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Physical AppearanceEdit

While mortal, Posivius was merely a youth of about 18 years of age, tall, with dark brown hair of average length, hazel eyes, and a good and caring nature for those around him. His unwilling conversion into a Death Knight under command of the Lich king has brought about changes to Posivius; including icy cold eyes that shine with glacial light, decaying and necrotic flesh, exposed bone structure, and a seething hatred of everything life-imbued.


Originally a caring and helpful youth, Posivius' true intentions and values were twisted and warped by the Lich King's conscription. As a Death Knight, he was a mindless killing machine, sparing no one his Master's dark intentions. Cruel, determined and ruthless, Posivius was a force to be reckoned with. Along with his fellow Death Knights, he was unstoppable.

Much has changed since the Lich King's reign, and although having his mind and soul freed from the icy grip of the Lich King, Posivius finds it hard to adjust and reclaim his former personality. Friendship, hope, and love come hard to him now, although he was quickly taken in by a band of adventurers and explorers known as The Red Dragon Syndicate. With the help the Syndicate offered, Posivius quickly re-learned the value of family. With a loud mouth and bold personality, Posivius is quick to enter a fight, but knows when to draw the line. He can't stand injustice and will take up his sword in a flash in defense of his friends or the weak. Posivius remains upbeat, positive, sarcastic, and the regular joker, in spite of the dark past that haunts him.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

While in the service of the Lich King, Posivius like any other Death Knight, received extensive training to carry out his Master's will. Primarily trained in the Unholy discipline, Posivius learned the ways of decay, disease and despair. To this day he occasionally calls on a ghoul known as "Gob" for help. Like most Death Knights, he has the ability to project toxins, revive corpses as ghouls to do his bidding, infuse magic runes into his weapons, command ice and hail, and ressurect the dead to some degree. Again, like other Death Knights, Posivius radiates cold from his body, though not to the intensity of Death Knight trained in the Frost discipline.

Although being trained in all forms of armed combat, Posivius is an expert in wielding swords, specifically two handed swords, broadswords, zweihanders, Greatswords and similar weapons. This is because he can convert a chosen blade into a new runeblade, should the need arise.

Equipment and GearEdit


In a fit of rage and petty revenge, Posivius has long destroyed the dark amour crafted by the scourge, and given to him by the Lich King. Along with the armour, Posivius fought a fierce battle...with his own runeblade. Symbolizing the guilt, hatred and lonliness of his past, Posivius overcame this challenge and broke his runeblade in two. Posivius currently carries a runeblade known as Rak' Logek, or, "The Past" in common tongue.


Posivius' first family was that of the members of the Red Dragon Syndicate, so much that he considers them his brothers and sisters. His Bond brothers and sisters include Gurga, Thallion, Yahusha, Pahktoo, Dethikus and Euatha, among others.

Although allied with the Horde, Posivius wishes for a union between the two, as he was seen firsthand the effects of war, and the hate and anger it can bring upon oneself. He dislikes fighting others and will only do so if forced to defend himself. If provoked, Posivius will fight with honor, and will never fight to the death.


All evils should beware of Posivius' blade, as he is quick to abolish evil where it exists. Posivius has fought and triumphed against the Burning Legion, The Dragons of Nightmare, and more. He hates the Lich King above all else, and has sworn revenge against him at all costs, even his own life. Recently, Posivius triumphed over the Lich King, and now awaits the unification of the Alliance and Horde against a common threat, the looming shadow of Deathwing himself.

Quotes and SayingsEdit

Pre FreedomEdit

"The Master...knows what is best" -On being asked the Death Knight's intentions

"Fool! You cannot know what we hope to achieve!" -interrogating a Paladin"

"Where is your precious faith now?"

Post FreedomEdit

"Shoulder your blade....That is the weight of guilt you feel." -Posivius on his past

"Hope, Faith, Love...ever present. There is no requirement, no act in it. This is what I fought against in my slavery, and defended in my freedom."


Early Life/Life as a mortalEdit

Posivius grew up in the Alliance town of Stratholme. Raised by two loving parents, Posivius grew into a fine man, surrounded by friends and people he cared about. However with age, came reason, and it wasn't long before Posivius seen began to realize the corruption implanting itself in his beloved home. With the threat of The Scourge of Lordaeron drawing ever closer, the officials of Stratholme hired powerful mercenaries to help protect the town. These mercenaries were lawless, but the folk of the town had no choice to keep them around, lest they be overrun by The Scourge. One day, as Posivius was about the streets, he came across two mercenaries threatening a woman. Never one to pass by someone in trouble, Posivius shouted at the men and intervened. The men and Posivius fought, but the fight was interrupted by the leader of the band of Mercenaries. Holding Posivius down, the leader asked why he had done this. Posivius replied that The Scourge were inside the walls of Stratholme as well, restraining him as he spoke. Enraged, the mercenary leader exacted the classic punishment of those who speak ill will, Posivius' lower jaw was cut from his face. Dying from his torture, Posivius was buried mere days before The Scourge invaded Stratholme. But, Posivius' life did not end at death. His broken body was raised , his mind peverted and twisted by the Lich King, Arthas Menethil. Called for a new dark purpose, Posivius' body was taken away to Ebon Hold.

