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Burning Crusade PvE progression saw its share of guilds come and go. Four Horde guilds (Cynosure, Epidemic, Valence, and Lok Tar), and one Alliance guild (Bloodsky) would clear Black Temple prior to patch 3.0.2(Echoes of Doom, a.k.a. the WotLK patch). Bloodsky would disband prior to the release of WotLK. No guilds of either faction would clear SWP prior to the patch, with Cynosure being furthest progressed (M'uru killed). Following the patch, many guilds that were previously unable to push into MH/BT would find success with the major nerfs to the endgame content. The following is a list of important dates in BC PvE progression:

(3/12): <Epidemic> downs Nightbane.
(3/18): <Heavy Hitters> downs Nightbane.
(3/18): <Lok Tar> downs Prince Malchezaar.
(3/21): <Epidemic> downs Gruul.
(3/22): <Sinister> downs Shade of Aran and Prince Malchezaar.
(3/23): <Lok Tar> downs Terestian Illhoof, Netherspite, and Nightbane.
(3/31): <Lame> and <Heavy Hitters> merged to form <Well Endowed>.
(3/31): <Well Endowed> downs High King Maulgar.
(4/05): <Eye of the Dragon> downs High King Maulgar.
(4/09): <Eye of the Dragon> downs Nightbane.
(4/10): <Epidemic> downs Magtheridon. (4/12): <Eye of the Dragon> downs Gruul.
(4/13): <Well Endowed> downs Gruul.
(4/16): <Lok Tar> downs High King Maulgar.
(4/16): <Mythical> downs Nightbane.
(4/21): <Well Endowed> reforms as <Lame>.
(5/??): <Epidemic> and <Lok Tar> merge to form <Epidemic>.
(5/31): <Sinister> downs Terestian Illhoof, Netherspite, and Nightbane.
(6/16): <Eye of The Dragon> and <Mythical> merge to form Cynosure.
(10/05): <Cynosure> downs Kael'thas Sunstrider.
(10/29): <Cynosure> downs Archimonde.
(12/10): <Cynosure> downs Illidan Stormrage.

(1/6/08): <G Quit> downs Morogrim Tidewalker.
(1/7/08): <G Quit> downs Lady Vashj
(1/12/08): <G Quit> downs Kael'thas Sunstrider
(1/14/08): Newly reformed <Epidemic> downs Al'ar.
(1/14/08):<Epidemic> downs Morogrim Tidewalker.
(1/16/08):<Epidemic> downs High Astromancer Solarian.
(1/18/08): <Archetypes> (composed of former Sinister, Repercussion and Sanctu Maleficus members) downs Fathom-Lord Karathress.
(1/28/08):<Bloodsky> downs Archimonde thus clearing Mount Hyjal.
(2/04/08-2/07/08) <Epidemic> downs Lady VashjKael'thas Sunstrider and Rage Winterchill thus clearing SSC/TK.
(3/03/08): <Heroes Inc> downs Gruul.
(3/??/08): <Archetypes> and <G Quit> disband.
(3/31/2008): <Bloodsky> is the first Alliance guild to kill Illidan.
(5/6/2008): <Epidemic> is the second Horde guild to kill Illidan, but failed the looting phase.
(7/28/08): <Valence> becomes the third Horde guild (4th on server) to kill Illidan.
(7/30/08): <Epidemic> downs Kalecgos , the first boss on Sunwell Plateau, becoming the second Horde guild killing him.
August, 2008: <Bloodsky>, the top Alliance guild, disbands.
(8/25/08): <Lok Tar> downs Illidan becoming the 4th horde guild to do so.

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