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Statistics Edit


Title:Shadow Assasin

Age:24 in human years


Weight:125 pounds

Family:None known

Physical Appearance Edit

Very young,Blue skin such as custom for Darkspear Trolls, Silver hair worn in a pony tail, white markings on chin with tusks,

Personality Edit

Kind to those that he is sympathetic to or that he likes, bloodthirsty in the heat of a battle, tends to be a bit of a smartass when he wants to be and a bit arrogant, occasionally laughs at other's misfortunes but kind hearted and fights for the horde.

Background Story Edit

Frostbayne grew up in Sen'jin village under the care of a kind troll, and never knew who his parents were. He was a mischievous yet quiet boy who had always took an interest in being a witch doctor but when he came of age the trainers and denizens of the den didn't accept him as a witch doctor so he followed his second most wanted path. Assasin and Rougue. He trained hard wandering from zone to zone completing missions and quests from people who wanted other people dead and eventually people of all kinds of races starting recognizing the name "Shadow Assasin Frostbayne". When he met Vol'jin in Orgrimmar he decided he didn't regret becoming an assasin and that being a witch doctor was not the path for him.

Ambitions and Objectives Edit

.Find out what happened to his parents

.Become one of the most exalted assasins

.Help the horde in Alterac Valley, Eye of the Storm, Warsong Gulch etc.

Other facts Edit

.Belongs to the Aldor

.Is known to kill any alliance on site unless he/she has helped him or is more than he can manage

.He likes to call himself an assasin or a shadow assasin but in reality he is a Combat Rougue

.Favorite food is Smoked Talbuk Venison (sounds gross but really yummy)

.Favorite ability is Sinister Strike

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