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Viriato is a Human Warrior from the Anachronos European Server, created in 19 April 2007.

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Roleplay BackgroundEdit

Viriato never met his family, so he doesn't have a last name. He was raised in a orphan-house in Southern Lordaeron. When he got 15, he was conscripted to the Lordaeron Army and fought in the Second War. He was very scared in the beginning but after the Horde destroyed the same place he grew up, sparring nobody, vengeance drove him through the Second War. He became a cold-hearted warrior, and that earned him Sergeant status when the war was over.

After that, his life got like boring until the Scourge Invasion. This time, Lordaeron was destroyed despite everyone's efforts. He was there when Arthas destroyed Capital City and murdered the king, and when Arthas invaded Andorhal to steal his father's urn. This was a battle he'll never forget. For the first time in many years, he was scared. He escaped the onslaught alive, but severely injured and soon developed symptoms of the plague. Giving up on his life, he colapsed in Alterac Mountains, where he was found by Dalaran scouts. The city's physicians were very confident that Viriato would die from the plague or the wounds, either way he would turn undead. But strangely, Viriato started recovering after a few treatments and healing spells. Dalaran had good hospitals and found him very quickly, plus Viriato's body was fighting back, as if he wasn't supposed to die yet (woot!), so the infection was destroyed before it reached a critical stage.

He woke up very surprised, as he was sure his life was over, but was very depressed, as the Scourge was invincible and nothing seemed to stop them. He concluded that staying and fighting was a huge mistake. So he decided to flee to Stormwind, where we was safe from the horrors of the Scourge. But, in the day he was prepared to leave, the Scourge arrived on Dalaran.

Viriato aided the city's defenders, as there was no escape from the siege. Although the Scourge penetrated deep in the city and killed many, it suddendly turned back and camped at the city's outskirts. Thinking that the Scourge was giving up, the Dalaran army raillied up and pressed on the Scourge. The Scourge army almost fell, but Archimonde had been summonned at the last hour. In a single spell, Archimonde destroyed Dalaran. Backed up by hordes of demons summoned by the Defiler, the Scourge counterattacked. Dalaran was lost, but Viriato and some others survived, forced to hiding in the city's secret chambers. As the Scourge and the Burning Legion abandoned Dalaran, Viriato grabbed a lost horse and traveled to Stormwind. He traded his horse for some money and lived in the city's inns and streets for some months, surviving as best as he could. That was Stormwind (not Lordaeron) and he was a deserter, so his Sergeant status was no good. He was as good as any refuge. Now, Viriato tries to rebuild his life, travelling across the land, and living off the money he earned as a low-life mercenary and travelling salesman. But he swored that one day, the Scourge and the Legion will pay for what they have done to the world.

Gamelife BiografyEdit


Viriato tried to build a new life, so he enlisted the Stormwind Army as a Deputy aided the kingdom in it's fights. In name of Stormwind, he won the following campaigns: the People's Militia Stand, the Redridge Defense, the Purging of Duskwood, and the Assassination of the traitor Colonel Kurzen. He also helped the SI:7 and others to uncover the Defias Brotherhood and Onyxia's conspiricy, freeing Highlord Bolvar Fordraggon from her control. He also travelled across the world, discovering many wonders, dangers and friends. One day the Call of Arms sounded, and he joined the war against the Horde, where he Revered himself with the Alliance and receiving commendations.


One day, the Dark Portal reopened. The Alliance Vanguard invaded Outland, and quicly found that Illidan and the Burning Legion were two powerful foes that could not be defeated by strenght of arms alone. They needed allies. Viriato meet the Naaru and enlisted they're forces. The Naaru forces, backed up by Viriato, defeated evil in many battlegrounds, but not limited to: the Netherstorm Manaforge Dismantal, the Battle of the Crimson Point, the Netherwing Conspiracy, and the Grand Shattered Sun Offensive, where he killed Kael'Thas himself, although he did not participated on the Assault on the Sunwell, where Kil'Jaeden was defeated. No, he was somewhere else. Tired from continuous wars, he needed some vacations. So he left, and was only seen again on...

Scourge InvasionEdit

Viriato's only fear, the Scourge, returned. As the world braced itself against the Plague and the constant attacks, Viriato tried to fight, but was to afraid. The Plague had reached Stormwind, and all he could do was siting on the Keep and defend the King, waiting for a miracle. The same day, a cure for the plague was found, thanks to the Naaru's intervention, purging the Plague from the world and filled everyone's hearts with courage. Viriato, meanwhile, overcome his fear, realizing that fleeing would solve nothing, and that he was a Hero, and heroes dont flee! From there to destroy every Necropolis and halting the Scourge Invasion, was just a matter of days. The Alliance and the Horde have had enough of Arthas. They would take the fight to Northrend. Although the Lich King sent his forces and try to disrupt the invasion process, it was only a matter of time until Northrend was invaded.

Viriato is ready for a new adventure...


And the Invasion of Northrend begins! A massive Alliance and Horde army landed on the northern wastes. The Scourge mounted up a heavy resistance, and only through hard work and cooperation did the armies get through. Progress was fast at beginning, but as the mortal armies reached the Wrath Gate, the Scourge launched a mighty counter-offensive. Naxxramas and the mighty Crypt Fiend Army pinned down the invaders, and the Red Dragonflight was also at stackes with the Scourge. Things were hard, but the living prevailed. As the battle reached the Wrath Gate itself, Alliance and Horde worked together to destroy the Lich King once and for all. But then the worse happened: a secret Forsaken rebelion group, led by Varithimas, attacked both living and Scourge with it's New Plague catapults, instantly killing every soldier and forcing the Lich King to retreat coofing. The Battle of the Wrath Gate ended with the almost complete destruction of both armies, living and undead.

King Varian used this as an excuse to exterminate the Horde, despite Thrall's explanations. Although Varithimas and his followers were destroyed, the Alliance was sent back to Stormwind by Jaina, thereby returning control of Undercity to the Horde. The Battle for the Undercity had ended.

A new offensive was planned, this time not by ground but by air. The mighty Skybreaker and the Orgrim's Hammer patrol Icecrown, acting as command centers for the huge bombing runs and paratroop offensives. The Alliance and the Horde still have hope of victory, but this time there's no truce. Icecrown is then the stage of battle between the Scourge, Alliance, Horde. The Argent Crusade also began a ground offensive, hoping to reach the citadel, and the Knights of the Ebon Blade have taken the Shadow Vault, and they employ guerrila war tactics against the Scourge.

Viriato, although contributing to this war, has other things in his mind. He also helps the Kirin Tor and Wyrmrest Accord in the Nexus War, and he was seen across the whole continent, laying waste to the Scourge, the Blue Dragonflight and whoever else crosses his path.

He has befriened a Red Drake, that serves as his mount and buddy.

Raid progressionEdit

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