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Burning Crusade Archimonde Progression Edit

The Official World of Warcraft Forum Post is no longer available.

Server/Faction Firsts Edit

This post is dedicated to tracking the Server and Faction first kills. I will try to keep this as accurate as possible but if something is incorrect please notify me. This will be tracked by boss, stating the instance, then name of the boss, then the guild with their faction in brackets, "[ ]".

Nightbane: [A]<Oinland>(2-21-07) [H]<Veritas Invictus>(2-23-07)

Gruul's Lair:
High King Maulgar: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(2-10-07) [A]<Oinland>(2-11-07)
Gruul the Dragonkiller: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(3-14-07) [A]<Oinland>(3-15-07)

Magtheridon's Lair:
Magtheridon: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(4-14-07) [A]<Oinland>(4-30-07)

Serpentshrine Cavern:
Hydross the Unstable: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(5-22-07) [A]<Oinland>(5-23-07)
The Lurker Below: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(5-26-07) [A]<Oinland>(6-4-07)
Fathom-Lord Karathress: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(5-24-07) [A]<Oinland>(6-3-07)
Morogrim Tidewalker: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(5-21-07) [A]<Oinland>(5-31-07)
Leotheras the Blind: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(5-27-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(6-24-07)
Lady Vashj: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(6-4-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(7-19-07)

Tempest Keep:
Al'ar: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(6-9-07) [A]<Oinland>(7-8-07)
Void Reaver: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(5-29-07) [A]<Oinland>(5-30-07)
High Astromancer Solarian: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(6-10-07) [A]<Oinland>(7-15-07)
Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(7-7-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(8-19-07)

Timed (In Order):
Akil'zon: [A]<Fist of the Empire>(11-24-07) [H]<The Ancient Order>(12-2-07)
Nalorakk: [A]<Fist of the Empire>(11-17-07) [H]<The Ancient Order>(11-21-07)
Jan'alai: [A]<Negative Bro>(11-28-07) [H]<The Ancient Order>(12-11-07)
Halazzi: [A]<Negative Bro>(1-23-08) [H]<The Onslaught>(2-20-08)
Hex Lord Malacrass: [H]<The Ancient Order>(11-14-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(11-14-07)
Zul'jin: [H]<The Ancient Order>(11-14-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(11-14-07)

Battle For Mount Hyjal:
Rage Winterchill: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(7-8-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(8-26-07)
Anetheron: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(7-8-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(9-10-07)
Kaz'rogal: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(7-16-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(9-30-07)
Azgalor: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(7-22-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(10-21-07)
Archimonde: - [H]<Veritas Invictus>(8-11-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(10-23-07)

The Black Temple:
High Warlord Naj'entus: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(7-15-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(9-10-07)
Supremus: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(7-15-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(9-13-07)
Shade of Akama: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(7-15-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(9-13-07)
Teron Gorefiend: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(7-28-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(9-16-07)
Gurtogg Bloodboil: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(7-29-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(9-28-07)
Reliquary of Souls: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(8-20-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(11-4-07)
Mother Shahraz: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(9-29-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(11-29-07)
Illidari Council: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(9-30-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(11-29-07)
Illidan Stormrage: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(10-8-07) [A]<Negative Bro>(12-16-07)

The Sunwell Plateau:
Kalecgos: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(3-26-08) [A]<Negative Bro>(3-30-08)
Brutallus: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(4-5-08) [A]<Negative Bro>(4-13-08)
Felmyst: [H]<Veritas Invictus>(4-21-08) [A]<Negative Bro>(4-27-08)
Eredar Twins: [A]<Negative Bro>(5-22-08) [H]None Before 3.0
M'uru: [A]<Negative Bro>(Date Unknown) [H]None Before 3.0
Kil'jaeden: [A]<Cest Lapocalypse>(Date Unknown) [H]None Before 3.0

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