the Black Eagle]    
WristAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Bracers of Renewed Life]    
[Living Earth Bindings]    
[Swiftstrike Bracers]    
Armour KitsAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Arcane Armor Kit] Discordiaa, Irwin  
[Clefthide Leg Armor] Discordiaa, Irwin, Studmuffyn  
[Cobrahide Leg Armor] Discordiaa, Irwin, Studmuffyn  
[Flame Armor Kit] Studmuffyn  
[Frost Armor Kit] Irwin  
[Nature Armor Kit]    
[Nethercleft Leg Armor]    
[Nethercobra Leg Armor]    
[Shadow Armor Kit]    
DrumsAlliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde
[Drums of Battle]    
[Drums of Panic]    
[Drums of Restoration]    
[Drums of Speed]    
[Drums of War]    

PvP Information

Area 52

Battlegroup: Retaliation

Hall of Fame

Battlegroup info
Ability warrior challangeBattlegroup »
Retaliation (US) »

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