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World PVP does occur on Altar of Storms, and consists more than the random skirmishes while leveling up in Stranglethorn Vale or Tanaris, or questing near Molten Front. It can be a dangerous place, not knowing if the player of the opposite faction is simply trying to grind out levels, or is looking for a bit of fun. Guilds have to stick together, don't you know. Now that you can level quicker, that lvl 30 up ahead just might have a lvl 85 main character, so it is best to be cautious. Many a victim of a ganking has voiced his or her outrage, only to be met with an unsympathetic ear. PVP simply happens. When doing your daily quests. When you are strolling along Stormwind. When you are in Orgrimmar. Who knows if a rogue is waiting behind you? Things can get a little ... tense.

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  • This doesn't mean you can't group up with a few buddies and go hunting: ( Paymon[A] (9/3/2007) )

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