As a Death KnightEdit

Approximately one year after his death, Posivius awoke in a strange place, with no recollection of his past. Though he retained basic functions, his mind was empty, save for a hatred of those who had betrayed him. Words echoed in his mind: "All that I am: anger, cruelty, vengeance - I bestow upon you, my chosen knight. I have granted you immortality so that you may herald in a new, dark age for the Scourge. Gaze now upon the lands below us. The Scarlet Crusade scurries to undo my work, while Light's Hope stands defiantly against us - a blemish upon these Plaguelands. They must all be shown the price of their defiance. You will become my force of retribution. Where you tread, doom will follow. Go now and claim your destiny, death knight."

Over the course of several months, Posivius received training in the ways of the Death Knight. Receiving dark armour and a Runeblade, Posivius did the Lich King's will. Having conscience and guilt stripped from him, Posivius killed innocents so that his Master's dark wishes could become a reality.

The Battle of New Avalon and The Battle of Ebon HoldEdit

Soon, The Lich King was ready to strike a final blow to the Paladin occupiers at Light's Hope Chapel, ordering his Death Knights to destroy New Avalon in the process. Lead by Darion Mograine, The Death Knights swept across the town, slaughtering and destroying anything they came across. The Paladins, led by Tirion Fordring, made their last stand at the chapel behind the destroyed town. The weilders of the light were sorely outnumbered, as they only had 300 men, to The Scourge army of ten thousand.

The Lich King and Tirion at Light's Hope

Using the power of the holy ground, Tirion and his men defeated the Scourge. Using the holy power to subdue the remaining Death Knights, Posivius could only watch as Darion confronted the memories of his father and his past. This illusion effected Posivius as well, a new sensation welled up inside him. Not hatred and anger, but instead intense sorrow, guilt, and remorse for his actions. His thoughts were interrupted, as the Lich King suddenly appeared on the battlefield. Dueling against Tirion, Arthas was forced to retreat, his power being nullified from standing on holy territory. Tirion offered the Knights of the Ebon Blade a chance at redemption. Stop Arthas and save the area of Lordaeron from the Scourge.

Successful in the battle, Posivius went his own way, only returning to Acherus: The Ebon Hold when needed.

Fighting his GuiltEdit

Not long after the Battle of New Avalon and Ebon Hold, Posivius was on the road heading to The Dark Portal. Feeling suddenly nauseous, Posivius blacked out, before managing to drag himself to a secluded area. When he awoke, he was his own runeblade floating above him, as well as his dark armor. Visibly stained with the blood of innocents, the sword and armor formed into a dark image of himself. In a psychological and emotional battle between Posivius and his dark self, Posivius managed to overcome his grief and guilt, and move on with his life. In turn, the armour broke into a thousand pieces, and his Runeblade snapped in two. Blacking out again after the fight, Posivius came to in a house, surrounded by other members of the Forsaken. Learning to be one of them, he traveled with his newfound companions to Orgrimmar.

The Red Dragon SyndicateEdit

Posivius was inducted into the Red Dragon Syndicate early in his second life. Here, Posivius learned what it means to have a true family, and he sees them as his own brothers and sisters. Posivius ranks as a Vanguard of the Syndicate, and is a guild joker, but is always ready to listen, or help others when needed.

Noteworthy members of the Red Dragon Syndicate include Yahshua, Rayjai, Pahktoo, Thallion, Dethikus, Aangus, Bantoll, Euatha, Gurgajr, Smokinpopes and Xanitok.

Out of Character InfoEdit

Posiviusfanfic His Name: People always ask me what Posivius means. Someone in high school used to call me that all the time, it's a play on my last name, "Posivy".

Background: I started Playing WoW about 2 and a half years ago or so. My first character was a Tauren shaman named "Posiveck". After I decided that wasn't what i was looking for, I created my main, the Troll Mage by the same name my Tauren guy had. Around level 55 Wrath of the Lich King came out, so I created Posivius the Death Knight. He was my fist 80, and I really enjoyed playing him, and still do. My latest project is getting Posiveck to 80.

Some stats:

First Death: .................Level 1.............DON'T LAUGH.
Rarest Item Obtained: Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake Best Friends: Gurgajr, Thallion
Highest Level Raid Completed: Icecrown Citadel (instance)(10 Man)
Most Gold Ever Obtained: 5,000
Current Gearscore: 5448

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